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Dear Readers,

On April 26th, 2016 PatriciasWisdom.com received notice that an image we had used on the page Oven Dies – Don’t Ya Just Hate That! may not have had the public license we assumed. We removed the image immediately from both the blog and our server upon receipt of this notice.

All stock images used on PatriciasWisdom.com (excluding those provided directly by publishers, re-sellers, or authors) are pulled from FreeImages.com (formerly sxc.hu). This image was found on that site in 2011.

We regret that anyone took our actions to be of a malicious intent. It was most assuredly an honest error that was corrected as soon as it was noted.

Thank you,
The Patricia’s Wisdom Team


At the end of 2015 I retired!   No party. No frills.  I just informed, let go, signed all the papers and stopped going to work.

The big question that was on everyone’s lips was what would I do in my retirement?  My reply, “What I love to do!  READ”

Authors and publishers were already sending me books to read and write a review, I have a library card, I get a free book from Kindle every month and I have a stack by my bed.  All the books I want to read, I am reading these days; a wide variety.

I also do some of the same old things I did before such as cook, run errands, brush my teeth, enjoy friends and visit my loving family.  I have attended a climate change conference and do putter in my partner’s garden and I walk, and walk and walk – rain or shine.

Patricia’s Wisdom is already reflecting this change and has been for several years.  I read all kinds of books and some of the self-help books I reviewed I used for planning my retirement and figuring out what I love to do the most with my time.  I highly recommend not leaving this up to chance; having a plan is wonder full.

Here I am! Doing what I love and just being.  Ah!  It feels just right.

Inspiring you to read.



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