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TWO FROM ISAAC’S HOUSE: An Isaac’s House Novel; A Story of Promises ~Normandie Fischer

Ms. Fischer is quite a storyteller and TWO FROM ISAAC’S HOUSE is right up there on the list for good reading.

When TLC Book Tours   included TWO FROM ISAAC’S HOUSE on the review list, I jumped at the opportunity to read and review another of Normandie Fisher’s books.  I wanted to know if BECALMED was an isolated great read or if this good storyteller had another tale, which provided entertainment and great words.  I was not disappointed in the least and I still wish to read more of her stories in the future.

Yes, This book is a Romance and also an interesting story.  Fischer’s books are not dumbed down and certainly not “bodice rippers”.  The book is full of good descriptions and finely tuned dialogue.  There is a great deal of truth about what the characters are thinking and how they handle each situation.  We are treated to some politics and unrest in the Middle East and even a murder that creates a mystery.

Rina Lynne is a young lady of the South and has lived in Morehead City, North Carolina all of her life.  Her mother died young and her father is over-protective and very strict.  When she finishes school and her father dies, she decides to put her fiancé and her wedding on hold and take on a bit of adventure.  Her first stop is Italy for a language class and maybe a cooking class.  She purchases an unwieldy suitcase that makes her beginning travels interesting.

Tony, an Arab American, assists Rina with her suitcase and becomes a part of the story as he is also taking the same language class as Rina.  He is using his vacation time from his Engineering firm to be a sort-of spy for his Israeli cousins.  On the train, there is a murder and the intrigue and mystery begins.

“…global, sophisticated, and intriguing with an exotic setting.  A girl seeking one last trek before she marries.  A guy conned into espionage by family.  They enter each other’s worlds and life becomes colorful, fascinating, and oh so dangerous.  Beautifully written, adventurous, and smart.”  -C. Hope Clark, award-winning author, The Edisto Island Mysteries and Carolina Slade Mysteries.

An Excellent Read.

Normandie Fischer:
In this romp through Italy and the Middle East, Normandie Fischer combines her love of all things Italian and her fascination with the cultures and cuisines of the Middle East, an interest fostered when she studied sculpture in Perugia and lived among Arab students.  She and her husband retired from cruising Pacific Mexico on board their ketch, Sea Venture, to care for her aging mother, who now sails with them whenever the opportunity arises. (Cover)

Normandie Fischer Website
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7 Responses to “TWO FROM ISAAC’S HOUSE: An Isaac’s House Novel; A Story of Promises ~Normandie Fischer”

  1. Normandie Fischer Says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this story! I do hope you’ll also catch up with Becalmed’s characters in the next Beaufort book, Heavy Weather. I’ll also be releasing another Isaac’s House story, From Fire into Fire soon.

    Patricia Reply:

    I did not get offered Heavy Weather so will need to get the next tour completed before I can read this one, or my library gets a copy. AND, and it is on my list!
    Patricia recently posted..SUGAR CRUSH: How to Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Nerve Damage, and Reclaim Good Health ~By Dr. Richard P. Jacoby and Raquel BaldelomarMy Profile

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — Travel, an unwieldy suitcase, a sort-of spy, and a murder on a train. I’M HOOKED!
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..When Breath Becomes AirMy Profile

    Normandie Fischer Reply:

    Hope you enjoy it, Laurie! If you do, please let me know. I’d be grateful.

    Patricia Reply:

    Characters are well developed in this good storytellers writing. I enjoyed it very much

  3. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    I’ve heard such great things about this author – I really need to pick up one of her books.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    I do not think you will be disappointed. I have read several of her works now and just fell into the good storytelling. Looking forward to Heavy Weather