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THE RAIN SPARROW: A Honey Ridge Novel ~Linda Goodnight

THE RAIN SPARROW is a lovely southern romance just in time for Valentine’s Day and with all the trimmings in place.   It turned out to be a lovely afternoon read and I enjoyed traveling back to my days in the south and in time.

Hayden Winter is a thriller writer who is making a good living selling his murder mysteries.  He has a great many secrets about his past and about his inability to make serious connections with others.  His manager finds the gracious Peach Orchard Inn deep in the south, close to his childhood hometown.  Winter has arrived to spend several months in seclusion writing his next bestseller.

Carrie Riley was humiliated by an affair with a married man, who came to town, told no one that he was married, and wooed Carrie until she was fully committed.  She is now the town Librarian and scared to trust herself to do anything; nope, she will just commit herself to caring for people who live in Honey Ridge, Tennessee and doing her job.  She is incredibly afraid of storms and traveling.

Winters begins having nightmares soon after he arrives at the Inn, which takes the reader back to the early days of reconstruction after the Civil War and the hatred for northerners and the poverty.   It is a good historic tale also about the Peach Orchard Inn.

The Writer and the Librarian connect at the library over a young boy who appears to be abandoned by his drunken father and the two conspire to help the young man and make connections particularly on the stormy days with thunder and lightening.

A delightful tale and a good read for a lazy afternoon and oh such conflicts and love abounding right through each story.   Love the crazy love/hate South combined with gracious words past and present? This is a story for you.

During reading this book, I heard a news story about a college student who was doing research for a project.  At 6 Texas University campuses, the student interviewed 100 students with questions about history.  Only 2% of the students interviewed could answer the questions about the Civil War and only 3 students knew what the war was about.   President Lincoln was virtually an unknown.  The conclusion of the project was that the Southern students had different history lessons than other parts of the USA and that they value programmed without knowing most of the stories of the whole union.

About the Author:

“New York Times and USA Today Bestseller, Linda Goodnight is the winner of the RITA and other highly acclaimed awards for her emotional fiction. Active in orphan ministry, this former nurse and teacher enjoys writing fiction that carries a message of hope and light in a sometimes-dark world. A country girl, she lives in Oklahoma.”  From TLC Book Tours

Connect with Linda:

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7 Responses to “THE RAIN SPARROW: A Honey Ridge Novel ~Linda Goodnight”

  1. Sam Juliano Says:

    Sounds like a book that you don’t have to think too deeply about Patricia, but one rather to submit to, reveling in its various emotional textures. Lovely review, I will write this one down.

    Patricia Reply:

    lots of emotion found here and some history with the reconstruction period of the Civil War and how to not pre-judge people and how to find love. A sweet book Sam…I was surprised how many students in Texas did not know about the Civil War and Abe Lincoln??? That was an amazing side

    Thank you for you kind words and for dropping by – always a Delight :)
    Patricia recently posted..THE RAIN SPARROW: A Honey Ridge Novel ~Linda GoodnightMy Profile

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — This was the full-on magnet for me:

    “The Writer and the Librarian connect at the library over a young boy who appears to be abandoned by his drunken father and the two conspire to help the young man and make connections particularly on the stormy days with thunder and lightening.”

    Who could resist? Not me!
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Before and AfterMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    A very nice read and it looks like there are move reads to come from Honey Ridge Tennessee in the future.

  3. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    That research project you mentioned just boggles my mind … I don’t even know what to say to that …

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

  4. Newton Parrett Says:

    In monsoons these sparrows sit on the window grill under the comfort of the sunshade and protect themselves from the rain. They warm themselves by puffing themselves up. They look like furry little balls.

    patricia Reply:

    Where are the Monsoon Newton Parrett? Interesting insight