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INTEGRITY: A Compelling Novel ~Anna Borgeryd

“A compelling novel that brings the big picture of climate change, economic greed and runaway inequality down to a deeply personal level through the story of a relationship between a woman and a man.”  Dr. Vandana Shiva, Environmentalist and author

I could not put INTEGRITY down.  All 500 pages held my interest and it is proving to be an amazing educational tool because of the parameters of a real love story between and man and a woman who are honest and smart.  Great political truth telling.

It began as a screenplay and then expanded into a novel and is now translated into English. It is being shared on all the book sites and I am extremely pleased to say that Meryl Zegarek Public Relations, Inc.  tracked me down and asked me to review this book.  Due to a typo, 2 copies of the book were sent to the wrong address and then not returned to the Post Office or sender and Meryl Zegarek still sent me a third copy for review.  I love political books, environmental books,  and taking a good hard look at what the USA is doing from the outside worldview.  Our financial markets and strategies are working against what people want and many, many more of us are having our mortgages sold to people who do not care if we fall or the market fails, which it is destined to do. Greed is blinding.

I loved the students working on defining Hedge Funds and Naked Buys and how the system was intended to work for the betterment of our welfare and instead how it is destroying our future instead. GREED and ILLUSION explored. I loved the honesty of the student’s enthusiasm; the working through of their thinking, their process of gaining integrity in their relationships and in their presentations.   No wonder this book is becoming a “Cult Novel” in Sweden and now here.

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From NC Review.com:  “Anna Borgeryd is a musician and filmmaker, has a Ph.D. in conflict management and is chair of the family business, Polarbro-d. She has been an advisor to the Swedish government’s Future Commission, and given a TEDx lecture on The Dawn of a New Economy  http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/The-dawn-of-a-new-economy-Anna;search%3AAnna%20Borgeryd. Named one of the most influential environmentalists in Sweden, Anna has just published her first novel, ‘INTEGRITY’-a love story between a woman trying to change the world, and a man trying to change with her.”

From the book cover:

“Vera is a nurse from Sweden who, while delivering a baby in the Colombian jungle, meets indigenous people with a wholly different outlook of life.  A traumatic experience forces her home, where the quest to put her life back together becomes tired up with her search for a more sustainable world.

“She meets the womanizing heir to a luxury travel company.  Could such opposites really attract?  And could they actually work together to find a fix for an economic system heading towards meltdown?

“An exploration of the interconnectedness of human life and an unexpected love story, INTEGRITY delves deep into the choices and emotions of a woman trying to change the world – and a man trying to change with her.”

I want everyone I know to read INTEGRITY.  I want everyone to read INTEGRITY. I want INTEGRITY to be a cult book here in the USA.  We all need to read this book.

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6 Responses to “INTEGRITY: A Compelling Novel ~Anna Borgeryd”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — The ingredients alone (climate change, economic greed, and inequality) are enough to make me add this book to my reading list. You’re such a terrific resource for what to read next. Thank you!

    Patricia Reply:

    This is an amazing read and having Swedish students explain American Finances and Global finances makes it so clear Plus a lovely story about love on so many levels.

    Do put this on your list
    Patricia recently posted..INTEGRITY: A Compelling Novel ~Anna BorgerydMy Profile

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Furthermore, I love your new layout and easy-to-use social media sharing tools!
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Hook, Line, and SinkerMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    It is coming back to norm and we have to get picture and professional reader badge back in place….Word Press just updated my blog while my IT Girl was in Peru…it will take number of hours to get it back up and running the way we want it, but this version is quite nice and clean. There are things to like about it. Sam likes it too. Will pass on your words to IT Girl..who will be here in another week for skiing and computer upgrade I guess too :)
    Patricia recently posted..INTEGRITY: A Compelling Novel ~Anna BorgerydMy Profile

  3. Sam Juliano Says:

    one of your finest reviews of one of your most alluring novels. There is certainly quite a bit in this fascinating hybrid, and like Laurie I have taken down this title. I love your new look here!
    Sam Juliano recently posted..Michael Moore’s ‘Where to Invade Next’ and Stage Play “The Final Days of Woolfe Tone” on Monday Morning Diary (February 15)My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Sam, The Word Press folks updated my site and now it is doing some major changes on it’s own every time I come by…I do like how clear it is to read and how quickly it loads. IT Girl will be here this coming weekend to try and “fix it” to just the perfect site…and my professional reader/reviewer award is missing…makes it hard to download books without it.
    I am giving this book to my whole book group and all of my children. I think the story will interest them all and the explanations of Global Financial Markets and the USA Financial Markets and the activities are so clear and easy to understand. What has value in the world and to the people How is our welfare? Fabulous read about how were are all one when we find “true love” Thank you again for you great words – they encourage me
    Patricia recently posted..THE RAIN SPARROW: A Honey Ridge Novel ~Linda GoodnightMy Profile