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DIG TWO GRAVES: Suspenseful Mystery ~Kim Powers

DIG TWO GRAVES came at me like a ton of bricks and I wasn’t ready.  I knew from the title that it was going to be about a murder but I did not figure out it was about lots of murders, a kidnapping or two, and a series of trials/tasks which needed to be completed to save a child’s life. The mystery begins right after the birthday party opening and father – daughter disagreement, we were dropped into the kidnapping scenario and the book was relentless with puzzles and actions, which needed to be solved and completed.

I had to put the book down several times as I could fall into the feeling the emotions of having a daughter kidnapped and of not being able to figure out the puzzle or meaning of the poem.  I was not familiar with the trials of Hercules although the main character was a teacher of ancient history and Greek Mythology at a college and that connection made it very interesting and piqued my curiosity a number of times.

Ethan Holt had done the Decathlon in the Olympics and won the gold.  He father had pushed and pushed him to compete and win.  After the win and being on the Wheaties Box, Ethan was allowed to disappear into his own life and he got his degrees in Ancient History and began teaching, he married and shared life with a child.  His life was full of loss as his parents died in a house fire and years later his wife was killed in a car accident, leaving Ethan to single parent his daughter “Skip”.

At thirteen, Skip was confident but going through a number of disagreements with her father that included her upset with a girl friend recently arrived in their lives.  Wendy is the new vet at the zoo.  Ethan and Skip go running early one morning to resolve a recent disagreement and when Ethan arrives home after work, he discovers that Skip has been kidnapped.  The kidnapper arranges a series of trials for Ethan to complete to keep his daughter from death and each involves more and more danger and brings into plain view another aspect of his life.

What is it that we learn from Ancient History and Mythology that teaches us in the present context of our life?   What has been abandoned or forgotten along the way and yet is relevant and important?  What is the truth of our past and how does it apply to our future?  Are we strong and will we survive?  Lots of questions posed within this story and the feelings are on high alert.   We all know someone who will find this read fascinating and the book hard to set aside.  The writing is steady and not complicated and it truly touched my emotions on several levels.  An intelligent read – interesting.

TLC Book Tours sent me the e-copy of this book for review and it was quite the read.

About the author: (From the cover)

“Kim Powers is the author of the novel Capote in Kansas: A Ghost Story as well as the critically acclaimed memoir The History of Swimming, a Barnes and Noble ‘Discover’ Book and Lambda Literary Award finalist.  He is currently the senior writer for ABC’s 20/20, and has won an Emmy, Peabody, and Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence ruing his time at ABC News and Good Morning America.  A native Texan, he received an MFA from Yale School of Drama, and also wrote the screenplay for the indie-favorite film Finding North.  He lives in New York City and Asbury Park, NJ, and may be reached at kimpowersbooks.com.”

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6 Responses to “DIG TWO GRAVES: Suspenseful Mystery ~Kim Powers”

  1. Sam Juliano Says:

    Definitely an intriguing premise, and a book I’d pick up without a second thought if time permitted. If the book does work on both an intellectual and emotional level it will almost always pull you in. I’ll take a note of this. Excellent writing here!

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you Sam for your encouraging words and it was quite the read. Revenge is an interesting topic and then with so many sub plots and movements – Wow what a read
    Patricia recently posted..DIG TWO GRAVES: Suspenseful Mystery ~Kim PowersMy Profile

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — Holy Smokes! I love that history and mythology were woven throughout, but I don’t know if my parental heart and brain could take the emotionally wringing suspense.
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Beyond First ImpressionsMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    It was at times a tough read, but very good Thank you for the tweet

  3. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Intelligent seems like the perfect description for this book. That, and though-provoking.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    I think now that I am done with the book – I think I might like to read it again in awhile