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THE FURY: A Thriller ~Shane Gericke

I could not put this book down and there are two reasons why THE FURY held on to me for 8 hours straight.   The first reason the author says someone assisted him in changing the timing of his writing which made the book just zoom in reading speed and flow and the second was this e-book came to me via advanced reading copy and Dropbox and I could find no way to save the PDF file; I had already started reading and I just kept going until I was at the very end.  I was afraid the book would disappear and I had to download it each time I needed to leave the read and do something else.   The book was incredibly good and interesting and I do so love these powerful women who take charge and solve the crisis.

Reassured several times that this is a work of fiction and imagination, there are lots of historic moments in the book, which eventually all tie together and make a complete package.  We begin on an oil rig platform as it is rupturing and falling into the Gulf of Mexico.  The integration of ideas and events indicates the relatedness of current circumstances and how we arrived at such a dire circumstance today.   A real event that pulls the previous events into the story, as we see how greedy fossil fuel guys are losing power and money to the new wealthy and powerful (and violent) drug cartel folks.  The disregard for the environment, humans, governments, most of life is passed on from one group to another, which is vying for control, power and money.  The victims are everyone actually and so many are caught in the crossfire and explosions.  From oil rig explosion to Nazi Chemical Warfare and Japanese Chemical weapons developers, it is a big hurdle back in time and then a leap to the present.  Jump again and we are with the Border Patrol in Arizona attempting to stop a Taliban multi-million dollar drug shipment from arrival and disbursement in Mexico and the USA and the killing keeps going.

There are lots of true events referenced in this story, and it is so interesting how they relate to current events, habits and practices.   WWII comes back and forth and all the mistakes we made as a country when attempting to stop the war and get our own chemical weapons in order.  We hired some of the International experts in Chemical killings into our own program.  I am remembering our torture programs we perfected and were exposed in THE SHOCK DOCTRINE by Naomi Klein.  Several Presidents are mentioned and how their actions affected the whole current drug war and the human dependence on drugs today.  The gun programs which armed the drug cartels in Mexico (fast and furious) and the global knowledge of guerrilla warfare; how to control people and how to make money – greed.

The backstories are good and bring the characters into a fullness of possibility and believability.  I got hooked on the opening quote that was the definition of FURY from storm to a woman’s anger and reaction to that anger.   Wow it was right in my face from that moment on and it all hung together and related.  Superstition Davis was just an amazing character and so true to her part and once again a feisty mother took some action into her own hands to help and remedy a horrid situation.   Yes, I want to believe there are these kinds of powerful woman at work for our behalf.  I felt my own feelings of contempt for those who don’t know history, the ignorant and suffered the fools who ignored what was real.  THE FURY is powerful story telling and I was happy to finish it and let go.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours for asking me to review THE FURY.   I admire these writers who can pull so many events together and still write an amazing story.  I think you will find it hard to put down – THE FURY

About the author

“Shane Gericke is an American novelist living in Naperville, Illinois. Before becoming a published thriller writer, he was a journalist, most recently at the Chicago Sun-Times from 1982 to 1994”

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6 Responses to “THE FURY: A Thriller ~Shane Gericke”

  1. Sara Says:

    WOW! I’ve marked this one to send to my hubby. This book sounds right up his alley for a book.

    Great review, Patricia!

    Hope all is well with you.
    Sara recently posted..Time AwayMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I thought about you when I was reading this book for review. It is quite the story and I am sure your guy will like it.

    Thank you for you kind words and nice to have you back

  2. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Wow, 8 hours of reading, straight from cover to cover?! What a gripping read!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    It was quite the read, and I could not close the book for fear it would disappear from the computer screen I had to download it several times and I have not mastered dropbox at all!

    It was a good read and I found heroines to enjoy!
    Patricia recently posted..THE UNFORTUNATE IMPORTANCE OF BEAUTY: A Novel ~Amanda FilipacchiMy Profile

  3. Sam Juliano Says:

    Sounds like a really riveting read here Patricia!! These kind of novels often have a magnetic allure, and your analysis is obviously an impassioned one. I’d certainly be quite drawn with the historical aspects, but sounds like this is a winning hybrid based on your other astute insights and framing.

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for you kind words and I did enjoy the read. I also was aware of how much the Fossil Fuel Fogies are not caring about Puget Sound waters and pollution ( And Alaska drilling) and that kept me tuned into the work we are doing here to get rid of fossil fuels and the greed and disaster that goes with it

    A great deal of incentive
    Patricia recently posted..THE UNFORTUNATE IMPORTANCE OF BEAUTY: A Novel ~Amanda FilipacchiMy Profile