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PARIS TIME CAPSULE: A Little Romance Within a Real Life Mystery ~Ella Carey

I was so ready for a romance read on the schedule and PARIS TIME CAPSULE did not disappoint.    I just gathered up my Kindle and headed to the deck umbrella for a lovely day of escape reading and staying cool in the unusual heat wave.   The city became still as folks left for a last holiday experience and to escape the heat before school starts here.  I traveled to Paris and enjoyed the adventures of CAT.

The story begins with the arrival of a mysterious package and the information that Cat has inherited an estate of a woman who lived in France.   This opens the story up to the true historic event that intrigued the author to write this novel.  In Paris, an apartment was found which had been locked up for 70 years and belonged to a French Courtesan in the 1840s up until World War II.  It was a time capsule of a lifestyle and a life and has revealed interesting secrets of its own.  The author found this to be a fascinating idea and a good foundation for her novel.

I found myself to be desiring a croissant and a glass of wine very soon into the story and the reports of the lovely food kept my mouthwatering.   Cat becomes engaged to a young man who is a member of the wealthy New York jet set and likes being in NYC close to his extended family.  Because Cat’s parents are deceased the family takes her under their wings and begins to make all the preparations for the parties and wedding.  Cat loses herself into the hustle and bustle of the expectations and yet still flies off to Paris to remedy the inheritance and to work on solving the mystery.

Enter dreamy, handsome French man and his family who have been left out of the will and their family’s inheritance.  Oo La La!   We have quite a story to tell now and yet the time capsule of the apartment and the mystery of the connections keeps us reading forward.

TLC Book Tours sent me the advanced reading copy of the book for review and apparently for a lovely afternoon escape.   I enjoyed the book and can recommend it to my readers as a delight – PARIS TIME CAPSULE

Ella Carey has been studying French since she was five and has degrees in music and art, and was a classical piano major in school.  Writing is her passion and this book was independently released in 2014 and rose to #10 on Amazon’s Indie selection during the year.  It is now being published by Lake Union Publishing and to be made into a motion picture.   She has been to Paris many times and is currently working on her second novel, walking the beach with her dogs and enjoying her life with two children.

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PARIS TIME CAPSULE has gone to #1 on historic fiction!  And is free for Kindle Unlimited readers

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4 Responses to “PARIS TIME CAPSULE: A Little Romance Within a Real Life Mystery ~Ella Carey”

  1. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Just reading your review has me craving a croissant and wine! I’m glad you enjoyed escaping into this book. Thanks for being a part of the tour!

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    A very fun tour indeed – happy to be on it!

  2. Sam Juliano Says:

    I certainly do appreciate the setting, and the literary genre. Once again you write with passion and authority, and hooked me in from the start hook, line and sinker. I like when you mention you craved a croissant!
    Sam Juliano recently posted..Hard to be a God – 2013, Aleksei GermanMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    You are generous and yes I was ready to pack up and head to France for this one and then it was historically interesting too…I have indulged in a croissant several times since reading this story!
    Patricia recently posted..MISTRESS OF THE COURT: Historic Fiction ~Laura PurcellMy Profile