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The story begins at an air show in a small rural town in North Carolina.  Ava, who is thirteen, and her friend Wash have climbed an old silo to watch the stunts and this is the exact spot where the airplane crashes.  Now that would make for an interesting beginning to any story but the author adds a twist which is recorded on cell phone video and goes viral.  Life makes a change, a huge change and the reader is right there, part of the experience, all the way.

Ava has pulled a steel rod out of Wash’s side, placed her hands on the wound and the flow of blood has stopped and the wound has healed.   The Sheriff, Ava’s father, rescues the children from the fallen building and the video goes viral on the Internet.  Ava is in a coma after the healing, Wash is studied and released from the hospital and thousands upon thousands of people wanting to see Ava descend on the small community.

Ava is tested and retested by doctors and others. Faith healers are wanting a piece of the action also.   Ava just wants to go home and be in her mountain refuge away from all the people.  Everyone wants something from her; something healed or cured.  Ava wonders if she could have saved her mother from dying with her gifts of healing.

The ‘invasion of the town chapters’ of this story are surrounded by lovely “interlude” chapters with the back-story and adventures and events shared by Ava and her mother.  This is definitely a story about being poor in the south – sacrifice and love.  Wash’s early years are shared also as his father re-appears after disappearing when they were all in a car accident, that killed his mother.  Wash has been living with his grandmother.  Both teens have lost their mothers and yet have relationships with their fathers, which are strained because of the viral healing video.

The treatment of the doctors/experts and the religious folks is quite interesting in this story.  The author plays with the reader’s expectations and the Southern experience.   The manipulations and explanations are very similar but one comes in a lab coat and the other in a fine suit of cloth.   Each experience of healing nearly kills Ava.  She is quite powerful and understands that her “gift” also is killing her.
Ava knows what she must do and the story holds right to the dramatic ending and the reader can sigh a relief.

TLC Booktours  sent me a Kindle copy of this story for review.  I enjoyed the book very much and would recommend it as a good read.  I would not have picked this book out for myself from the store shelf and I am happy that the tour sent THE WONDER OF ALL THINGS onto my reading list.

About Jason Mott

“JASON MOTT holds a BA in fiction and an MFA in poetry both from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and is the author of two poetry collections. His writing has appeared in numerous literary journals, and he was nominated for the 2009 Pushcart Prize. In addition to the rare achievement of receiving starred reviews from all four of the top publishing industry magazines—Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and Kirkus Reviews—The Returned was named a “People Pick” by People magazine, and was featured in Essence, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Post, among others.  Mott also appeared on numerous broadcast programs including NPR’s All Things Considered and Tell Me More, The Travis Smiley Show, the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Radio Show and many local television shows across the U.S. Mott lives in North Carolina. (from the TLC info page)”

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7 Responses to “THE WONDER OF ALL THINGS: A Novel ~Jason Mott”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia … interesting story line – which piqued my interest as we’ve just had a major air show crash here … the vintage fighter went down on a busy road … so far 11 dead, but they fear 20.

    So the post tapped into recent events here (far enough away from me – but unfortunate for the main east-west road down here). It sounds like a good read … and I do like a good novel – yet much prefer something ‘real’ … I will get to the City book one day: I’m not a good read … but recently have been reading – when I get back to blogging I don’t know what I’ll be doing!

    I’m not blogging right now … but in a few weeks I’ll be around .. take care and I hope all is well … cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Blog Sandwich Update 5 … Sharon; Bomber Command Memorial Eastbourne; Canterbury Cathedral’s Ancestor’s Medieval Windows and some food …My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    This is a good read and I am sorry about the airshow crash in your area and have been hearing about it on my news feed. How awful.

    This story has a lot of Woo Woo Magic in it and is fantasy, but it does share a great deal of information about how rural Southern folks think and feel. Quite revealing actually, and one of the reasons I enjoyed it was my connection to doing my social work practicum studies in that actual area of the USA.

    I have been off line a great deal of the summer and not visiting many blogs as I heal from the crushed nerve in my lumbar spine and post major surgery. The good news is that I can read and write and keep up the book reviews. I will be back to reading your blog as you get started again, though I may miss a few – When this house sells, it will take a couple of weeks to get internet cable to my new house.

    we are getting well and hoping that you are doing well and enjoying the last days of summer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and about the local tragedy
    Patricia recently posted..THE WONDER OF ALL THINGS: A Novel ~Jason MottMy Profile

    Hilary Reply:

    Hi Patricia – good to briefly catch up here – good luck with the move … take care with the health issues – but I know you’re aware of those sorts of things.

    Thankfully (if that’s the right idea) only 11 died and they don’t seem to have had other reasons now to think more .. the pilot is in an induced coma …

    I’ll be back to blogging next week or the week after … but I’ll be seeing you around … cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Blog Sandwich Update 5 … Sharon; Bomber Command Memorial Eastbourne; Canterbury Cathedral’s Ancestor’s Medieval Windows and some food …My Profile

  2. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    I’m pleased that you enjoyed this book, particularly since it isn’t one you would have picked up on your own.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

    patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    It was a pleasure to read and the writer has some skill with words. I did enjoy the book

  3. Sam Juliano Says:

    Your amazing string of great reviews continues with this one–a important topic for sure and expertly delineated here my friend.
    Sam Juliano recently posted..28. Germany Year ZeroMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    It is quite the read and thank you Sam for your very kind words and reading all the recent reviews.

    I think this book would make an interesting movie with the mix of reality and fantasy and mystery