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KILLING SECRETS: A Nan Vining Mystery ~Dianne Emley

A “Who Dun It?” murder mystery, which is well written and has an interesting female detective to follow around and figure out the perpetrator of the crime.  This is the 3rd book in a series about this detective and the background from the previous stories is quite good so the book can stand alone.

KILLING SECRETS has a sharp edge to the writing and although there is plenty of description, there is a precision to the writing that moves the story along and gets the reader hooked early.   Also Detective Nan Vining’s sixteen-year-old daughter Emily is very significant, as she discovers the body of her teacher and another student from her school in the story and that keeps the parental interests quite tuned in.

I chose to read KILLING SECRETS on a brutally hot day and it was a good escape from the heat.  Not the least bit flowery and fluffy, the book held my attention and kept me relating to the problems.   It held a nice twist in the plot, which brought resolution and some good chase moments and pursuit tension.   I felt like I had had an afternoon off from the heat and the pressures of the day.

I am certain a number of my readers will enjoy this book, but I do not have a great deal to say about it as it was a good read and with it’s concise writing any more reveal here could totally mess with the reader’s enjoyment of the story and I just so dislike reviews which ruin the story and plot.   Detective Nan gets the crime solved, her daughter is safe and the tough guys are arrested and put away.

The author lives in Central California and has written a great many stories and been published in many places and countries.  She has a husband, and editor, publisher, writing group, and has received lots of great support and critical acclaim for her words.  She is “ a pretty good cook and a terrible golfer.”

TLC Book Tours sent me a advanced copy for review and wow it was a fun read and Thank you for KILLING SECRETS.


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4 Responses to “KILLING SECRETS: A Nan Vining Mystery ~Dianne Emley”

  1. Dianne Emley Says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful review of Killing Secrets. So happy that you enjoyed it and that it provided a welcome respite from a hot summer day.

    Patricia Reply:

    Dianne Emley
    I enjoyed the book very much and it just filled all the corners on a very hot summer day. My book group picked a different book to read for our summer mystery and we were all disappointed – I have shared your book with everyone…and I think all 8 folks will say yes.
    I now want to read more of your series. Thank you for such a good read

  2. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Thanks for not giving away too much! I much prefer to go into a story like this relatively blind – it’s so much more exciting to read that way.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    A good read and yes I did not want to share too much, because I think it will ruin the read for others. I have given this book to two folks so far for gifts – Good read and good writing
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