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L.A. ROTTEN: A Tom Tanner Mystery Novel ~Jeff Klima

“As an expert crime-scene cleaner, Tom Tanner charges big money to carve out bullets, mop up fluids, disinfect walls, and dispose of whatever’s left of whomever was unlucky enough to require his services. For a handsome young ex-con determined to stay out of trouble, it’s practically a dream job—until he discovers a grisly pattern to his work: a string of gruesome murders at a cheap motel chain, always in Room 236.

While prying into a serial killer’s nasty scheme, Tom finds himself with a sharp-witted strip-bar waitress plastered to his side—and his conscience. Even more surprising, the killer starts prying into his life, luring Tom into a twisted friendship. As Tom struggles against his adversary’s wicked whims, risking the lives of the few people he holds dear, bodies pile up everywhere he turns. With a psychopath calling the shots, Tom has little choice but to clean house once and for all.”  (from Amazon’s book page)

Lots of folks will enjoy reading this book, the tension and the street language and the sex.   I know that some of those folks who will like this book read my reviews or purchase books for their partners who like this kind of story.

I loved the GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and I enjoy a good mystery, but this one was a bit too close to porn and street/gutter level reading when I got to the part of using a power saw to cut up and clean up a gang murder (in minute detail) I switched to speed reading and testing how fast I could go.  I did not want to tell people about this book.  There was a brief part of redemption and guilt release that was valuable for a reason to have read this book.  I do not at this time want to read any more of the books in this series.

I thank TLC Book Tours  for expanding my reading horizons. I have reviewed and now wish to not say anything else.

I do know readers who will want to read L A ROTTEN.

About the Author (from Kindle book)

Jeff Klima spent years in the grime and guts of Southern California as a co-founder of Orange County Crime Scene Cleaners.  He is a temporary survivor of Los Angeles and now resides in Ohio, where there is less danger but more corn.  Although he’s hard at work on another Tom Tanner mystery, he still finds time to write short bios about himself or the backs of his other books.  Also, check out THE DEAD JANITORS CLUB – that’s a good one.

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4 Responses to “L.A. ROTTEN: A Tom Tanner Mystery Novel ~Jeff Klima”

  1. Sara Says:


    I hate the first person for a review when I have to say this is definitely not a book for me.

    On the other hand, the author’s background made for very interesting reading. No wonder the book is graphic…he lives this stuff in real life.

    I can’t imagine being a crime scene cleaner. Makes me wonder if some of the activities in the book might have actually happened.

    I hope this review means you are doing okay…I’ve thinking about you:~)
    Sara recently posted..Oh, no!My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Yes, I think many of the parts of the book actually happened and were awful. The truth of this is what made the book so hard for me to read.

    I am coming back to life and definitely recovery now

  2. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Thanks for your honest review for the tour.

    patricia Reply:

    Heather J

    I did my best and did read it cover to cover. How grisly parts of our world are and hard to contemplate