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IN FLAMES: A Thriller ~Richard Hilary Weber

“We were all good examples, and at the same time casualties, of a hunger for easy profits edging inexorably around the globe, our goal specific if narrow, little more than simply cashing in.  Despite the rising heat, this grim insight made me shiver.” (Loc 595 of un-proofed e- copy)

IN FLAMES  is quite the story and it moves at lightening speed; the setting is the exotic island of San In’igo, AKA the jeweled paradise of the Caribbean and a monumental jungle, lots of clandestine ruminations and  peasant strife.  The first pages are about the arrival of our fair-haired boy from Princeton, Dan Shedrick, and his walk across the tarmac to his first architectural job and a journey that appears to be a rich boy’s survival sequence.

While most of his peers are job-hunting states side, Dan has found this yearlong internship with an oil company and a foot in the door to his wealth and fortune.  Elaine the naughty bad girl finds Dan right away and he moves from the National Hotel to a country club site with lots of his cronies.  He runs, swims, works the drawings of the new wharf and drinks rum by the gallons.

He is offered a part-time job at the new Art Gallery in exchange for some spying and information sharing.  It is at the gallery where he meets an interesting Ex- Communicated Priest, who flares Dan’s curiosity and interest in the attached characters in the story.   At a club party , a very popular radio entertainer is murdered  and during the night the club’s owner and Elaine’s husband dies of a heart attack and the story quickens pace because Dan holds a clue and evidence to the murder.

Add the Island fortuneteller and a whole section of battling the jungle when trying to escape the kidnappers and we are roped into an amazing adventure and tons of insects.  This story has lots of appeal and is a very quick read.  I can visualize lots of folks enjoying this story on their daily commute or just to unwind after a busy day.

There is a great deal of escape in the story and even though there is a clear formulation, the premise is catchy and every young man dreams of making his fortune the easy way, accompanied a sexy girl, and with lots of money involved.  How about CNN making footage of a young man’s survival story?

Oh yes!  Some bad girls are amazingly successful and smart; some turn out to be just another pretty face.

TLC Book Tours  sent me this thriller for review and it provided a great escape and a quick trip to an island paradise.

About the Author (from book cover)

Richard Hilary Weber is a native Brooklynite- Park Slope Born and bred – and a Columbia Grad.  He’s taught at the universities of Stockholm and Copenhagen, has been a scriptwriter for French and Swedish filmmakers, among them Claude Berri and jBo Widerberg, and now lives in Provence, France.


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4 Responses to “IN FLAMES: A Thriller ~Richard Hilary Weber”

  1. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    I could use an escape to an island paradise right about now … I’ve had enough of snow this winter. :)

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    I worked up a sweat reading this one. The thriller reader will enjoy this one

  2. Sara Says:


    I’m passing this review on to my husband. This book is right up in alley!!

    I liked this line, “we are roped into an amazing adventure and tons of insects.” I can deal with fictional insects!

    Hope you’re feeling well and that it’s starting to warm up a bit where you live:~)
    Sara recently posted..Cat Predicts the LONG Winter is Ending!My Profile

  3. Patricia Says:


    Daffodils and plum trees on the home stretch We are having an early, warm dry spring. Today is 50′ F with rain, which the plants are needing.

    No snow in the mountains. The drought is here – though this first year has been stunning…California is truly suffering.

    I am feeling better in that the colds are gone but we are now figuring out the results of the Jan 17, 2014 fall and the Physical Therapy is quite painful. 16 sessions ahead and am hoping to be back in full action by the end session. Things are looking up

    A good read thriller
    Patricia recently posted..LIFE FROM SCRATCH: a memoir of food, family, and forgiveness ~Sasha MartinMy Profile