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Ayesha Ryder: American Treasure, International Suspense ~Nick Pengelley

“His goals were clear.  First the 1814 treasure, then he could take care of Ryder.  The first meant little to him, except that it furthered the work of Shamir.  The second would be the fulfillment of a dream.” (Location 247 in an uncorrected, unproofed e-copy)

AYESHA RYDER: American Treasure has all the excitement of a thriller, all the international flare you would expect, politics at it’s most low breath of scruples and  a wonderful heroine, archeologist who apparently can figure out the solutions.  The top American political figures are visiting in England and Ayesha Ryder is puzzling her way through T.E. Lawrence’s clues to find the ARK, when she is commissioned to find the treasures stolen by the British during the War of Independence.

Within these treasures is a letter written by President Madison revealing who in the government is assisting the British in the war efforts.  The treasures were stolen from the White House and hidden within one of them is the revealing letter.  The two candidates vying to become the next President of the USA are both descendants of Madison’s White House.   Lots of strong women in this story, also the radical Shamir group which wishes to control the American election process and defeat the pro-Holyland country formed by Israel and Palestine’s amelioration.

I recommend this book to those who like this kind of suspense as it is intelligent and clever and opens up some new thinking.  I am not as fond of this style of book and yet, when I was sinking into a nasty cold, I was happy to be totally distracted by this read, which just gripped me in and held firm.   The speed of the book is compelling dirty politics, I think we all suspect something or other is going on behind the scenes.  I enjoyed the travel around England and learning the new touches of history told within building structures.

TLC Book Tours  sent me an advanced reading copy of this book for review and I was pleased to have it as the perfect book for a distraction needing time in my life.  I think you would enjoy it too.

Nick Pengelley is the author of the political thrillers RYDER and RYDER: AMERICAN TREASURE.  Australian by birth, he’s had careers in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom as a law professor, legal consultant, and analyst on Middle East politics, which is his passion.  Pengelley lives in Toronto with his wife, Pamela.

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10 Responses to “Ayesha Ryder: American Treasure, International Suspense ~Nick Pengelley”

  1. Nick Pengelley Says:

    Thanks so much for the review Patricia. So glad you enjoyed book II in the Ryder series. Stay tuned for book III!
    Best wishes,


    patricia Reply:

    Nick Pengelley

    I did enjoy the book and was very happy to say so…. Wish I could fight off the extremists as well as Ayesha!

    Looking forward to the next book.

    Nick Pengelley Reply:

    I wish I had a fraction of Ayesha’s skills and talents myself! I keep discovering that she has even more than I thought – book IV is turning into quite the revelation …

    Patricia Reply:

    Book III just popped onto my review list for this spring!
    Here we go

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — You had me at, “…intelligent and clever and opens up some new thinking.”

    patricia Reply:


    An amazing heroine wish I could fight this infection and the ALEC folks here as well as she does…!!!

  3. Sara Says:


    I hope you are feeling better. Colds can be a bummer, but they are common at this time of year.

    Regarding the review, I really liked your words here: “…politics at it’s most low breath of scruples…” Well done!

    While this isn’t my genre, it is my husband’s. I’ll mention this book to him. Oh, and I also a friend who might enjoy it as well. So, thanks for this review:~) Feel better soon!
    Sara recently posted..I’m Back. Let’s TalkMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I particularly like the history in this book

    The cold has gone pneumonia – not well yet

  4. Heather J @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    I’m glad this book provided you with some entertainment while you were feeling sick. Hope you’re feeling better now!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    So happy I can read and this was a good entertainment for sure