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MEMORY CARD FULL: A Memoir ~Liz Weber

“I wished Rufus were here.  At least I knew what I was getting with Rufus.  He never let me down and was always there when I needed him.  Sure, he was a dog, but he was the first thing in my life I loved who loved me back just as much, if not more.  Shortly after he died, it became clear to me that his unwavering presence was probably the main reason I never got serious with anyone.” (Page 205)

MEMORY CARD FULL, I just loved the title of this book and was looking forward to the schedule for review from TLC Book Tours. What do you think of the title?  Did it draw you in and catch your eye?

I do so like to read memoirs and I count on some inspiration about how folks make changes in their lives to proceed on their journey and focus on their dreams.   This memory is really just about one pivotal event and one year in Liz Weber’s life and what she gained in self-knowledge from that event.

I would recommend this book to those 25-40 year olds who are also attempting to make change in their lives and may be stuck in a routine and needing something to move them forward or jump start their ambitions and dreams.  The writing is lite weight and easy and I cover to covered it in about 4 hours.  I felt as though I was on fast forward and I thought if I had time I should have counted all the “likes” in the dialogue – my 30 something daughters would not have noticed them at all.

“Liz Weber’s life was far from dull.  Whether serving drinks to a gaggle of quirky regulars at a bar or walking around in her skivvies for extra cash, she fought hard to remain a self-proclaimed “professional free spirit: and aspiring writer, even if it meant enduring a lush for a manager or a cranky, Israeli-folk-music-loving boss.  None of it really mattered as long as she had Rufus, her oddly proportioned dog who taught her about unconditional love in an untraditional way, at her side.”

“MEMORYCARD FULL is a frank, funny, and deeply moving memoir, a book for anyone who has loved and lost and found the space in that loss to become the person they were meant to be.”  (from the cover)

I think I would enjoy reading Liz Weber’s memoir when she turns 70, if I am still around to turn the pages!  This book shares a story of a generation and of a specific sub-group of the entitled young adults in NYC.  It is only about one year of her life. I am sure I would like her in person and I am enjoying her Facebook page. I have to say it made me worry about this generation and the future. I liked the book and her story.  Now I put this book away, turn off my concern, and move onto a really nasty murder mystery from a Finish author – just keep the reading coming.

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4 Responses to “MEMORY CARD FULL: A Memoir ~Liz Weber”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — I’m going to take a pass on this memoir, but am looking forward to your review of the Finnish author’s murder mystery.
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Got Moxie?My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Finnish mystery – actually historic fiction is a personal read…I will review when I have a week with nothing on the schedule. I have about 10 of those from Book Groups to just personal choice sitting in the wings
    Patricia recently posted..MEMORY CARD FULL: A Memoir ~Liz WeberMy Profile

  2. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book for the tour!

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J

    I am glad I read this book and think I want to read her memoir at age 60 for sure….but for me right now the title was the best part.
    Patricia recently posted..MEMORY CARD FULL: A Memoir ~Liz WeberMy Profile