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CERTAINTY:An Historic Novel ~ Victor Bevine

“The war had proved that much, if little else.  A sword of any kind was as likely to cut down the innocent as the guilty, no matter how many monuments man might build to the grandeur of his own self-importance.” (Page 324 of advance review copy without a final cover)

CERTAINTY is an interesting book to be reading during a mid-term election cycle in the US.  Although it is storytelling about a specific historic event and documented trial notes, it is about a witch hunt, stalking, name calling and just plain lying about other human beings and changing lives forever.  Bevine draws us into defining what is good and evil and whether or not an event will assist us in discerning a truth and finding value for the greater good.

William Bartlett is a young lawyer in 1918 practicing law with a firm in Newport, Rhode Island.  25,000 Naval seamen are in a holding pattern as WWI has ended and most will not be shipped out.  This is a huge population jump for such a small community and the prostitutes have arrived in huge numbers also a group of seamen are dying in the Spanish Flu Epidemic.  There is no space for the troops and nothing to do and a great deal of drinking and malicious activities occurring in the town center and the YMCA.  Reverend Kent is working on developing a Seaman’s Institute and sitting all night with the seamen who are dying, being a caregiver, when he is accused by the 3 Navy men of unseemly acts and homosexual behavior; preying on the men not praying for them.

The church would like Rev. Kent to plead guilty to a lesser charge and then to move him out of town with no fanfare and little publicity.   Bartlett and Kent decide to take a moral stand and bring the false accusations out into the open, because Kent is innocent and a very caring individual.  What is discovered is that a particularly fervent Naval Officer, who can identify homosexuals and deviant by their walk, sets up a group of 48 seamen to entrap the “fairies” in their midst who are causing all the problems.  An earlier round of McCarthyism goes into the history books and a great many men’s lives were altered forever.

“As the trial unveils more shocking secrets – secrets that shake Newport and reverberates all the way up to the federal government”- William  Bartlett could lose everything also. (Temporary cover of the advanced copy of the book)

CERTIANTY’s author Victor Bevine, a graduate of Yale University, discovered this trial and story when escaping a downpour by sheltering in a bookstore.  He first wrote a play about this event and now has turned it into a novel so that more people will be informed.  Bevine is an actor, screenwriter, director, narrator of audiobooks, and sports entrepreneur who resides in NYC.

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TLC Book Tours  sent me a copy of CERTAINTY to review and I believe that readers who like historic based fiction and military fiction will enjoy diving into CERTAINTY.

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7 Responses to “CERTAINTY:An Historic Novel ~ Victor Bevine”

  1. Sara Says:

    I loved this line in your review: ” An earlier round of McCarthyism goes into the history books and a great many men’s lives were altered forever”

    I also read the prologue and the story seems well-written. It’s amazing where authors find their inspiration. To think Victor Bevine discovered this story while escaping a rain storm. I think his readers might be thankful for that storm and this moment in history he shares with them.

    Another good review, Patricia. I hope all is well with you and you’re enjoying the fall season:~)
    Sara recently posted..SPC: The TalkaholicMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    It was an interesting read and if you are a history buff I think one would enjoy this very much…
    I was quite amazed by the whole story – I sometimes think that these things don’t happen any more, our violence against others is just random and then I think – not a similar story is happening right now

    Yes very interesting how writers find their stories
    thank you for you kind words
    Patricia recently posted..CERTAINTY:An Historic Novel ~ Victor BevineMy Profile

  2. Deborah Barker Says:

    Thanks for the review Patricia – my ever growing list of must-reads now includes “Certainty”. I am still ploughing my way through the 50 books I won (not all to my taste but some really good reads among them) and with my birthday looming, I am hoping my family wont be put off buying my all time favourite presents (if they are thinking of buying me anything of course) My eldest daughter was at a loss recently,
    “What shall we buy you mum – you have more than enough books!” she sighed. I pointed out to her that 1) I can never have enough books and 2) there are new books being published every day and I am hungry to read at least some of them! Our new puppy is taking a lot of my time up and grandchildren, much of the rest but books are still the best thing you could give me as a gift :-)

    Patricia Reply:

    Deborah Barker-
    You have a great many books on your shelf. This is a good read, but I might recommend a different book for you birthday list.

    There is a negativity in the story that is so huge in the USA right now it was rather an overwhelming read for me. We have not measurably learned the lessons …

    Yes new puppies are quite the challenge and I think every time I train a puppy I have a period of time when I say to myself – Why did I do this? Fortunately, is usually passes by the time they are about 3…Although our family Border Terrier is still very puppy at 2 – high energy will be at our house for 2 weeks in November – Wow.

    May I suggest they get you a fabulous facial and massage? My daughter’s came through with that treat for me….What a treat and I would not mind receiving it again and again and again!
    Patricia recently posted..CERTAINTY:An Historic Novel ~ Victor BevineMy Profile

  3. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    This is a historic event that is completely new to me. Thank goodness for sheltering in a bookstore during a storm!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    It is a very interesting story from out past….Not everyone will care for it because it is about homosexuality – my history loving neighbor would think this kind of behavior is just right even though his son and grandson are homosexuals…
    Patricia recently posted..A BREAST CANCER ALPHABET: Inspiration and Encouragement ~ Mudhulika SikkaMy Profile

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