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LUST: Sensual Poems (unabridged) ~Diana Raab (Narrated by Kate Udall)

“This is a gorgeous book of poetry. It is as hot as you would expect, given the title. Many of the poems reveal scorching, intimate moments between passionate lovers. But these poems go way beyond erotica. What makes them special for me is how they call forth the essence of intimacy’s gifts. For instance, in one of my favorite selections, “Create,” the first line evokes the very nature of what love offers us: “Make me the person I want to become, draw from me the secrets buried under, the facade of responsibilities.” Wow. Buy this book for everyone you know who lusts…and loves.”
~ Charlotte Rains Dixon

Every morning I read a poem or listen to a poem on several different websites, as I enjoy my glass of water and ease into the day. LUST was the first audiobook of poetry that I experienced and it was so sensual and provocative and relaxing while stimulating so many senses. What a way to awaken. LUST is a gift.

Every morning the happy pup and I walk 2 miles and move up hill then down, recently to avoid the heat of the day we often see sunrise. I put on my headphones and listened to this audiobook every step of the way. The sun broke through the marine air and touched our whole being like a lover and we listened to LUST 3 full times all the way through just walking and feeling alive.

The poems move through the erotic path of young love to the new parent’s stage, into the middle years and on to memories and reflections. The gifts of sexuality given over time. The words describe the sexuality of loss and dis-illusion with an amazing gentle energy that is full of release, opportunity and joy. The whole life explored as an erotic adventure with beautiful and harsh words.

I liked it all, and when I went to check out what Amazon was sharing about the book, others must like it as well, because there were only 4 copies left with the original printing of the book.

I apologize to Diana Raab for posting this tour review a day late, because I would highly recommend this as a special gift for so many friends and for the sensual feelings which arise for everyone with her delightful words. Here we are now…to let you enjoy and experience a whole lifetime of pleasures and fantasies – LUST

tlc logo TLC online Booktours and the author attempted to send me a copy of this audiobook – I ended up purchasing the book and I am very happy I did. Lovely words –precisely spoken- beautiful communication.

The website is very interesting to explore: “Diana Raab, Ph.D., is a memoirist, poet, blogger and transpersonal psychologist. Her educational background includes health administration, nursing, creative writing and psychology.” (from her website)

LUST was just the read I needed to enjoy. LUST is touching poetry. LUST is Diana Raab’s fifth book of poetry.

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6 Responses to “LUST: Sensual Poems (unabridged) ~Diana Raab (Narrated by Kate Udall)”

  1. Diana Raab Says:

    Thank you for the great review.

    I am delighted you enjoyed the book!

    Here’s to life, love and lust,

    Patricia Reply:

    I very much enjoyed the book and am enjoying it still

    I would only add Here’s to life, love, laughter, and lust!

    I think I need more laughter in my life these days…:)

  2. Sara Says:

    First of all, I liked Diana’s comment, especially “Here’s to life, love and lust!” Oh, that’s great.

    Your review has tempted me to check out this book. I like that poems extend to all stages of live and lust:~)

    Great review, Patricia. Have a good weekend.
    Sara recently posted..SPC: Swiss Wind-Up CarsMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I was so happy to have the opportunity to review this book….I think you will enjoy it too – I listened to again on my walk this morning..
    very relaxing brings up pleasurable thoughts
    Patricia recently posted..LUST: Sensual Poems (unabridged) ~Diana Raab (Narrated by Kate Udall)My Profile

  3. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed this collection! Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J

    I did enjoy this read very much. Thank you for coming by
    Patricia recently posted..MY THINNING YEARS: Starving the Gay Within ~Jon Derek CroteauMy Profile