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SUPREME JUSTICE: A Thriller ~Max Allan Collins

“I have a hundred cases in mind, Agent Rogers, a hundred rulings.  Take Rove v. Wade.  Before it was overturned, nearly a dozen murders were tied to that decision, as well as two dozen some attempted murders and hundreds of death threats.  The thing is, not one of these very real attacks was perpetrated against any of the justices voting in favor of what was once called a pro-choice stance.”

“’In fact,” Reeder put in, “no Supreme Court justice had ever been assassinated before this week.’”  (Unproofed copy of book – Chapter 12)

SUPREME JUSTICE is a powerful fast read about the Supreme Court of the USA and the first assassination of a conservative judge.  The book takes place just after the second President, who is Democratic and black, has been elected.  The country is attempting to balance after a President padded the Supreme Court with 6 conservative judges and so many human rights and laws had been changed.  A citizen can be fired or incarcerated for speaking against a politician or the country.  Roe v. Wade has been overturned, only the very rich and the extremely conservative folks can afford services that they need.  Women are particularly at risk.

It is rather exciting to read this book and get a glimpse at how folks might be handling all these restrictions.  Of course, there are no search warrants necessary and nearly everyone has a gun and feels free to use it.  The murder takes place and a former Secret Service agent, who has been fired because he took a bullet for the previous conservative President, and then stated that he disagreed with nearly everything that President stood for and had accomplished.  He was worried about the future of the country and so was fired and now ran a security systems company for businesses.  He was put on the task force for the FBI and instructed with figuring out the crime master.

Max Allan Collins has written many books and the number of awards took up a whole page in small print.   He also writes books with his wife under her name Barbara Allan, and with his co-plotter/researcher Matt Clemens.  His characters include Nathan Heller and Mike Hammer and his comic credits are Dick Tracy, Batman, Ms. Tree and on TV – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  Do you know Tom Hank’s Road to Perdition?

The writing was smooth as silk and refreshing in speed and delivery.  The language was not insulting and it was precise.    It took me over half the book to figure it out and that made my imagination work wonders also.  It was also amazing to be reading this book as the Supreme Court justices allowed religious single owned companies to remove women’s reproductive rights from the Affordable Healthcare Act. Feelings were running high with the justices in so much focus.

The format of the book was wonderful too.  Because it was an unproofed copy I do not know if the quotes started or ended a chapter, but they were poignant and telling.  I find so often quotes do not add to the story, but these quotes so pinpointed the problem inherent in the Supreme Court – the justices are there for life and they cannot often retire when the court is unbalanced.  The public cannot get rid of a justice or make changes when a President has stacked the deck?

tlc logo TLC online book tours  sent me a copy of SUPREME JUSTICE for review and I so enjoyed this book and the pace.  I read it in one sitting because I just could not put it down.   I have certainly changed my mind about thrillers and mysteries in the last 5 years, and yet they still need to be well written and a timely read – Wow!

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11 Responses to “SUPREME JUSTICE: A Thriller ~Max Allan Collins”

  1. Sara Healy Says:

    Oh, Goodie! Perfect timing regarding this review. My hubby has a birthday rapidly approaching and this book is perfect. I know he’d like it as thrillers are his genre.

    Thank you, Patricia!
    Sara Healy recently posted..SPC: A Dirty QuoteMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    It is exceptionally good and very current.

    I could not put it down – I am working on another thriller right now for Saturday review.

    I think it will the perfect gift!
    Patricia recently posted..SUPREME JUSTICE: A Thriller ~Max Allan CollinsMy Profile

  2. Deborah Barker Says:

    Thrillers are not always top of my reading list but I do enjoy them when I pick them up. What has made me think I would enjoy this book? Six words you have written in your review: “The writing was smooth as silk” How could anyone resist that? Thank you Patricia :-)
    Deborah Barker recently posted..Then and Now…My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    thrillers are never my first choice, but I have read some wonderful ones on the TLC tours. This one I was very glad came my way.

    I really enjoyed this book and the skill of the author

    Thanks for coming by Deborah
    Patricia recently posted..THE LANDGRAMM AFFAIR: A Novel of Politics, Crime, Literature and a Taste of Romance ~Wendy MarechMy Profile

  3. Max Allan Collins, author of Supreme Justice, on tour June/July 2014 | TLC Book Tours Says:

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  4. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Sounds like there is quite a lot to think about in this political thriller!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J

    I think it was not only an interesting story, but I think it educates about the importance of the Supreme Court and what balance really means.

    Scary stuff here too
    Patricia recently posted..THE LANDGRAMM AFFAIR: A Novel of Politics, Crime, Literature and a Taste of Romance ~Wendy MarechMy Profile

  5. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — And while thrillers aren’t my genre, they’re right up my husband and son’s alleys. Thank you for the wonderful recommendation!

    Patricia Reply:

    This is a good one for Len you might even get enthused from his enjoyment. How do we get folks off the Supreme Court?

    Fast paced and timely
    Patricia recently posted..LOSING TOUCH: A Novel ~Sandra HunterMy Profile

  6. Sam Juliano Says:

    This particular book REALLY has me interested! the subject is right up my alley. interesting that a conservative judge was assassinated. That is highly unusual.

    One of your great essays, so well-written Pat!

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you again Sam

    This book was perfectly timed for my surgery dates and took my mind in new directions. The fellow has written for many years and
    I liked the pace and speed.

    Also the subject matter was full of feeling for all women
    Patricia recently posted..LOSING TOUCH: A Novel ~Sandra HunterMy Profile