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THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER (Rare Book Mystery Series -ebook) ~Thomas Shawver

“Antiquarian: “: a person who collects, studies, or sells valuable old things” Especially old books! Miriam Webster Dictionary on line

What could be more fun for an avid reader than a murder mystery set around an antiquarian bookman who owns a book store? The Dirty Book Murder: A Rare Book Mystery is a very fun read and just provided a great escape, some good new knowledge about Japanese Erotica books, and their value.  This read had a good pace and the language and dialogue was well scripted. The book gave me new words to look up and some ideas to research; books which expand my thinking are terrific.  I enjoyed the good descriptions of Kansas City from both sides of the river.

Michael Malachy Bevan age 44 is the bookstore owner and is a well-developed character.  I thought it was inventive how the author wrote Bevan’s biography as a classified ad in a newspaper. The reader then had to keep moving forward in the story to discover how he became a widower, disbarred and why he had an “unforgiving daughter.”

An ad is placed in the newspaper for the local auction barn and within is the words Erotica books and Bevan’s thinks the “Shakee Hen” reference means that they might be Japanese Shoku-hon; very valuable old books and a possible find of a lifetime.  When Bevan arrives at the auction he discovers a book by Collette, with her inscription inside the front cover – a reply from Ernst Hemingway; a very valuable book indeed.  What a find for a bookman, but there are others attending who do not want the kitchen utensils or the bar stools either. They are eyeing the big deal, chatting on their phones and Michael Bevan’s is hiking up the bidding process and thinking about going into debt.  This action sets Michael into the major plot action of a bigger story.

For a book about erotica, there are not great bodice ripper scenes and only references to S&M kinds of sexual behaviors.  The book contains references about money, sex, drug use and murder for pleasure and it is fairly spicy.  The police involvement and the lawyer connections are interesting and truly move the action forward.  Bevan’s being of Irish heritage has issues to resolve around his wife’s accidental death, and his daughter’s drug usage and anger; there are some robust pub and drinking segments to the story.  All in all, I thought it was a good read and I would choose the next book in the series when I needed a good murder mystery which was well written.   I would recommend THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER.

“Tom Shawver, the author, owned an antiquarian bookstore in Kansas City for fifteen years. Prior to that, he was a Marine officer, lawyer, and journalist. He is an avid rugby player.  This, his first novel and begins a series featuring bookman Michael Bevan.”  Book cover

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tlc logo An unproofed copy of the book was sent to me by TLC Online Book Tours for review.  It was a good read and I enjoyed the bookstore reference.  I think everyone I know who likes to read would enjoy this book.  The plot involves Erotica so please be advised for youthful readers – THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER.

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12 Responses to “THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER (Rare Book Mystery Series -ebook) ~Thomas Shawver”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    “…books which expand my thinking are terrific.”

    It sounds like a winner!

    Patricia Reply:

    I enjoyed it very much.
    Patricia recently posted..THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER (Rare Book Mystery Series -ebook) ~Thomas ShawverMy Profile

  2. Tom Shawver Says:

    Thanks for your nice comments, Patricia. I’ve just finished the next in the series which takes Michael Bevan to New Zealand.


    patricia Reply:

    Tom Shawver,
    More interesting reading to come and soon. When you were researching book #2 were you able to visit New Zealand? That would also make the book fun!

    Thank you for coming by and sharing a copy of your book with me

  3. Talon Says:

    Patricia, I have to stop reading your awesome reviews. I already have a stack of Patricia-recommended books and only so many free hours this summer where reading is my favorite relaxing thing to do. :)

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Patricia Reply:

    I know this is so fun to have these books sent to me and to have a early read, and then be able to share my thoughts

    I am looking forward to reading your new book – and putting that in my stack

    I had 5 reviews scheduled for this week, but 4 authors have backed out – I am reading my book group books in stead…Often they are books I would never read, but since I have to purchase many of them, I am very motivated to read them. It is hard to get these random books from the Library in time to read them –
    I so love to read I am trying a new system where I can check out books for free from numerous libraries and Amazon – Now if can just figure out how to use it
    Patricia recently posted..THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER (Rare Book Mystery Series -ebook) ~Thomas ShawverMy Profile

  4. Sam Juliano Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Patricia!!!

    Another splendid book review in a genre I have always had a weakness for dating back to my Agatha Christie obsession 25 to 30 years ago. A magnetic main character always hooks you in, and apparently that is a the case here. Terrific essay!

    Patricia Reply:

    It is a good read and this great character is off to New Zealand soon.

    next in the series already on its way…

    thank you for your kind words
    Patricia recently posted..THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER (Rare Book Mystery Series -ebook) ~Thomas ShawverMy Profile

  5. Thomas Shawver, author of The Dirty Book Murder, on tour May 2014 | TLC Book Tours Says:

    […] Friday, May 9th: Patricia’s Wisdom […]

  6. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

    Patricia Reply:

    My pleasure Heather J!

    thank you for all your comments – Occasionally it feels like you and I are the only pair on the review side…I assure you that I don’t have as many comments as some, but hundreds of others have come by each week. I think many are not commenting because they are busy reading the books!
    Patricia recently posted..THE DIRTY BOOK MURDER (Rare Book Mystery Series -ebook) ~Thomas ShawverMy Profile

  7. John Scherber Says:

    I think of mysteries like that as ‘artifact’ books. About half of mine involve collectables of some kind, and the first one is built around counterfeit Maya ceramics. Murder in Mexico is my series of eleven mysteries set in and around the upscale expat colony of San Miguel de Allende. Artist Paul Zacher is drawn into crime investigation because ‘he might see things differently.’ Maybe it’s time for the rich humanity of Mexico to show through all the narco headlines! Ready for the real Mexico, beyond the phony news reports? Take a look at this suspenseful and often funny series, available in Print, Kindle, Nook, & Kobo. Start with ‘Twenty Centavos’ by trying a sample on my website.