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THE ISOLATION DOOR: A novel ~Anish Majumdar

“Anish Majumdar examines the inner world of the mentally ill and their gravitational pull on the people around them”

Always when I open a book I am hoping for good writing and an interesting story line, THE ISOLATION DOOR is full of good words, motion, and emotion; the reader is hooked right into Neil’s life and issues.  You are in the midst of the tension with this 23 year old fellow attempting to get his mother to sign the papers so that he will have tuition money for college; it is the last moments before his mother will be transported to a Public Health Facility and committed for Schizophrenia.

Neil Kapoor is working to figure out his own life, to discover the part he will play in this world as he works to escape the confines of his mother’s mental illness and the family’s cultural heritage as immigrants.  His father is the primary caregiver for his mother and also a professor in Computer Science at the college across the street from their home.  Neil has no friends and his family has been nearly abandoned by their Bengali community; he reaches out to an Aunt to find his way into the college drama program.

THE ISOLATON DOOR is also a story that exposes the idea that everyone, every person has problems – struggles to sort out and learn from.  Every person needs to figure out how they will react and act to what they encounter; what they might need to endure, and what they can abandon.  When do you trust enough to share the truth and what happens when you omit the details?

THE ISOLATION DOOR is about friendship, love and the disconnection which results from  the fear of Mental Illness or even change.  How do we open and close that door when we have felt abandoned and are alone?   What if that problem is from your own genetic coding and you will be the next to succumb?

Anish Majumdar is a journalist who experienced firsthand the trials of a parent with Schizophrenia.  He has a forceful writing style and when combined with his knowledge of family structures, cultural expectations, and experience it is a very believable fictional tale.

Having experienced this isolation which comes from fear, I could identify with the story and the author.  The book was reassuring that we all do not live out our lives in this isolation and that we have choice in nearly every situation.  Sometimes the caretakers are overcome and they need assistance; it is these moments of acute decision making that change lives and outcomes are decided.  This book reminds us that we are not alone.

tlc logoPR by the BOOK  and the author  sent me a copy of this book for review and it was a good read and I thank them for the opportunity.  A very interesting book – THE ISOLATION DOOR

Anish Majumdar Online

Video Interview by Majumdar about when he realized the person he loved, his mother, was gone

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12 Responses to “THE ISOLATION DOOR: A novel ~Anish Majumdar”

  1. Anish Majumdar Says:

    Thank you so much for reading The Isolation Door, Patricia- so happy that it resonated with you! I really responded to many of the elements you touched on during the review, including “this isolation which comes from fear”- which is really a beautiful way to describe what it felt like growing up with a mentally ill parent.

    patricia Reply:

    Anish Majumdar

    I can relate to the fear and isolation of the story because it is similar to the fear and isolation which I lived out and needs more public awareness.

    I was born with cancer and this made so many others afraid. Then my father was brilliant, futuristic and an immigrant and the world was always coming to him. Presidents and Queens!

    My youngest child has a cleft palate, no ear tubes and Asian Heritage. I learned a great deal parenting.

    Everyone has a struggle and life lesson to learn and I think when we tell our stories we help others and relieve their fear. To hold it all in is extremely isolating and damaging.

    I have a utopian world view – I hope lots and lots of folks will read your fine words and let go of fear

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    I can relate – my father is manic-depressive, paranoid schizophrenic. It’s a tough row to hoe, not only for the person with the challenges, but for those in their sphere of influence.

    patricia Reply:

    This novel genuinely catches the difficulties of being in the sphere

    I hope many people read this book

  3. Sara Says:

    I once watched a show about manic-depression and the way different people handled this challenge for themselves. Some chose medicine, but others refused…some because of what the medicine took away from them.

    The point is it gave me a different perspective on how difficult this type of illness is for both the person and the family. The choices were hard and often meant losing certain things in life. One person I remember chose medicine, but in doing so, lost his creative abilities. He was a very talented artist.

    I imagine schizophrenia brings even more difficult choices, especially for the family.

    While fiction, it sounds like this book would help the reader gain insight into what it’s like to live with someone who has this type of challenge in their lives, especially if you do begin to lose the person you knew. I think the author had a lot of courage to write this story:~)
    Sara recently posted..Trifecta Writing Challenge: His Last ChanceMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    When my niece was working on her law degree, I asked her to read a number of books. Lawyers need to understand people and they only way to meet enough people to study is through reading – whether psychology books or fiction, we are introduced to a full range of characterizations. We can also confront our fears through reading.

    I think when people tell their stories we all benefit. I have seen bullying but I have also seen a level of compassion in students these days that is amazingly fine to witness. I believe it is because through movies and reading these young people are understanding more about being human.

    It is important to share our stories and I think this was a great way to do it by adding experience to a fictional story
    Patricia recently posted..THE ISOLATION DOOR: A novel ~Anish MajumdarMy Profile

  4. Sam Juliano Says:

    “THE ISOLATION DOOR is about friendship, love and the disconnection which results from the fear of Mental Illness or even change.”

    Very frank and concise assessment Patricia. And how FANTASTIC is that to have the author Anish Majumdar comment under your review?!? Real nice and a big honor. Sounds like you have sized up this meaningful work perfectly!

    Patricia Reply:

    What an honor to have you comment on my review. You who reviews movies, Caldicott winners and now have your words on a book cover: THE TENOR. I feel honored in many ways.

    Yes, it is grand to have Anish Majumdar comment here and my readers always seem to enjoy the experience and respond well when an author comments.

    We all need to tell our stories and by taking his personal experiences and putting them into a great piece of fiction – well we are all better for it. I hope this book has a been readership, it breaks down barriers in our thinking
    Patricia recently posted..THE ISOLATION DOOR: A novel ~Anish MajumdarMy Profile

  5. Anish Majumdar, author of The Isolation Door, on tour February 2014 | TLC Book Tours Says:

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  6. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    We truly are NOT alone but often we forget that important fact. This book looks to be a great reminder.

    Thanks for being on the tour. I’m featuring your review on TLC’s Facebook page today.
    Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours recently posted..Ruth Reichl, author of Delicious!, on tour April/May 2014My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    I believe there are more support groups and assistance now then when I was younger. This is important information sharing for many to read.

    We need to keep telling our stories – Thanks for sharing this book with me

  7. Critical Acclaim for The Isolation Door: A Novel Says:

    […] “A story that exposes the idea that every person has problems – struggles to sort out and learn from. When do you trust enough to share the truth and what happens when you omit the details?” – Patricia’s Wisdom […]