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THE COST OF LOVE AND SANITY: a novel (ZANE Presents) ~Jaye Cherie

THE COST OF LOVE AND SANITY is allowing me to break my rule about only reviewing books that I found some worth in reading.  This book actually caused me a sense of alarm about the story and the main character.   I decided to divide my review into 2 parts which are:  the positive words I want to say about an author’s efforts and secondly what caused me alarm.

Alex the main character of the book has goals and she is working those goals and succeeding.  She is now 35 years old and realizes that she would like to add a husband and/or a baby to her career goals and those ideas becomes her primary focus.  Alex is busy watching how other people achieved these goals and are planning their futures.   Our girlfriend has a best friend who is quite different from herself and this creates some balance to her thinking.   The career problem she must resolve is how to keep her manager position in a recruiting firm which is looking at downsizing.   Because Alex is focused on her new goals, she takes a tired, trite solution and adds some fresh ideas and works hard to help the firm turn its numbers around.

I appreciated the author’s efforts in highlighting an ethnic young woman’s view of the world.  I believe Alex’s focus on the “things” which proved her successful was important in this time of history and will draw other young readers to the book.  The problems that she must resolve are consistent with the boundaries of Alex’s life and expectations.

I did very much like the perky little fashion descriptions before each event, meeting or date.  The fashion name dropping was what my youngest child would love about the story, which would get her to read a book!

This story is just a pure entertainment read, which might get those in their 20s interested in reading and it has an ethnic overtone which could interest gals of color.

Alex is a worrier, who is almost incapable of problem-solving, particularly not on a professional level.  She is not able to connect with her co-workers and is rude and surly to others.  How Alex got to a management level with her lack of respect for co-workers and her inability to think beyond the limits of herself is scary stuff. “ME, me, ME, me, ME, me and more ME” is the driving motivation of this gal and it is rather boring to read.   This individual is not suited to being a mother and yet that is what is driving her.  Thank goodness she realizes she is dependent on men for  her problem-solving skills and directing changes in her life, and thank goodness GOD answers her prayers with 2 men  who assist her in changing her communication skills and in easing some of her circular worry behaviors.

The novel has some timing errors but I think that might just make me concerned. Lots of local expressions which I had to look up such as:  “chopping it up” and “started beefing” and  a few of these colloquialisms were used in both personal situations and sometimes at the office.  Fortunately her new boyfriend and male co-worker were able to move her forward in her relational skills and a more professional outlook at the office.

I just found Alex to be a lesson for me about how mature women have opened the door for the next generations and how they need to be vigilant in mentoring and maturing the career women of the future. I have noticed this type of female character in several recent novels but they are not the main character.   THE COST OF LOVE AND SANITY   is entertaining.

I wrote this review because I believe there are lots of young girls who would love this book and it just might get them reading.   The book is entertaining.

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Cherie also writes about entertainment and has another novel to her credit:  THE GOLDDIGGER’S CLUB

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7 Responses to “THE COST OF LOVE AND SANITY: a novel (ZANE Presents) ~Jaye Cherie”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    You know what, Patricia? If it’ll get young girls to read – I’m all for it! Thank you for the balanced — pros/cons — review!

    patricia Reply:

    Yes Laurie,
    I think this is a fun read that young women would love to read – just need to get the word out.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Sara Says:

    I also liked how you balanced what you liked and didn’t like about this book. It’s has to be difficult to review books that aren’t the type of book you would enjoy.

    Yet, you pointed out that other readers, like young women, might find this book entertaining and even enjoyable.

    This is what a review should do. If every book was wonderful, I’m sure your readers would question your reviews. Honesty is the best policy in book reviews…so, thank you, Patricia:~)
    Sara recently posted..Trifecta Writing Challenge: His Last ChanceMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I truly worried over this book review because I felt like it was a good early book and had a great message for young women about putting life on hold to gain other things.

    I even thought the male dependance issue raised up the image of a black man, which certainly suffers often in the media these days.

    The review I am drafting today is about another 35 year old who is feeling like spinsterhood is her next assignment in life and that is making her quite sad. She is still a full person and she celebrates what she loves to do in her life. It is a white, wealthy, southern story and made for a nice release from worrying about the gal in this story.

    This gal really needs a mentor, which implies that someone is ahead of the game. Oprah, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Naomi Campbell all come popping into my mind…and I know there are many more. Women have more choices if they are open to learning and not just falling into the old scheme
    Patricia recently posted..THE ISOLATION DOOR: A novel ~Anish MajumdarMy Profile

  3. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Sounds like the author really got your attention through Alex’s character!

    Thanks for being on the tour.

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    I think this author is going to just get better and better. I look forward to reading her next book

    I think writing is like being a piano teacher – one needs to keep taking lessons – the writer needs to keep reading the pros…and understanding the culture they are writing too.

    A great start and I think it will get young women reading

  4. Jaye Cheríe, author of The Cost of Love and Sanity, on tour January/February 2014 | TLC Book Tours Says:

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