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BECALMED: Romance Fiction ~Normandie Fischer

“When a Southern woman with a broken heart finds herself falling for a widower with a broken boat, it’s anything but smooth sailing.”

BECALMED was the book I choose to read on our recent snowy weekend.  It was a great book to just curl up in my chair by the fireplace and hunker on down to North Carolina in August.  There I was in the harbor of my lovely little beach spot after just coming off the water in my sailboat; windblown, warm, cozy and off onto a good mini-vacation.  This book and the lovely writing truly transported me into the world of Southern charm and a young woman’s thoughts about being a spinster at age 35.

Sara Longworth has spent the first five years of her thirties taking care of her family and their home in Beaufort, North Carolina.   Her frail mother has passed on first, then her brother in Afghanistan, and so she cares for her aging father and the family home until he dies.  She has opened a shop with her lifelong best friend Hannah who is a potter, to share her lovely jewelry which she designs.  The shop shares work of many of the artists in the area and the tourist visitors are quite taken with their lovely art. Sara, also known as Tadie, has a lifelong love of sailing, her own boat and she is very independent and thoughtful.  Only now, she is returning to the world after so much loss in such a short period of time and wishing she had a partner, maybe a child, and growing a bigger extended family.  She is confident and likes herself, and she is doing a lot of evaluating how her life turned out and why she is not feeling so attractive.

Will and his seven year old daughter Jilly are living on their sailboat and traveling the oceans after the death of their wife and mother, who was killed by a drunk driver.  Now the engine has been malfunctioning, they must change plans, and find a port in which they can get repairs made.  Will is doing work for an Engineering firm in Atlanta and Beaufort, North Carolina is as far as the cruiser will take them without a good fix.

The story has all the great problems to solve and twists which make for a new experience.  BECALMED is written by someone who knows sailing, boats, tourists and Southern traditions.  The writing is almost elegantly sporting and her antagonistic character is certainly right on the mark of so many possessive southern men as the ones I encountered during my 3 years venture to that stunningly beautiful state.  As I said earlier in this review, I was transported and was away from the snowy cold.  I have certainly met a number of thirty five year old women who are hearing their biological clocks after their efforts on wonderful careers that filled their desires to be in the world.   I think many are very happy with their choices and the things that they have accomplished; how wonderful to have a best friend and a developed extended family.  For some women, the urges for a special someone are stronger; maybe just the parenting urges.  The story has a realism which has been wrapped in the flowing of the Southern culture, and yet includes the contemporary dilemmas of a modern young woman.  BECALMED is just a lovely read.

Normandie Fisher has at least 8 writing awards listed on the cover of the book, and the book is well-written.

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Normandie Fisher’s Amazon page  (only 99 cents for Valentine’s Day – free if you have Prime and a Kindle)

tlc logoThis lovely read was sent to me for review by TCL Online Book Tours, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and it is signed by the author.  It was a good read for the beach or a snowy day – BECALMED

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12 Responses to “BECALMED: Romance Fiction ~Normandie Fischer”

  1. Normandie Says:

    What a lovely and thoughtful review, Patricia. Thank you so much! I linked to your post on Facebook and suggested folk click through you to buy the book if they haven’t already. Beans in your bucket? Sounds like fun.

    Normandie recently posted..Contrasts: In Search of HappinessMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you so much for coming by and your lovely comment. Many of my readers tell me by email how much it means to them that the author connects with my review.

    Yep a few beans in the bucket. Since my computer crashed this weekend, I am wishing it was a ton of beans! Many of my readers will not purchase anything on the internet – we truly do just makes beans on our reviews – particularly since newspapers have stopped paying for reviews.

    I just love to read and I had a personal like for this book as I have a daughter who is an engineer and just started dating at age 34…She too had many dreams – mostly about animating educational software, Now she spends most of her days teaching other faculty at her university how to use software and fix their computers – rather boring for her creative mind and art. Made this mum feel hopeful about a full life for each of her chicks!

    Normandie Reply:

    I think sometimes waiting for love delivers a much richer experience, one less prone to hormonal drives because we’ve matured enough to know what we want and to recognize the value of things other than the external. So, there’s much hope for your creative daughter!

    Normandie recently posted..Contrasts: In Search of HappinessMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I too think this is true and it works in job hunting also – that mature viewpoint is fairly amazing

    Thank you so much for coming by an commenting, it means a great deal to my readers – they are quite impressed. 4 emails yesterday from older friends who will not comment here but are all lined up to purchase your book at the local bookstore and are so excited that the author is commenting on this post :)
    Patricia recently posted..BECALMED: Romance Fiction ~Normandie FischerMy Profile

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia – It’s always fun to receive a notice that you’ve posted a review because I thoroughly enjoy the word pictures you paint. A spinster at 35, put a smile on my face. The promise of being transported me into the world of Southern charm made me add it to my must-read list.

    Patricia Reply:

    It was just the perfect read for last weekends storm and power outage. Very nice writing.

    You are so very kind about my reviews and I am so blessed that you comment and Tweet and share….I have quite a large group of readers but very few comments as you can see. Since those comments, tweets, and social media shares increase traffic to my blog – I keep hoping some others will catch on.

    Having a daughter who is just 35, I was amazed to discover that so many consider that the beginning of spinsterhood! This is the second book this month with that expectation expressed. I think it has to do with the biological clock issues, because after 38 the risks factors are so dramatically increased.

    Normandie Reply:

    Patricia, in case you or your readers are wondering, here’s one more tidbit about the story. When I first wrote Becalmed, Tadie was 39. A critique partner suggested I lower her age to make her more appealing and give her more options. It’s a good thing I did, as she shows up in my next Beaufort book a few years older and coping with new issues. (I’m finalizing this one for submission now.)

    If you recall from the book’s dedication, the what-if for the story came from my auntie, who died a virgin at age 90. I’m a child of the 60s, which means I barely remember that state of innocence. When I began writing this, I had no idea what would happen to Tadie. Would she choose to remain single? After all, she had a successful life, friends, things she enjoyed doing. She’d dated. But she’d never said yes to sex. I wanted to understand why.
    Was she a spinster because of where she lived or who she was, or did she choose singleness? Would she continue to choose it?

    Why did Tadie originally start to feel as if she might want more in life? I think a lot of things came into play, with the intrusion of an old beau as an inciting incident. You touched on other issues–loss of family, loneliness, curiosity, and then that cute little girl, Jilly, made her arms feel empty. She began to long for what seemed to be passing her by. Questions. So much fun to answer through story.
    Normandie recently posted..Contrasts: In Search of HappinessMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I am looking forward to reading the next part of Tadie’s story.
    I think folks like to read stories about their age group and how others handle a situation or problem-solve.

    I am always working on getting my niece, a new lawyer, to read fiction so she can understand more about how people behave and feel – it is very difficult to meet so many individuals within a life time, but the author of a good book can certainly open up more possibilities and round out a perspective.
    Patricia recently posted..THE SENSE OF AN ENDING: A Novel ~Julian BarnesMy Profile

  3. Normandie Fischer, author of Sailing Out of Darkness and Becalmed, on tour January/February 2014 | TLC Book Tours Says:

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  4. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    I love it when a book can transport me to a very familiar time and place in my life and bring back such wonderful memories.

    Thanks for being on the tour. I’m featuring your review on TLC’s Facebook page today.

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    It was a great read for a snowy weekend and the book was interesting
    Thank you for sharing the book with me
    Patricia recently posted..THE SENSE OF AN ENDING: A Novel ~Julian BarnesMy Profile

  5. patricia Says:


    This book now has a very beautiful book trailer

    here’s the link