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THE BEAUTIFUL HEIST (Agency of Burglary and Theft) ~by Kim Foster

A BEAUTIFUL HEIST begins on a multimillion dollar yacht in the middle of a glamorous party, with the stealth moves of one beautiful young woman to find the safe and retrieve a one of a kind gemstone necklace.  Nothing is left to chance although there are some close and exciting moments; she succeeds in out maneuvering and swimming away; saving her favorite stilettoes and keeping her gown dry.

Cat Montgomery has found her greatest talent, she is a jewel thief for the AB&T Agency and right now she is living in Seattle, Washington mastering her craft hoping to move into International opportunities.  Cat is called upon by a different “family” to steal back their heirloom treasure, a Faberge’ ornament; moonlighting is not something she likes to do, but she is in quite a financial predicament so takes on this challenge.

Cat has had some strange experiences along her way including dating an FBI agent and attempting to keep their lives lined up and in separate categories.  She is always running out of money and needs to keep the tools of her trade up to date, new and in fine working order; designer dresses and name brand fancy shoes are mandatory.  The good news, is that the AB&T agency has labs, trainings, cover ups teachers and W-2 forms all to keep her skills enhanced and up to the moment.

A BEAUTIFUL HEIST has so many fun moments, delightful retreats of high style, smartness, twists & turns, and unexpected humor to keep one turning the pages and reading forward.  Cat always did her research, studied all the angles and her opponent’s weaknesses; jealousy and getting her nails done took her off on tangents that were so typical of young women these days.   Don’t worry good old Mom just might have what you need in her purse for the perfect rescue of the situation!

Foster has Cat on a mission which also compliments her talents and keeps her in pursuit of finding relief and understanding of her painful experience.  There is some depth which is explored at a jet propelled speed.  I started reading this book before my morning walk to avoid a downpour and just read it straight through until the wee hours of the morning.  THE BEAUTIFUL HEIST (AGENCY OF BURGLARY AND THEFT) is a very fun read – a great escape.

I received a Kindle copy of this book from the author and TLC online book tours.  Thank you it was a fun read.    The author is giving away an e-reader copy of her book for a great comment.  Let me know if you have an e-reader in your comment.  Thank you.


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11 Responses to “THE BEAUTIFUL HEIST (Agency of Burglary and Theft) ~by Kim Foster”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    “…fun moments, delightful retreats of high style, smartness, twists & turns, and unexpected humor to keep one turning the pages and reading forward.”

    A list of delightful ingredients to insure a wonderful read! Thank you as always for sharing great books with us.

    Patricia Reply:

    A very fun read indeed.

    I am just sorry my youngest daughter does not have an e-reader. She would adore this and find the humor terrific.

  2. Talon Says:

    You’re filling up my bookshelves, Patricia. Well, that’s not completely true – they’re already overflowing! :)

    Patricia Reply:

    Yep lots of good summer reading here…. The beach read list is winding down and I have a couple of books arriving for August and then my first tour book for October is on the schedule…I wonder what that are looking at for the holiday/winter season?

    I am not getting many psyche, sociology, economics, or political books right now – I think people are needing fictional escape as reality is a bit much.

    I have read 72 books in 2013 so far, but 22 I did not review as they were just not even a 3 on a scale of 5….I just want to do the books I like – :)

  3. Kim Foster Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Your review of my book made my day–thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I just sent the manuscript of book two to my editor…and when I say “just”, I mean yesterday :) so Cat will be having many more adventures…

    patricia Reply:

    Kim Foster,
    It was such a bright and fun read, I was sure that we would be seeing more of Cat in the future. Thank you for dropping by and I am so happy you liked what I had to say.

    I do not review books I do not like – I know how much effort goes in and I don’t want my few words to not be encouraging.

    I like these smart woman – provoke the system books and her Mother, well she is a woman after my own heart.

    Love the Seattle references too.
    Folks are not letting me know about e-readers for the giveaway – This is the first e-reader giveaway book I have had in 5 years.

  4. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    This sound like quite an adventure of a read – I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Thank for being on the tour. I’m featuring your review on TLC’s Facebook page today.

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for the shout out. It is so fun just to read a fun read. The author says she has Cat’s next adventure to the publisher.

    My youngest daughter even posted this to her facebook timeline because she thought her friends would love to read it
    Patricia recently posted..THE FAULT IN OUR STARS: A Novel ~John GreenMy Profile

  5. Sam Juliano Says:

    Sounds like a sure-fire page-turner Patricia! I will investigate further. of the books you have been covering as of late this is one of the “lighter” recommendations in that it’s pure entertainment. Nice too that you got the kindle from the author!

    Patricia Reply:

    It was just what I needed and I am thrilled to hear that the next adventure is headed to the publisher.

    I have some blank spots on my schedule so I am going to read a few from my own bookshelf before the Fall Pre-holiday books start flowing in the door.

    I purchased my own KINDLE, but more of the books I am reading for publishers right now are coming either on KINDLE or as PDF proof copies. The current book does not even have page numbers and it is just continuous on the Kindle…I have gotten used to reading these books, but I am sure happy that the public gets a easier copy to read :)
    Patricia recently posted..THE FAULT IN OUR STARS: A Novel ~John GreenMy Profile

  6. – kim foster Says:

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