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Televenge ~Pamela King Cable

Televenge  is a jammed, packed novel that is very hard to put down.  It is a book full of all the things you think might be going on in the huge Evangelical Prosperity Churches and then some.  Pamela Cable repeats that the book is fiction in various places and yet she writes about what she knows and her 17 years of being a support ministry wife.

We have several of these huge mega churches in our community and they truly do attempt to control the community and their member’s lives and activities.  I do not think that our local brands have been involved with murder, but I do know several people whose lives have been ruined by their attacks and pressures.   We have had several sexual scandals over the years which have been very well publicized.

I liked how Cable talked about the secrecy issues in the book and how fear is driven home repeatedly to make the points sticky and bound.   The arranged marriages and young marriages that are encouraged  that do not allow for full growth potential of the individuals and sponsor dependency always with the expectation that if they just keep mortgaging their house and attending church they will be rich also.

This book is set in North Carolina, and I recognize many of the places mentioned and about the huge Crusade organizations in the south.    I know about the old family traditions and strong holds; especially how life is running by the rules and one does not even think to question.  The author makes a huge distinction between Evangelical churches and Pentecostal Holiness churches and in my work as a social worker in that region I would not make a huge difference between those brands, rather I would say it all depends on the motivations of the leadership and the power brokers.  Even the small storefront churches filled with “joy” were still based on a great deal of control and fear; I found some of the mainstream churches to be extremely conservative and controlling of people’s lives also.   I believe the greatest difference I found was that some of the folks were getting “high” on religion and some were addicted to fear.

There is a whole lot of Bible quoting going on!   It is truly an art form in  this novel.  Some of the quotes and quips gave me a deep, refreshing belly laugh.  Televenge contains it all.

Everyone I think would find something to take away from this read – even as a work of fiction.  I was wondering why folks who believe this extremely conservative programming would think it important to elect these members to public office, unless they wanted even more power and control.  Televenge made me wonder why two such fundamentalist, Biblically rooted folks are the head of the science committee in Congress; they apparently want to remove science from the community and government.   We have all witnessed how devastating a person who believes in the Rapture can be to a country when they are in the highest office of all.

I think there are lots of folks who do not even think about these churches – ministries and how they might be affecting individual lives and futures.   It is definitely a suspense thriller and a good read.

Oh yes!  It still has a lot of southern charm and almost too much romance novel for my tastes, but I know lots of people who love this sort of juicy read, a peek into other’s lives, and power brokerage.

I am sure you know someone who likes to bury themselves into a good revealing read on a cold winter’s night and I assure you Televenge will not disappoint.

Do you like books that really dish?  Do you like a good romance novel with southern charm?  How about suspense, murder mysteries and brainwashing?   What is your favorite book in this genre?

tlclogoThank you to TLC books for sharing a copy of this enjoyable read with me.

If you purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s from this site I will receive a few beans in my bucket.  Thank you.  Donations welcome also.

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14 Responses to “Televenge ~Pamela King Cable”

  1. Pamela King Cable Says:

    Thank you, Patricia, for your tremendous insight and honest review. Televenge was a labor of love, and I am hoping that it not only pierce the heart of many readers, but becomes a favorite. Thanks again for the review! I’m grateful. God bless!

    patricia Reply:

    Pamela King Cable,
    It was a great read and I can just visualize several of my book group buddies inhaling this novel.
    Good job on writing and thank you for the publishers share…I hope it is a best seller.

    Thank you for sharing your writing skill and story telling abilities with the rest of us – it is a vibrant read.

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    tweet, Tweet, TWEETING this post :)

  3. Patricia Says:

    Thank you Laurie for the tweet. My software is not working correctly. Will be off the road shortly and will try again thank you

  4. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    You always find such unusual books. This one sounds intriguing for sure, though this is not my genre of choice. The last fiction I read was Edgar Sawtell – probably eight years ago? Now that I’m done with school, I hope to read more but I’ve been so busy writing myself that one wonders when all this reading time will present itself! :)

    Pamela King Cable Reply:

    Suzen, I do hope you get some time to read Televenge, and if you do, I would love to know your thoughts. Have a great holiday!

    All the best!

    patricia Reply:

    I know you have been very busy reading, studying and writing about nutrition, health and politics of food scheldule – every once and awhile a good juicy read is healthy too – and this book will not disappoint.

    Now that there are 4 creationists and religious extremists on the Congressional science committee you might just really need exposure to their techniques and practices ????

    I loved this book being next to LUNCH WITH BUDDHA my next review…and wait until you see one of the next reviews coming up….a walk through religious tell alls ….with a sweet treat of Spiritual peacefulness in the center!

  5. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    This sounds like a fascinating read! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it for the tour.

    patricia Reply:

    Heather J,
    I just love to find your comments on one of my reviews – thank you to TLC books for sharing the books with me. It was a good read and something I would not have picked for myself.

    Here’s a toast to a good read !

    Pamela King Cable Reply:

    A toast to you both!

    Patricia, once again I’m so glad you read Televenge! And Heather J, Enjoy!

  6. Sam Juliano Says:

    Ah, Patricia, books about “brainwashing” are indeed worthy of a sub-genre today, and you make a telling point about the zeitgeist connected with this kind of manipulation. The book here does sound fascinating, and with all your personal embellishments you have made it even more so. You surprise me with some of these community revelations, but in hindsight I shouldn’t really be. Terrific essay here!

    patricia Reply:

    This book was very revealing and stimulating story telling. Yes, I do think brainwashing and manipulation are significant parts of the American story right now.

    I spent several years living near the Billy Graham Compound in North Carolina and all I can say about them, is that the people involved with that organization were so involved with rules and control, I never met a one I would want to spend any time with and generally would say they did not make the world a better place to be.

    Thank you for your kind words about my writing and review. They are greatly appreciated.

  7. Drennan Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I appreciate your honest review here, and I am particularly struck by the way you are able to speak to your own experiences and observations. I really enjoy being part of a blog tour, because I find it so interesting to read what other reviewers have to say, to see the different approaches taken, even when we are reviewing the same book!

    Happy Reading,

    Drennan recently posted..Exciting Thanksgiving Giveaway–The Book of PaulMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I try to read all the reviews on each book tour, and I find them so interesting and fun. I have a prejudice in that I do not like to read reviews that tell too much, or movie trailers that reveal too much of the story….so I give enough plot to stir interest but not enough to ruin the read.

    I also read a number of books that I do not review and I do not put up book reviews of books that I do not like at all. I do like the tours because I explore many books that I would not read otherwise.

    Thank you for coming by and sharing your words…welcome, welcome…Will come on over and check out your review too