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The Smartest Woman I Know ~Ilene Beckerman


This is a wisdom story about love and living your best life by trusting what you get.

It is a short read and it made me laugh and cry.  The illustrations match the words and also make you laugh until you cry.  I have read this book 4 times it is so delightful.  The best time was when I made myself a cup a tea and sat by the fire.

A 76 year old grandmother writes about the woman, her Grandmother, who took her into her home at age 12 when she became an orphan.  Took care of her older sister also and guided these two young women in the ways of the world with a spoonful of wisdom served up at the Stationary Store in Madison Ave. New York City.

Need to diet, you will find the answer here.   Work 7 days a week and still need to put supper on the table for everyone; always take a cab?  Your own bathroom is best.

Now add an Eastside accent and Jewish to the picture and you know you are going to want to give this book to every smart woman you know this holiday season.   It is the pearls.

Ilene Beckerman also wrote Love, Loss, and What I Wore, which Nora and Delia Ephron developed into a successful Off- Broadway play.  The New York Times said, “Illuminates the experience of an entire generation of women…This small gem of a book is worthy of a Tiffany box.”

I am sure you know someone who would love to receive a copy of this delight.  The TLC online book tours know it too…so they have arranged with the author and Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill to give away three copies for each review….Yep 3.
What you need to do to get a free copy is to tell me a short story about the smartest woman you know – or your grandmother – in the comments section below.  I am asking the Grandmother’s who live on either side of my house to pick the winners – one owned a bookstore and the other taught piano students for 50 years.   Hard core readers they are!

We make our selection for Halloween 2011.    You can do it!  Link this review up and tweet and Facebook and Stumbleupon….LinkedIn….I promise you will not be disappointed.

The Smartest Woman I Know

Love, Loss, and What I Wore

If you purchase anything from Amazon I will receive a few beans in my bucket.

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9 Responses to “The Smartest Woman I Know ~Ilene Beckerman”

  1. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! This one sounds too good to pass up – especially if you’ve read it so many times! To me, that’s an indication of a really great read. Sending you beans!

    patricia Reply:

    I think you will really enjoy this book and her illustrations What a fun and delightful tribute to her Grandmother
    Oh beans are so good for us!

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:


    The smartest woman I know was my mother. Growing up money was tight so mom always shopped with coupons. The amount of money that she saved on the total purchase was the over-amount that she wrote the check for. In conjunction with that, she kept a large Mason jar by the front door. Any time we entered the door we had to put all of our change in that jar. Between the two practices—coupons and change—we always had enough money for a modest, family-of-four vacation at the end of each year! I’ve adopted the same practices and so has my sister.
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..The Cycle of LifeMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for sharing your story – it now goes into the pot for selection of a free copy of this delightful book

    Your mum does sound very smart and that the lessons continued on – good for her.

    I have a red pig on my desk and all my change goes into it too – I use it to celebrate my birthday – this year it went towards some new underwear! and I think I have enough left over for some new walking shoes – almost enough :)

    Your leaf post is just a perfect read for today – a nice study of detachment

  3. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Sounds like this is a little book that packs a big (good!) emotional punch! Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for being on the tour.

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for checking in – I so loved reading this book and I hope, hope we will get some more stories for the giveaway…

  4. Jannie Funster Says:

    The smartest woman I know is not even quite a woman yet — but almost — my daughter who is 10. She teaches me to be patient and kind. With her sweetness and hopeful attitude, teaches me that love is still the best thing around and always will be. She is smart because she picked me and her dad for her parents!! We needed a little teacher.

    Oh, and how fun to pick your two dear neighbors as judges. YOU are smart!!

    Jannie Funster recently posted..To Dad On His 75th Birthday — in 55 words, or so….My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Great story about your kiddo and her teacher skills…
    You are entered to win a book…and my two neighbors are very fun….
    Our household missed our youngest because our family truly needs an active sense of humor!

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