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An Apple of Appreciation for the Teacher


Part of the anticipation of the arrival of autumn is the connections to teachers and the promises of what the new school year will bring.  I think all of us can remember the excitement and/or the dread that certain teachers conjured up in our minds as the seasons changed.

Now days I do not spend so much time in the hallowed halls of educational institutions, and yet I am still looking for teachers, coaches and trainers to develop my thinking and keep me growing wiser.

“When the student is ready the teacher will come.”

As I started my blog, I had no idea how much I would need a teacher or how much I would need to learn.   I begged my college friends, exercise crew, and children to write on my blog and make comments.   Please!  Please!  Pretty Please……and then the teacher came:

“In a world so filled with depression, frustration, aimlessness, and inability to reach beyond… it is more than just refreshing to find a place on the web of beauty, hope and love. It is NECESSARY FOR LIFE. Inspiration is not luxury; it is a source of being truly alive and able to generate life in others. Thanks Patricia!”

I did not know about comment luv and had to race around and find this mystery Barbara….it was not my sister-in-law, nor my prayer partner, or one of several poets in my circle of friends.  IT Girl had to sort out where this Barbara arrived from.

WOW here was the Mother Lode of information:  Blogging Without a Blog.   All the lessons neat, concise and very easy to follow; I knew I had found a connection and a teacher.   I was wading through PROBLOGGERs book and Zen Habits at the time and I began noticing this Barbara commenting on several blogs I was frequenting.

Barbara Swafford was like a beam of attention focused on what I was doing.  Her replies to comments were always affirming and focused on each individual.  Over the past several years, I have boldly asked for specific lessons on subjects that I just did not understand and the lessons arrived with new variations and ideas expressed – clearly.

I have wandered through Blogging Without A Blog archives almost weekly.

Then one day, Patricia’s Wisdom was highlighted by Barbara at Blogging Without a Blog – Over 500 visitors dropped by to check out my blog in one morning – I was blessed as were the New Blog of the Week recipients who became the BLOG REGISTRY.

Then came the Blog Boutique and Barbara’s lovely designs,   Observation Mountain and she assisted in the development of my Harvest Potluck ebook, and her blog about recycling gave me a referral point to direct others.

Barbara loves blogging as evidenced on her summer posts about building a computer desk for her treadmill and keeping fit.  A new blog idea is forming in her mind……..

This is my NOTE of appreciation for a wonderful teacher:  Barbara Swafford.   Thank you for all you do, even for the reminder emails behind the scenes!    This blogging community – class certainly owes you a great deal for your knowledge, energy, ideas, and support.  I thank you and hope that blogging remains something that you love to do for a long time to come.

Thank you Barbara!

Happy First Day of Autumn!

Let’s talk about Barbara in the comments section! A good story to tell?  A lesson learned?  An example of her teacher spirit?

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38 Responses to “An Apple of Appreciation for the Teacher”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia – I’m first .. excellent .. but the star goes to you my friend for being the instigator of today .. it will be so interesting to see the chain of reaction.

    Barbara .. well there .. I just know that when I need some help Barbara is there – and will be .. and her archives are full of interesting information – so I go there and look.

    I love her commenters and followers – as we gain so much extra information that’s imparted ..

    Like you – I visited once and that was it .. I had to remember to go across .. as I had no idea about “Reader” yet .. or bookmarking – still don’t understand that!?!? .. but I was hooked on this maid from Bend.

    Great post and the Harvest ebook .. was a wonderful celebration last year .. raising charitable funds (which I believe is still happening – you mentioned somewhere!).

    Great shout out .. wonderful to read in your inimitable style – loved it – but more importantly the generosity of the thought .. for Barbara ..

    Thanks – Patricia .. you’ve been a real star here .. enjoy the day .. big hugs … Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..B is for Barbara- A is for Apple- B is for Blogging without a Blog =-.

  2. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Patricia – Thanks go to you for organizing this tribute to our dear friend and mentor! Awesome! Proud to be part of it.

  3. Lori Hoeck Says:

    As Betsy says, our thanks to you for spearheading this fun tribute to one who deserves it so much.

    Barbara models what I love about blogging so well and she gives so much. I often think of her as The Great Encourager. What a blessing to have such a blogger show us our own potential!
    .-= Lori Hoeck´s last blog ..Time to stop and give honor where honor is due =-.

  4. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Thank you for organizing this!

  5. Talon Says:

    Patricia, it’s so fun reading everyone’s tributes! Thank you so much for organizing a beautiful tribute to a beautiful blogger!
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..On this first day =-.

  6. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I love the way our blogging community supports each other. Now I’m going to add my link and ditty because I forgot!

  7. Linda Says:

    It is wonderful to see so many tributes going up today. Barbara’s blog has meant so much to so many, including me. I tipped my hat to her earlier this week, as I celebrated my first year in the blogging world. I have learned so much from her that helped make the last six months so much more meaningful than the first. I found Barbara by accident, but it was the best kind of accident. Through her I’ve become a more informed blogger, and made many new friends. Thanks for all you do Barbara, and thanks to you, Patricia, for putting together this great post.

  8. Davina Haisell Says:


    Thank you for organizing this. It was a wonderful idea! It’s great fun reading what everyone else has said. I’m imagining everyone racing from each other’s post like a game of tag or a rely race or something :-) This wouldn’t have happened without you.

    I love how you’ve tied this in with Autumn and teachers.

    When I was little I was so shy I used to dread September and having to leave the “safety” of the farm and head back out into the world. But, I wasn’t afraid of the teachers… most of them, lol. I respected them as I do Barbara. She has a way of teaching without talking over a person’s head; she puts you on the same level.
    .-= Davina Haisell´s last blog ..A Toast to Barbara Swafford =-.

  9. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work Says:

    Barbara’s blog is indeed a Mother Lode of blogging wisdom. I tell new bloggers to go there first and study at the feet of the master of community building. Then after they learn all that they may not need to buy and blogging info product. Thanks for putting this together is was fun to play with you all.

  10. Lisa@Practically Intuitive Says:

    Blogging Without A Blog is one of my favorite stops online and I’m totally with you on all the good things you say about it. A very nice, diverse group of commenters as well as a very attentive (and loving) host – she really models for us newbies how to create and nurture a thriving blog.

    :) Well done, Barbara! (and Patricia!)

  11. patricia Says:

    I am just back from reading everyone’s posts and you did quite an outstanding job…Thank you for sharing such good insights and tributes…Yep we got our apples for tributes from the Brits!

    Thank you for participating.

  12. patricia Says:

    A shining example of your creativity my dear….I sang your tribute out loudly and have returned a couple of more times…What fun this is Thank YOU

  13. patricia Says:

    I love your line about the Great Encourager….and what a teacher…I thought this was just about the best way I could possible think of to honor the first day of Autumn and a great community teacher
    Thank you for your lovely post…WOW

  14. patricia Says:

    You are welcome and I still need to get over to Facebook…

    I need Barbara’s archives too – my comment luv is not working today and I am not getting any pingbacks???? hard to keep on track….off to school

  15. patricia Says:

    This is way fun and gratitude for Autumn and Barbara what a delightful combination

    Your pictures and moon walk are stunning Thank YOU

  16. patricia Says:

    I think you were just saving the best for last? This is such a great community and gratitude is just pouring out all over

  17. patricia Says:

    Thank you for dropping by and for you lovely Barbara tribute on Monday…

    I could not leave a comment on you blog…my Comment Luv is not working, but it looked like a different error message?

    I guess we are both off to BWOB to figure out how to fit it!!!

  18. patricia Says:

    I know what you mean about going back to school – I always wondered how long until the teacher got frustrated with me and of course all that school time interfered with my reading!

    Rainy start to Autumn…but a lovely expanding the shine tribute to Barbara and all her efforts…

    This is so fun – indeed

    Your writing is elegant and cozy…Thank you

  19. patricia Says:

    You are welcome Tom and thank you for writing such an inspiring tribute to your readers and to Barbara…it is inspiring for everyone and a great celebration of a new season

    Thank you so much

  20. Lance Says:

    Wonderful!! As is our amazing friend Barbara!!! So awesome of you to organize this!

    And knowing Barbara has been a complete gift – what an caring and giving friend she is!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Apples And Pies And Barbara Oh My! =-.

  21. patricia Says:

    A complete gift what a wonderful way to express it..THank you

  22. Sara Says:


    Okay…this one made me cry and I’m not even Barbara. I know the feeling about how Barbara touches so many lives and how she’s made us better bloggers without ever cracking a whip. Nope, she always does it with kindness.

    Most of us thank her in her comment box, but you did so much more today….you put our appreciation out there in the blogosphere where it will always be available for someone to read…and then go visit Barbara:~)

    Thanks for including me and giving me a chance to say thank you to Barbara.

  23. Tony Single Says:

    Barbara rocks. There’s no other way to put it! I love visiting her site because she sets out all her information in layman’s terms, and it’s never dry or confusing or stuffy. And there’s heaps of fun and enlightenment to be found in the comments section too. It’s the blog that keeps on giving!

    Barbara, I salute you! 😀

  24. patricia Says:

    Oh Sara,
    Refreshing tears of joy! I wish this would go viral…maybe but I will need to understand viral before I truly wish this so off to Barbara’s archives.

    Thank you for the official apple idea – fabulous visual person that you are…
    So many folks are supporting me as I heal this year – holding me up, I thought I would start with the foundation in Thanksgiving.

    And thank you for YY – it makes a difference to me

    hugs to you

  25. patricia Says:

    I loved your post…and sharing about Barbara today too…and your great apple board drawing…

    Here I am sending you a West Virginia KISS did you get it? How about a bear hug…Thank you for the return…

    (I live miles away from West Virginia too, but by saying that we know a kiss can cover the miles!)

    I can not seem to stay on Facebook – keeps error messaging me…I will try and get over there again…I know several folks are there

  26. Kelly@SHE-POWER Says:

    Three cheers for Barbara, the patron saint of blogging. And cheers to you too Patricia for highlighting the positive effect a fellow blogger and online friend has had on your life. Barbara is an unbelievably generous human being. I feel honoured to know her in my cyber world and appreciated the link love and support she has given http://she-power.com over the years. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to show our gratitude.

    Kelly x
    .-= Kelly@SHE-POWER´s last blog ..I’ve Been Published in a Book! =-.

  27. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. you’re the star turn here .. you thought up the wonderful idea .. and did the leg work, with a little help from Davina, .. and now you live on the same river as Barbara – Deschuttes .. I shall never forget!! I’d often wondered ‘what’ your river was!

    So the credit is definitely due to you .. the wave of enthusiasm certainly shows – & a few of my commenters have been across to see Barbara in action & thoroughly approved – Joanne gave E for Excellence .. and T for thanks for sharing!!

    So big glass to you … enjoy the weekend .. love Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..B is for Barbara- A is for Apple- B is for Blogging without a Blog =-.

  28. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia!
    Great great choice of a devoted teacher and major league encourager in the blogosphere! she is beyond doubt a wonderful teacher! I have been so busy with school that I have sorely neglected trying to learn more about blogging from her – thank God for the archives is all I can say! I know if anyone can teach this old dog a few new tricks, it’d be her!

    Lovely tribute by a truly lovely person!
    hugs to you both!

  29. patricia Says:

    Now I need to jump over and see about you being published in a book…WOW…I
    I just thought the world was bursting forth with thanks for Barbara and I gave us an opportunity to celebrate the first day of Autumn or Spring depending on hemispheres…we got to share some gratitude – how lucky are we.

    This nice celebration will be there for Barbara to enjoy when she gets back to the internet next week…. She posted a homework assignment for all of us – that is super fun…

    What an exceptional experience and what a fun way to pay tribute and celebrate a new season. It gave me so much joy and it looks like a number of others had a great day too…how to have a party on the internet!
    Glad you buddies discovered Barbara too!

    I second your praise for Barbara’s archives…I would not be blogging with out them…
    And we are so glad you are in school and sharing you new wisdoms with us…that stimulates our learning too…. We will all get to the end of the road and how lucky we are that we have such a diversity of pathways to travel on…

    hugs to you too

  30. Arts web show Says:

    Such a wonderfully put together post.
    Amazing tribute

  31. Chris Edgar Says:

    Why does everyone who’s writing about Barbara have to tempt me with pictures of such delectable morsels? But seriously, I’m glad to hear you found so much inspiration and wisdom from someone you met online — I know I’ve found many such people in the years (!) I’ve now spent blogging.

  32. Karl Staib - Superpower Coach Says:

    Patricia, thank you for setting this up. Barbara helped introduce me to a lot of people. She is an amazing person as well as an amazing blogger.

    Barbara makes the blogging world so much friendlier and enjoyable. Without her out there I don’t think my blog would be as strong as it is today.

    Thanks Barbara for everything you do.

  33. Robin Easton Says:

    Dear Patricia, what a beautiful tribute to Barbara. I can relate to your story in that I too have met so many wonderful, helpful, caring, loving souls. People whom I’ve now talked with on the phone and on Skype and they are even more lovely up close. I have been so blessed blogging and meeting people who are just precious and GOOD!! Blogging has made me realize that contrary to what the media might want us to believe (and I don’t own a TV by choice), the world is FULL of caring, kind, supportive, “wanting- to-help” people.

    I know many of the people here and have even talked with some and others I’ve shared extensive emails with, or they have helped me, guided me, made me laugh, or cry beautiful tears. They are ALL good good people. That is EXACTLY what I’ve felt in you.

    AND that is WHY you drew Barbara to you. She is part of the goodness of YOU. You drew to yourself, MORE of yourself. And who you are is beautiful. This whole post inspired me and I am grateful you shared it. Huge hugs to you, Robin :)

  34. patricia Says:

    Thank you – trying to work on what I learn from your inspiring posts.

    It is Sara’s fault she added the apple for the teacher idea and it was fall and season…we just went with the flow! Barbara is off the internet for most of this week – she left an assignment on her site! And it takes one to know one – you are one of the most inspiring teachers on line.

    You wrote a great thanks to Barbara…I will second the amazing blogger part and repeat what I said to Chris – you are an amazing blogger…

    You words are lovely and kind…and I just second your beautiful words to building such a fine community on line….I too do not have TV – though I love the internet…..I have only had a few phone conversations with other bloggers – lots of emails…there are so many good people…Yes…and I am working on your book for my next review and you are a kind and good person with quite an adventure to share…Thank YOU

  35. Jannie Funster Says:

    A Barbara story? Just that she is giving and great.

    Like YOU!!!

    I had fun guest posting over at hers in a rap one time. She is state-of-the-art on blogging stuff, I learn so much over at her place.


  36. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Dear Patricia,

    I am speechless. To come back to blogosphere after taking a week off and finding kind and loving words on your blog plus the blogs of others fills my eyes with tears of joy and my heart bursting with a sense of being loved.

    I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear how what I do has helped you and others so much as that has always been my desire.

    There’s so much more I could say Patricia, but I’ll close by saying you are truly a beautiful soul and I feel honored to be your friend.

    Much love and ((hugs)) to you always.

    Again, thank you.

    To those to commented,

    Thank you so much for your love, support and kind words. I am truly appreciative and grateful.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Writers’ Blogk Bios =-.

  37. patricia Says:

    Yep Barbara is just GREAT….and your post was a fine tribute too…so full of fun and joy…
    Funsterment and then camping…now who could top that?

  38. patricia Says:

    Because you are you – this is a bundle of love that just shines forth.

    You have created a wonder full and creative blogging community and we just need to shout out our gratitude and thanksgiving with a big voice.

    How are the apples?

    hugs to you dear teacher, hugs to you…