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Oh for the Beauty of the Earth – Earth Day 2010

crabapple tree 04.20.2010

crabapple tree 04.20.2010

I just want to celebrate and savor this day.

Because this year Spring has been a bit of sunshine, bloom, windstorm and rain – blooms into mush on the ground.  I just wanted to enjoy the crabapple tree for a bit longer – “take a picture it lasts longer.”

I brought a lilac bloom in to make the office smell lovely too.

In between visits to Procession of the Species and Arts Walk, I am going to come back and enjoy this little tree and its gift of pink on grey sky.

How about you?  What are your plans for Earth Day?  Do you plant a tree?  Dig in the garden? Does it bring you joy?

crabapple tree 2

crabapple tree 2

Looking forward to your comments:

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17 Responses to “Oh for the Beauty of the Earth – Earth Day 2010”

  1. Talon Says:

    The smell of lilac always embodies Spring to me. We’re still getting really chilly nights here – down to 32 last night. But those cold nights are followed by crystal clear days which is a bonus. Not as many April showers as usual for us this year.

    I celebrate the earth every day. Nature sustains me and never fails to amaze me. The earth has been remarkably forgiving, I always think.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Hush… =-.

  2. Dot Says:

    Just trying to survive the massive pollen assault that resulted from our week of hot summer weather. Running from one doctor appointment to the next. Wish I had the energy to do something for Earth Day, other than my everyday stuff like recycling.

  3. J.D. Meier Says:

    I really like how the right scent can change the whole ambiance.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..The Elephant and the Rider =-.

  4. Patricia Says:

    I celebrate Earth Day everyday too…I just wanted to make this beauty last more than one day….and refresh my memory.

    Just acknowledging that it is Earth Day is a good way and my partner is truly suffering with the Evergreen Tree Pollen this year – with these random Summer days mixed in with Winter….Hope you feel better and better.

    I am working with some aroma therapy in my healing process – yes just the right scent can make a big change.

  5. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    I just read on Kim’s blog that she doesn’t like earth day celebrations.. that they are wasteful and produce trash. I haven’t thought about that! I do think they raise awareness though, which is a very good thing.
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..R.I.P Phoebe Prince, Or: Why Do People Bully? =-.

  6. Mark Says:

    Happy Earth day! Thanks for sharing your vibrant photos!
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Allowing Yourself to Be a Quitter =-.

  7. Patricia Says:

    I will need to head over to Kim’s and check out her post…Our community is radically different about earth day…the trash is used in the Species Costumes for the parade…and the beautiful art and music and poetry performed makes it truly an alternative inter-generational experience. It certainly teaches high awareness and educates…

    You are welcome, thank you for your kind words…the weather is so strange I did not want to miss this tree’s blooms…

  8. Davina Says:

    We’ve had a few windy days recently and there are blankets of cherry blossoms on the ground — it’s magical. I find when I’m out walking and I see something like that, my pace slows. I didn’t plan anything special for today, Patricia. I appreciate the Earth and the beauty of nature so much all the time, this day was no different. The sun shone and I made sure to squeeze an afternoon walk in though.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Are You With Relationship? =-.

  9. jannie Funster Says:

    I miss the lilacs. But our pottosporums (pittospori?) are out now and smelling very very heavenly.

    Sweet little crab apple. What a lift to see those blooms. Ss glad you shared them!

    I didn’t make any special plans for Earth Day, other than add a “karrit” on Blue Bunny’s photo in my header and on his Blogger profile. :)

    But Kelly’s school went on a trash-collecting hike, with their non-waste lunches, of course.

    .-= jannie Funster´s last blog ..____ will ____ you (a poem) =-.

  10. Tony Single Says:

    Me, I walked through our tiny little part of this wonderful world with my wife. The magpies were out, warbling their song and looking at us with a great deal of suspicion. The breeze was cool. The sky threatened to rain but didn’t as the trees tickled it with their leaves. It was great. :)
    .-= Tony Single´s last blog ..Trials and Shopulations =-.

  11. Chris Edgar Says:

    Hi Patricia — I’ve definitely been giving thanks for life recently, and how many gifts I’ve been given, and how much beauty I’m surrounded by. This hasn’t been specifically (or at least consciously) related to Earth Day, but I’m definitely joining you in celebration!

  12. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. the pictures are lovely and I love the description pink on grey sky .. crab apple flowers are superb, as is crab apple jam ..

    Had an extremely busy week with trials and tribulations .. I’ll catch up and do my bit for the earth and this wonderful planet of ours …

    Look after yourself and I’ll be in touch soon .. Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Pevensey Castle, Normans Bay, smuggling and family remembrances … Part 2 =-.

  13. Patricia Says:

    I am squeezing in those walks every chance I can get..That tree looks like a wet noodle today I am glad I took pictures

    I was too tired for the Procession of the Species Parade, but just love the community spirit for Arts Walk Earth Day is a really huge celebration here Today the tribes will celebrate with dragon boat exhibitions on the Lake and Sound. Trying to get the Salmon to return.

    Sounds fair heavenly! Thank you I heard the new leave tick in the wide on yesterday’s walk in the rain.

    I am a person who celebrates what has come my way everyday…I truly do not have a favorite season. But having lived here for so long I love how Earth Day is such a diverse celebration and brings so many folks out and about after winter’s storm….

    You look after yourself too….I am beginning to be concerned that you are doing too much? I have adrenal burn out from my experience which is also known as care giver syndrome…. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

  14. Evita Says:

    Hi Patricia

    And happy belated Earth Day!
    I love this holiday so much because it focuses on less, rather than more – at least for me. The way I celebrate Earth Day is actually to incorporate it into my life each day. Every action I take in my life, from what I eat, or what products I buy, I make with a consideration of the Earthly impacts of those actions, and always choose what is most beneficial with the Earth in mind.

    Beautiful photos and wishing you a great new week!

  15. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for coming on by and your comments….I try to celebrate each and every minute of everyday….saying that I must include I am not a perfectionist! It was a wonderful day and Procession of the Species parade was done with record numbers involved and watching in a huge downpour…We were all within it!

  16. Kay Lilland Says:

    Earth Day in Havasu:
    Some teachers planted trees. The library had a “make something out of trash” event.
    I had a Letter to Editor published.

    I miss the Procession of the Species.

  17. patricia Says:

    It was even more colorful with all the umbrellas as the first 30 minutes was a downpour extraordinary – we ended the night with a lovely sunset…and soggy shoes!

    I miss you too. My kids say our celebrations and lifestyle are what they miss the most about not living here any more….Earth Day is everything in just so many natural ways
    Thank you for your comments