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Book Review: EAT TO LIVE ~Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

I wanted to tell you about what I am eating as part of my healing process.

Here is a picture of the Salad I just enjoyed – right down to the last chew.

Eat to Live Salad

Eat to Live Salad

I was referred to this way of eating by JD Meier at Sources of Insight and Julie at Random Meanderings, because I was asking for help in healing my body and being at PEAK for my 60th birthday.  During the period of time 2007 to January 2010, I have read, studied and tried out just about 20 eating and weight loss programs.  I have shared my gained insights and knowledge here on Patricias Wisdom.

I purchased the  EAT TO LIVE book on my Kindle and began the program on August 24,2009.  Six weeks later, I had lost 26 pounds and have never felt better or more energized in my life.

I relaxed the program, because I was missing hot food  as the weather began to get colder and blustery.  I added split pea soup creamed with silken tofu and some organic/free range chicken to the program.

On November 19th 2009, I got on the train to go to San Francisco.  As I got off the train 20 hours later, a double cramp developed behind my right knee that was excruciatingly painful.  The more I moved the worse it became.  Walking was nearly impossible as was sleeping through the night.  I did not gain any weight back on this trip, but was exhausted and overwhelmed by pain by the time I arrived back home.

Now 6 months later the diagnosis is coming clear that I got an infection in my liver from all the ill folks on the train and this triggered the adrenal gland burnout and something just short of fibromyalgia. I was primed and ready for this infection after the long years of care giving for my youngest child and my 90+ mother’s care after she fractured her spine.   I was just plain worn out. Exhausted.

I am on my second round of acupuncture for the pain and adrenal support medication.   Last week I received a rather amazing print out about my health and although I was not able to sustain the weight loss I was able to hold off diabetes and get some profound internal organ healing success.

I am back on Dr. Fuhrman’s eating plan and have already taken off 5 pounds and just yesterday got the go ahead to get back to gently exercising and working back to my daily 5 mile Lake walk.  (I lift weights from my chair when I watch a movie )

The front cover of the book says  REVOLUTIONARY and BREAKTHROUGH.   My Doctor says that means it is just the newest FAD DIET out there.   I have found it to be just the opposite.  This is exactly the same way I was advised to eat after my Kidney Stone and Tumor removal surgery in 1971.  (Asheville, North Carolina)  I ate this way for 8 years until I became pregnant with my first child.

This diet satisfies the whole body and not just the palate and the mind.

I enjoy not counting calories, feeling full and very satisfied because of all the chewing going on!

I do not have to eat like a bird!   My GI track is working at optimum and I have less stress and worry.

I am not eating mock food or imitation food or chemical creations.  I like this a great deal.

I do not have to give up fruit – as a matter of fact 5 servings of whole fruits are on the daily list.

What am I eating….here is my menu for today:

1 cup organic strawberries
1 cup organic blueberries
2 tablespoons Bear’s Garlic
In ½ cup water
2 cups herbal tea
11 veggie salad
3 tablespoons salsa – dressing
Herbal tea
1Tbsp. ground flax seeds
Mid afternoon snack
6 raw walnut halves and a whole apple cut in slices – cannot forget my tea!
Caramelized Onion
Artichoke, whole
Wheat pizza w/veggie
Sticks salad and blueberries

I also take my specialty vitamins and  2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar + water for the healing of the adrenal glands and to stop the muscle spasms and pain.   (Bear’s Garlic is my spring tonic, not listed in the plan.  Apple Cider Vinegar is a reminder from Barbara Swafford of my Aunt’s remedy for muscle cramps also not on the eating plan.)

There is one piece of salmon or halibut a week – usually Sunday dinner, when it is in season.

There are no dairy products on the eating plan, and I am sure this is why the acid reflux medicine is no longer on my pharmacy list.

If I am eating out I just order salad and have the oil and vinegar dressing.

The book is well worth the purchase and I now own a hard copy which is full of underlining and sticky notes so I can refer back to the program and ideas without getting food on my Kindle!!!

For folks who just wish to eat healthier and for a lifetime approach to eating, Dr. Fuhrman has just come out with his Eat for Health series which is both a book on his program and a cookbook (lots of hot food recipes here).  I also bought the CD series as a cheerleading tool and that was very helpful also.

My goal is to be the healthiest I have ever been in my life – one step at a time.

I am using Sources of Insight materials as my journal writing guide and Davina’s Symbolic Modeling workouts to keep my thinking sharp and focused on my goals.  Talking with Davina keeps me accountable and not so isolated.

I would highly recommend this book and this program and am delighted to see that this group and program is now offering on line assistance and more information.

I feel a bit like Peter Pan, when he looks out into the audience for assistance in reviving Tinkerbelle from her caged and withered situation,    “I need everyone to believe….”

I so enjoy your comments and believe that one reason I was open to this syndrome was all the isolation in my life – looking forward to your thoughts and ideas.

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28 Responses to “Book Review: EAT TO LIVE ~Joel Fuhrman, M.D.”

  1. J.D. Meier Says:

    Beautiful write up and your real life stories and experience are great.

    > This is exactly the same way I was advised to eat after my Kidney Stone and Tumor removal surgery in 1971.
    I love the fact you called this out. It’s pretty timeless.

    I think Dr. Furhman’s contribution is a focus on nutritional density across a specific spectrum.

    My mentor has amazing results from following his system for years … and he knows all the science behind it. Nutrition has been one of his passion. Hopefully, I can get him to write a guest post someday on his amazing insights.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Lessons Learned from Seth Godin =-.

  2. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Patricia – I wanted to gobble up that fabulous salad!

    I made a similar one last week for dinner with the family, and it felt so good to see Pete’s mother (who has been struggling with keeping weight on for several years during a prolonged bout of health issues) and father (who also appears seriously underweight and getting more frail) help themselves to seconds and thirds. They are both picky eaters, and his mother is a gourmet cook, so things can be intimidating at table if they’re in the group.

    The book and meal plan look great – just the thing for warmer days. Like you mentioned, I wondered about hot food in colder months?? I will have to check it out. Thanks!
    .-= Betsy Wuebker´s last blog ..This Blaze of Growing =-.

  3. Dot Says:

    I really hope this helps you heal from all your problems. The salad certainly lokos delicious.

    I wish I could eat that way, but I can’t. I don’t like vegetables, and they don’t fill me up. Fruits are limited for diabetics, as are beans, corn, peas and other starchy foods.

  4. Patricia Says:

    I am also going to a lecture this week by a Raw Foods expert which I think will add to my knowledge. I need to thank you for all the good mentoring and support. I think working your blog suggestions and programs has been very worthwhile for me. I am counting on being thin enough to stand on your shoulders – I think I might crush you right now :)

    Thank you for enjoying my salad too! I was so happy when I did not need any new meds and I was able to keep the blood sugar levels – level. I think this is not only the correct way for me to eat but it feels like I am making a political contribution to my community also.

    I can not eat potatoes, rice, bananas and the list is a bit long on the starchy items. I do miss my grains right now on the weight loss side of the fence – the trade off is that I feel so much better and I love getting my energy back….it is very slow, but it is returning – Hallelujah! I think if I did not have Davina and JD on my team I would be really struggling….I am not very fond of Beet Greens and Collard Greens….etc. but I just made up my mind I would enjoy them and with fresh salsa on them – yum yum…half a year later my taste buds are on board along with my mind.
    I am thinking about getting a dog to keep me walking…lots of details to work out, but it would end my isolation which is a big part of the motivation for me….

    My style is pro active and I am watching my brother, who is 6 years older than myself, waiting to get on the liver transplant list…..I don’t want to leave my children what he is leaving me.

    I do wish that the weight was coming off faster this time….but with the lack of exercise it is a slow go….

  5. Mark Says:

    Sounds like a great way to eat, thanks for sharing the book and your experience.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Kindness – A Gift Given – A Gift Recieved =-.

  6. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Your menu is so healthful and that salad looks amazing!
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..Can We Save Planet Earth? =-.

  7. Julie Says:

    Many kudos to you, Patricia! You’ve embarked on a lifestyle change that will bring great benefits! Weight loss, improved stamina, clearer thought processes…all around ease in your life. Just remember to be patient. :)

    Dot, Dr. Fuhrman’s book is a terrific read, and you might be surprised to learn he’s successfully rid his patients of their insulin shots. Diabetics thrive on his plan!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Bright Moments =-.

  8. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.
    That salad looks incredibly yummy! I find the same with salads; they take so long to eat you end up feeling full before you are finished your plate; especially when you have good fat and protein in it. How do you cook the artichoke? And, congrats on losing those 5 pounds! Looking forward to our next chat, BTW. Thanks for the mention.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Don’t Block the Sun =-.

  9. Patricia Says:

    I always appreciate your comments as your support. I have faith and believe that this eating choice is going to bring me health. I just feel so much better after such a short time again.

    I eat that salad every day and it is so much food and satisfaction. This week my fat was a lovely avocado…next week maybe raw almonds? His Eat for Health program is quite amazing too.

    Thank you for coming by and all your support. I am not good at patience and this will be a bit slower go as adrenal healing needs a bit more salt than I would like to be consuming….I am using black olives for the salt…tasty but slow progress. I like the feeling better part a great deal and I don’t want to fall over the edge…

  10. Patricia Says:

    I am looking forward to our next chat also…
    Love those salads….the whole wheat pizza crust is not on the list, but I do use almond flour and that is….it is not hindering progress, so thought I would keep it as a treat of the week. I am going to try a new yoga class tomorrow am – looking forward to not so much of the spine neutral position!

    Julie also pointed out a chocomolle mousse dessert on a raw blog site that is outrageously yummy and makes 4 filling puddings from one avocado another treat for the week!

    cut heavy stem and the sticky pointer off each of the leaves, slice head in half and scoop out the choke with a soup spoon. I have a steaming tool for the microwave/ I set the heads on and put water underneath…then steam for about 15 minutes on my new microwave about a 3 power level…the old one a 5…
    I keep testing with a fork until soft. Chop hearts and put on pizza or in salad. The leaves I just enjoy hot….by pulling through my teeth. My family likes them dipped in butter, or honey mustard, but I think that ruins the gentle taste and is too much fat.
    I don’t care for lobster or crab dipped in butter either…waste of bountiful taste….gentle taste is good :)

  11. Chris Edgar Says:

    The salad looks not only tasty to me but totally aesthetically appealing. Strawberries and garlic — that takes some creativity to come up with, I think! But when you put it over some fusilli with a dash of pickle juice, that’s when the dish really blossoms! :)

  12. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! You are the poster child for what good eating habits can do for a body! I am soooo thrilled you are doing this! It is EXACTLY what you should be doing – and not just you, but everyone! A plant-based diet is the way to good health – eliminating dairy entirely and animal meat as much as possible (at least – if not entirely) is giving your body exactly what it needs to be in tip-top shape.

    Why most “diets” fail is that the body rebels over sudden change and sometimes the “side effects” of drastically changing food choices presents a level of discomfort that discourages most people from continuing. I’m almost 63 and can run circles around people 20-30 yrs younger. We definitely ARE what we eat!

    Congrats again on your success! Huge hugs of support with this comment!
    p.s. I have all those books – and then some!

  13. Talon Says:

    Sounds like you’re doing everything right, Patricia. It’s a beautiful goal you have and one that seems to be within reach.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..A Flight of Fancy… =-.

  14. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. that’s a brilliant review and one I’ll remember .. just now life is a little tricky – so I’ll sort it out later. I eat fairly well anyway fortunately .. I probably need to cut out some things .. but usually I’m fine and just enjoy the foods I know suit me.

    The salad looks enticing to say the least .. and may your health continue to improve .. and we’re here to ‘talk’ when you need us .. with thoughts .. Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..The Okavango Delta – the perfect place to Safari or holiday? = Yes for me! Part 1/3 =-.

  15. Patricia Says:

    Think of the garlic as a chaser with water…cleansing the palate (it is liquid)! I am eating from the freezer before the new season arrives. Salad is awesome and I can eat it every day – lucky me!

    now that I know you are studying nutrition I am going to ask you lots of questions….I knew in 1971 this was right for me….and it feels so energizing now. I still want some top of the line chocolate for mother’s day! I’ll work it off…and today I went to a new Yin Yoga class – more encouragement…and a cancellation allows for a massage tomorrow…now we’re cooking!

    Thank you for your good words. How are you enjoying the KIND diet? it is a neat book is it not? I am thinking every decade maybe I need to re think food. I appreciate your thoughtful support.

    I am thinking about you and sending good thoughts and relaxation. I truly did myself in doing so much care for my mother her last three years….we don’t have good end care for our great 1st grade teachers here….well, great care if you have the money….or a kid like me to do it all.

    I want to say to everyone your support is great…from what I read on your blogs and posts to your lovely comments…I think the isolation of the last three years truly damaged my body and spirit…it is so nice to be in such grand and good company – Thank you

  16. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    Thanks so much. Just coming off of vacation and unhealthy eating. I’m loving the idea of a 11 veggie salad. Wrote the books down and will check them out. Thanks!

  17. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    This post is filled with such good news. I’m so happy to hear you’re back to following a plan you had such terrific success with and have already lost 5 pounds. WooHoo!

    P.S. The salad looks awesome.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Bloggers Rehab – Need To Go? =-.

  18. mj Says:

    Hey, Trish,
    Your article hooked me in for sure! Our #2 daughter is getting married in July and I have GOT to loose weight and get with it in general. I just ordered 2 books (one for her sister/bridesmaid) and one for me. Can’t wait to read it and begin. Wish us luck. mj / your Cottey classmate

  19. Patricia Says:

    I have heard of no one not losing weight on the Eat to Live and the Eat for Health is the lifetime program which is fairly new. I am just feeling so much better and that is its own reward.

    I have one of those salads everyday right now – and never grow tired – there are just so many yummy veggies out there to enjoy – This particular salad took me 2 tries to finish. I have quite a way to go, but this is good forward motion.

    I like that a website has been added to the book…and I have to admit since I am referring so often to the program, it is better to have the book then try to use the Kindle.

    suzen in her comments above is studying to be a nutritionist and this is her program too….she is full of energy…
    I just like feeling better and having energy. Good luck to you and yours and I hope the program does as much for you as it is for me…

  20. jannie Funster Says:

    Hi Peter Pan!!

    That salad looks so amazingly wonderful, inside and out.

    You have been through so much, I dearly hope you are now on the track to pain-free living. Your poor liver, I wonder how you picked up the illness from the train travelers? But so glad to hear of your healing.

    Beautiful day’s menu planned!

    You are an inspiration.

    BIG BIG hugs and love from a Texas Tinkerbelle believer!.


  21. Patricia Says:

    It was a good days food. The liver cleans out toxins that come into your body….mine was tired and worn out and did not put up much resistance. Big hugs to you too

  22. CJ Says:

    Great review. Kind of a pescaterian diet but no dairy. That salad looks awesome!
    .-= CJ´s last blog ..Test update: =-.

  23. Patricia Says:

    C J
    Thank you for your kind words. I think the diet is more vegan and the actual weight loss part is vegan raw…but I needed to adjust the diet with the 1 time a week fish because of my adrenal fatigue. The salad was awesome and to think I have one nearly every day!

  24. Sam Wilkinson Says:

    you can avoid kidney stones by drinking lots of liquid.`:;

  25. Patricia Says:

    Yes a great deal of liquid is good, but not corn syrup in some of that liquid…also stress reduction and one of my daughters gets so many kidney stones a wee little pill is helping her. thank you for dropping by and sharing your kind words.

  26. mj Says:

    Trish, so good to read the threads on this topic. Since Tom and I started the Eat to Live plan he has lost 12 pounds and I have lost 13. We have been on the plan for 4 weeks, with 2 more weeks to go in the initial suggested period. We both feel great, look soooo much better, and Tom’s gluclose tests are super! We believe he will be able to discontinue the diabetic medications soon. I hope to be able to quit my blood pressure med, and Tom will soon be able to stop the chloresteral meds. WOW! Finally we have found an easy and enjoyable way to Eat to Live! Thank you ever so much for bringing it to our attention in your blog.

  27. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for reporting back on the progress – those are absolutely great results and I am so happy you are feeling better.

    I just find this Eat to Live program very amazing and isn’t it wonderful to feel so good? Yep

    Thanks to my blogging friends JD and Julie for suggesting it to me.

    What a way to start summer :)
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Savannah Blues: A Novel ~Mary Kay Andrews =-.

  28. Maddison Richards Says:

    Kidney Stone is a deadly disease specially if it has not been checked regularly.*:’