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Who Would You Stay Up All Night to Meet?

I saw a news story about a young mother who stayed up for 41 hours in the  sub-freezing cold weather outside a Walmart Store.  Sarah Palin was due to arrive and sign 2,000 copies of her book.  Palin was not going to personalize or talk to any of the folks who had waited in line, just sign the book as they passed in front of the table.  The young Mother had the 800th place in line and hoped not many folks would use their 3 book maximum so that she would get a signed copy to share with her 4 and 7 year old daughters.

Young Mother thought Sarah Palin was the most important woman to be a role model for her daughters within her life time.

This story got me thinking.

Who would I stand in line in sub-freezing temperatures to see or get a signed copy of a book from?  Who did I think was an important female role model for my daughters from my generation?

I need to state clearly that I do not think I would stand in line over night for a book signing for anyone.

I am a Mother of a child who has stood in line for hours to see the midnight release of Harry Potter Movies.  I have stood in line for over an hour to see things at several World’s Fairs.

Names started floating through my head:  I would love an afternoon with Gloria Steinem,  and I would stand in line for a Meryl Streep movie.    I think I would be inspired by Mother Theresa if she were still with us.   Then names really started jumping into my head – Lily Tomlin, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Kingsolver, Barbara Walters, Mary Oliver, Eleanor Roosevelt, Hilary Clinton, Madeleine AlbrightPaula Poundstone, Carol Burnett, Senator Patty Murray and the list keeps popping up.

Then I asked my husband and he rattled off Maya Lin and Zaha-Hadid

When my youngest daughter called, I asked her and out popped Ellen DeGeneres

My neighbor and her partner said they thought  – Natasza Zurek – awesome female snowboarder and “ Rachel Ray – what can I say I’m totally a food junkie and I love how she’s made cooking seem easy to do – I’m all for anything that will get people to actually cook good healthy food at home! “ , would be  fantastic role models and people they would like to meet.

My friend who travels the world doing mediation said – Virginia Satir

Right off the top of her head my eldest daughter said Maya Angelou and then Mrs. Charles, one of her teachers who died of breast cancer.

This news story has led to considerable number of very fine and fun conversations.

So who would you like to meet in the world of women?  Who do you think would make a great role model for your daughters?

I would really and truly like to know.   I would also appreciate a word or two of why.

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20 Responses to “Who Would You Stay Up All Night to Meet?”

  1. J.D. Meier Says:

    I think the most important inspiration in the world is inspirational people. I’m glad people have so many heroes.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Lessons Learned in 2009 =-.

  2. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. NO! I wouldn’t stand in line just to have a book signed. Nelson Mandela – probably for me .. and as JD says – there are loads of inspiring people around us. I’d like to go back and talk to people more .. my father, my grandparents, friends of my parents, .. find out more; actually the Queen – I suspect she’d very interesting and could teach us a thing or two .. I admire her balance of life ..

    and I’d love to meet all our fellow bloggers and hear their pearls of wisdom ..
    Thank you – you’ve give us lots of people to think about –
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Start of weather forecasting, some stats and memories … =-.

  3. Talon Says:

    To be honest, I can’t think of anyone I would line up for hours and hours in the freezing cold to see. Most of the inspiring people in my life I am blessed to be able to sit and converse with one-on-one…and I’m grateful for that.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Innocent =-.

  4. Mark Says:

    I wouldn’t stand in line for anyone’s autograph or to touch the hem of anyone’s clothes. If I were to pick any woman from history alive or passed on, I would say Mary the mother of Christ, Mother Theresa, Oprah, Madam Currie and Peace Pilgrim. Janis Joplin would be very interesting also. Last but not least YOU. I beleive all of these women would offer some unique perspectives and also would be able offer some incredible wisdom and love.

  5. Dot Says:

    Well, I’m not really capable of any kind of physical endurance trial, but women I’d go very far out of my way to meet, if I could, are Betty Friedan, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Lucille Ball, Sen. Barbara Mikulski, and Janis Joplin. And Peace Pilgrim, whom I see Mark mentioned above. I think they’d all be very interesting to have a conversation with. Amond men, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Tom Hanks, Jon Stewart, Bill Gates, Pres. Obama.
    .-= Dot´s last blog ..Comment on Would You Do It? by Robin =-.

  6. Patricia Says:

    This topic has been quite a conversation starter and interestingly enough over the past 2 weeks has created a lot of connections, which is the best part of any conversation for me – this topic inspires people.

    Thank you for your good observations and comments. I wonder if the Queen would be as inspiring as you are to others – yet again, maybe she has some great stories. It would be fun to meet all those folks in the community of bloggers – what a great idea.

    You are blessed by your community if you have time to have face to face conversations with inspiring folks – I envy you that – I guess location, location, and location matters for inspiration too!
    Well, and then being a creative person yourself to develop relationships that inspire you.

    Thank you for your good and inspiring thoughts on this topic…Already there is a fine list growing here.

    I believe the end of all the conversations I have had over the past several weeks on this topic, the conclusion has been that all people are inspiring and it is just great to have an opportunity to have a conversation and find out more.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Who Would You Stay Up All Night to Meet? =-.

  7. Patricia Says:

    What a fun list and I am glad you shared so many names. I am sure I would not do an endurance trial to talk to any of these folks, but my list keeps growing and growing.

    I have to say I was joined on my walk by the Governor of our State and her squad several months ago and we had such an interesting discussion about cancer and our respective bouts of it and health care – very inspiring 90 minutes.

  8. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    I think the best role models are people whom your child sees every day – family members and friends. I strive to be a good role model for my kids! I have to admit, I was never too impressed with celebrities, politicians etc. – they always seem too distant to be true role models.

    My own role models are my mom (strong, professional, independent, opinionated) and my late grandmother (warm, kind, people-loving).
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..Fat People Not Welcome =-.

  9. Patricia Says:

    Yes, I too believe that the community one surrounds their children and their life with is a vital component of role models and inspiration.
    Having a child who is SO impressed by public figures has been very interesting to me also…when she was little I was very careful about our community. She still thinks we are “cheap” not practicing voluntary simplicity and wants to know where her trust fund is?

    This has been a big conversation starter though and add many new people to my list and knowledge base.

  10. Davina Says:

    I stood in line for Shirley MacLaine’s autograph, for Colin Mochrie from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and Theresa Sokyrka, a Canadian Idol runner up. I stood in line ONCE to see the first showing of a Harry Potter movie. I’m not fond of crowds, but sometimes I make allowances.

    It’s fun to allow yourself to just get caught up in it all and enjoy the ride. That’s all it is really… a joy ride. I don’t idolize any of these people; I appreciate their talent. I would love to have dinner with Jack Nicholson though. That impish look on his face and the twinkle in his eye… and that voice… gets me every time.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Mother Nature Waits for Nobody =-.

  11. Patricia Says:

    You are so fun and spunky…I just want to say “You Go Girl!!!”

  12. Belinda Munoz Says:

    Hi Patricia, what a great post!

    I clicked over from Davina’s blog and perked up when I read this. As someone entrenched in the thorny world of feminism and women in politics, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some of the great women mentioned in your post (Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Senator Murray and Madeleine Albright — all women who in ways are role models for me).

    I really like this question you ask. And in examining how I would answer, I smile because now that I have a boy as my only child, I’ve found myself asking what man I think would be a good role model for him. (Amazing how he’s changed me in so many ways.)

    Anyway, to answer your question, I’d have to go with Ellen Degeneres and Maya Angelou. Ellen has a free spirit that I admire and Maya — her words are so simple and true.

  13. patricia Says:

    Welcome, welcome…how lucky are you to have met so many interesting women and to have the balance of a teacher son!

    This has been such a fun post and the list keeps growing…just more and more discussion every place I go…I think I will keep asking this question and challenging folks to think about this idea..

  14. P.L. Says:

    I have met people who have been on TV. they are workers like you and me, but they are famous because of their job.

    I have met VIPs too. They are ordinary people too. Some may have more money, some less. But money is just a score on a hard disk on the bank, Pacman score.

    When you meet people in a human level, you learn that legends do not exist. The only role model you may follow is the one of a loved person who sets a good example, and people make mistakes, so at some point you should be your own role model.

    VIP? Fame? Not impressed with that.

  15. P.L. Says:

    Pop stars are legends… a singer is a slave of a record company who will suffer the harassing behavior of paparazzis. A singer’s life is to take the bus, to sing, to sign autographs, every day… At the end of the day they are tired and they can’t have a normal life.

    The top executive of the record company makes more money and he has no harassment and he can live a normal life.

    What is the point of being a famous legend? See Michael Jackson. He was a slave all his life and after he died executives continue making money with him.

  16. Jannie Funster Says:

    Any of my dear deceased relatives.

    Or Sarah Palin! Kelly was disappointed we missed out on seeing her in Fort Hood. Maybe some day.
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Self-Portrait With iPhone, Yesterday =-.

  17. Patricia Says:

    You make so many good points here to consider – Thank you
    I think in all my discussions the point that one is their own VIP and each person knows what is best for them…but it is nice to be inspired by others that cross one’s life path.

    That would be an interesting visit – do you have questions you would ask?
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Move Your Money: Vote and Build Your Community =-.

  18. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I’m with Vered on this one. I think those who are in our children’s lives on a daily basis have the biggest influence.

    That said, I might wait in line to be in Oprah’s audience. Can you imagine what a thrill it would be to be there when she does her “favorite things”? And to think, now her show is ending….. sigh.

    Of those who have passed, I would have loved to sit and have tea with Lady Diana. For some reason she really touched my heart.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Don’t Shoot Me =-.

  19. Patricia Says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I have thought it would be quite something to be in the “favorite things” audience of the Oprah experience and I had the privilege of being on our State’s Commission for Land Mine Removal that Princess Diane started – they sent me a Lady Di Rose after she died – though I never met her

    This idea though has started more conversations and struck a cord with many folks…Yep! I think homegrown mentors are vital for children to experience.

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