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I am similar to a canary in the mines when it comes to vitamins and supplements.  I have passed several kidney stones which are just straight unusable material such as IRON – remember when that was the big hype?

I am not an expert. My Mother was not either, she just spooned Cod Liver Oil into her children every day.

I have discovered that most people are either enthusiasts or totally against them and there is not much space in between.  Producing and rearing healthy, happy children was a primary concern for me and when we discovered our problems were related to diet, then Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance and cilia inflammation/lack of absorption, and the rise of industrial designed “foods”), I decided to learn everything that I could learn.

I thought I would share some of my discoveries so that you might make some choices for yourself.

–    Almost all vitamin supplements are designed to be absorbed in the intestines.  This means they must pass the stomach digestion process and get down to the main absorption facility of the body.  (Much medication is also designed for intestinal absorption.)   With CD and allergies this makes almost all vitamin supplements – worthless.
–    Almost all vitamins are only about 10% useable ingredients.  Many are pressed in milk powder or corn starch.   Many are coated in plastic.
–    Almost all vitamins in the USA are made in Utah.  They have specialized regulations and rules which means just about anything can be called a supplement/vitamin.
–    One needs to know whether or not your supplements are synthetic materials or real foods – plant and animal based.  The producer/manufacturer should show you that their product is being tested regularly in blind tests at a medical or research facility.  They should be informing the consumer of the exact test results.
–    Liquid vitamins are often rancid and are very volatile for shelf life.
–    Remember sugar pills make people feel good and have energy too.
–    Vitamin pills need a full glass of water when you take them to work properly, and they should be consumed with some kind of food.  If your vitamins make you feel bloated or nauseated – burping vitamin – they are not right for you.  Just about all vitamins, not accompanied by food will do some talking back to you – remember there is very strong coating materials on them to get past the stomach acid and all the way to your intestines.
–    The vitamin/supplement industry is just that and it makes billions of dollars per year.
–    Make sure your vitamins are from organic materials and are mercury free.
–    As a rule of thumb, I would say do not believe media Ads and the information they are spreading around.
–    I have found that most Doctors do not know enough about vitamin supplements and usually just recommend what they have been given as free samples.
–    As we age and figure in the worthlessness of much of the food on the market, many of us will need supplementation.  If we live in the Northern climes most of us will need some additional vitamin D.
–    All the research I have completed indicates to me that in most cases, exercise plus daily vitamin B complex and stress reduction exercises provide more relief than most anti-depressants.
–    The number two item sieved out of “port a potties” before they are allowed to dump the effluent is whole vitamin pills!   We are poisoning our fish and oceans. (I believe soda and beer containers still hold the #1 position)

The vitamins that I tested and have given my CD members of my family are 98% useable and they digest in the stomach.  They have completed blind testing in laboratories at several well known Medical Schools.  Even though they send me the quarterly statement of their modifications, I still have to call them and make sure that the modifications are not synthetic or problematic for CD folks.

I was attempting to put the logo of the company on the site and run an ad, but the group that I use has an enrollment process that I both like and dislike.  30% of every dollar I spend with this company goes to research and development and that the vitamins have made a profound difference in our health are important factors to me.   I personally have to enroll you in the company to get paid to advertise for them – I do not care for the multi-level marketing aspect….even if it is good products and good research. It makes me uncomfortable.

Are you a vitamin person or not?   Do your vitamins work for you?  How did you choose them and what do you know about them?   Was any of this information helpful to you?

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Looking forward to your comments and ideas…

18 Responses to “Vitamins”

  1. Jannie funster Says:

    Who in the world is sieving porta potty contents, and why?? Yikes. So many ways of the world I am not “privy” to.

    I am assuming that any vitamins I buy from Whole Foods are good for me, will be interesting to check and see if their fare is Utah made.

    Hold on…

    Nope, my Nature Mades say made in Mission Hills, CA. They do have corn starch. And a lot of sugar, shoot.

    And thankfully my beer comes in a glass bottle.

    Good post, Patricia, thanks for the awareness.
    .-= Jannie funster´s last blog ..The Queen Of Remodeling Patience, Chapter 1 — “Front Room” View-A =-.

  2. Mama Zen Says:

    I have regular infusions of straight iron. And, I take a multi.
    .-= Mama Zen´s last blog ..Sky In Bloom =-.

  3. Patricia Says:

    Port a potties must be strained before they are emptied into the sewer system because they are full of other garbage which does not belong in the sewer district…. I was so shocked when I learned this, and so happy that they did this and folks at fairs and other public events were not just putting all sorts of things in the wrong places.
    You are welcome for the awareness – I just wanted to let folks know.

    Oh that corn, milk and sugar is so everywhere these days….beer maybe better for you than the vitamins?
    Calcium Magnesium that is usable on your list?

  4. Patricia Says:

    Mama Zen,
    Yep some of us need that good old iron….I just make kidney stones.

    Cal/mag for you too?

  5. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.
    I’m not a vitamin person. Surprised, with me being a nutritionist? I never was into vitamins and maybe that was because of my undiagnosed gluten-intolerance. My body probably wasn’t absorbing it anyway. The few times I did implement them into my diet I suffered bad digestion as a result. Taking vitamins has never been a habit I got into. I firmly believe that the body should be able to get the nutrition from the food in the natural way. Vitamins have always felt so artificial to me.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..This Effortless Brilliance =-.

  6. Talon Says:

    Interesting post, Patricia. I’ve taken a multi-vitamin all my adult life and I also take cod liver oil. I’ve never had any problems with indigestion, but I always take them just before I have breakfast so maybe that’s why.

    It’s always important to know what’s going in your body and your post is a good reminder to check the facts and not the media fiction.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..A little of this, a little of that… =-.

  7. J.D. Meier Says:

    I think most vitamins help the most when you’re below the line (once you get what you need, it matters less.)

    My favorite map of vitamins is the 10 Years Younger book. I like the fact that what he recommended 20 years ago, matches what naturopaths recommend today.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Spiritual Intelligence =-.

  8. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. yes we too had cod liver oil every day & malt – the main things after the War. We were lucky we had fresh veg and fruit from the garden, together with our own reared hens, pigs, and ducks before the fox got them! So, as I’ve continued to eat fresh veg and fruit, and had that incredibly good healthy upbringing and have been extremely fortunate to be health – I’ve never felt the need to take vitamins. Occasionally I’ve periods when I’ve taken some .. but mostly I eliminate the things that disagree with me – eg bread .. I don’t eat cakes or biscuits, I don’t eat things I know don’t do me much good – eg coca cola, too much meat, and I drink lots of water .. and most importantly for me I eat at the times of day that suit me .. I can’t eat breakfast (I’ll have some fruit), and I don’t do lunch – again a salad – just veg and maybe a little topping (cheese, avocado, seafood – but not much) – then I’m fine for the day – if I eat before the evening I’m a dead loss – my brain goes, my body is a slug .. so since I was a kid that’s what I’ve done ..

    I did realise quite early on that things are not as they seem and I don’t like spending money on things that are probably unnecessary. I did learn a lot more when I returned to this country .. and so absolutely appreciate what you’re saying.

    We simply cannot believe what the media tell us – and too often people just accept that – it’s a huge mistake for our society. The way we are poisoning our water is frightening ..

    Thanks for pointing out so much for us all to read .. Look after yourself and have a good week – Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..The Wigmaker, “Cottonpolis” and the first factory =-.

  9. Dot Says:

    I’ve been researching natural foods and supplements since the late 1970’s. However, knowledge doesn’t always lead to action. :-) I take a number of vitamin and mineral supplements, most from a reputable company I’ve found. Since my diet is terrible, i hope these make up a bit of the difference.
    .-= Dot´s last blog ..Comment on Assorted Subjects by Jannie Funstet =-.

  10. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    I take a daily multivitamin with my breakfast and don’t worry about it too much…
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..Thoughts On The Very Important Subject Of Showing Cleavage =-.

  11. Patricia Says:

    Since I got so many kidney stones which were pure vitamin pills – iron I was not a vitamin person until married my partner and had to cook for 6 folks with wheat intolerance and Celiac Disease – one with dairy intolerance.
    Since I had Chemo, I have been able to get a couple good lab read outs on how my body is doing….besides visable health results…I now never miss my grape seed extract and Cal-Mag daily…guaranteed no stones and no osteoporosis.
    My daughter’s Kidney specialist put her on Cal-mag that I use and told her every woman should be on Cal-mag when they start puberty
    My whole family is very upset if my partner and 1 daughter with CD skip their daily doses….the absent minded professor-isms/ anxiety/ and depression are not worth it.
    My husband came in at age 38 physically on his last exam as his real age/ he is 62 in regular years.
    We have put his Rheumatoid Arthritis on hold.
    Do you eat the 6#s of red seeded grapes daily?

  12. Patricia Says:

    I could not have said it better – check the fast and not the media fiction. It is a very big business…

    I have several Naturopaths on speed dial! I have made appointments with the Bastyr Institute in Green Lake….Yes, the rest of the world is just now catching up to those hallmark early books. Even Michael Pollan on Oprah, promoting his new book, said he takes several vitamins because food is such an iffy way to get nutrients that he needs these days.

    It seems to take nearly constant learning and study to keep healthy these days.

  13. Patricia Says:

    Just what you describe in your growing years was the lifestyle that my mother experienced and I am sure those early years kept her healthy until age 93 ( died at 94) It is why as a child we had huge gardens and bought a steer and hog from a friend’s farm where we knew how that meat was being farmed. We had chickens and fresh eggs and my Father always found the Christmas Goose and the Duck from Natural Sources.

    After my mum retired from teaching school – took care of her mother until age 96 ( her grandmother died at 106) She moved into a Senior Center. Her treat was to stop canning, freezing, gardening, and enjoy a restaurant meal weekly. She ate a great deal of chicken, chosen by others. Her breast began growing….
    As my children left home, I got her on vitamins and started preparing all her food….and cut her down to eating out on trips. Her health problems went away.

    I think we have to be very careful of the American Food Industry and it’s hold on the rest of the world. Even France is starting to indulge in Mac Donald’s more and more…

    Media hype is not truth for each body, it is selling a business and making money

  14. Patricia Says:

    Good for you. I hope they make a difference too.

    Good for you….and don’t worry about it too much is very important, because worry and stress defeat your nutrients every time.

    What you believe is highly important.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Book Review: Female Brain Gone Insane: An Emergency Guide for Women Who Feel like they are Falling Apart ~Mia Lundin, R.N.C., N.P. =-.

  15. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.
    So your family does notice a difference. That’s where I fall short. I feel healthy and never felt any different when I took vitamins. Even when I was diagnosed with osteopenia I couldn’t make myself take huge amounts of cal/mag. It just didn’t “feel right”.

    I swing the other way and avoid too many calcium depleting habits: too much coffee and sweets. I limit myself to 1 cup of coffee a day. Plus, I do a lot of walking and the gluten-free diet increased my bone density by more than 10% after two years. All without supplementation. However… it does make me wonder what the percentage would have been if I had supplemented. I’ll never know.

    But we’re all different. You guys have found what works for you and there’s no reason to mess with it; I agree.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..This Effortless Brilliance =-.

  16. Patricia Says:

    My partner and CD daughter do not notice anything themselves…we all notice the difference and beg them not to skip. Now that my partner is getting such good physicals he does not argue. And we have put the RA in remission!
    We don’t have to take such huge amounts of Cal- mag because the vit. we use are 98% into the blood stream in 10 mins.

    Yes, we are all different and react differently and with vit.s it is hard to tell until after years and years of use or non- use.

    Hip hurrah for diversity and so many good ideas and suggestions.

  17. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Oh yeah! I remember those cod liver days. Ugh! And some other nasty tasting vitamin I used to spit out as soon as I had a chance.

    I’m not big into vitamins. Ever since I chocked on a pill years ago and nearly passed out (it was lodged in my throat), I hate taking pills – vitamins included.

    Like you, I’ve read how some vitamins don’t even dissolve, but liquid vitamins don’t sound like the answer either if they become rancid so quickly.

    What to do?
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Unveiling The Results Of My Facelift =-.

  18. Patricia Says:

    I just take Cal-Mag and Vit D as I do not think I need vitamins because I eat so carefully and just don’t like taking a lot of things. I can see the difference though for folks with problems like CD…

    Oh I hated those Cod liver Oil days! But what was a mother to do?! to protect her children?

    I choked on a salmon bone at a fancy dinner and had to have it removed at the Emergency Room when I was about 12 – I never fail to think of it when I eat salmon now…and my youngest nearly choked to death on one of those hard round red and white candies they give out at restaurants – She was just walking and I had to use warm water and chest pressure to get it to come out – and upside down as she had already passed out…scary stuff, scary stuff….