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Tripping and Reading the Light Fantastic

I have been catching up on blog posts and reading all the new ones today.

I have written a number of comments that are as long as blog posts.

I am getting in the spirit and tapping my toes, because I have just read the most wonderful, thought provoking blogs making me contemplate and laughed right out loud.

I am going to share with you my reading journey, so that you might experience that which I have enjoyed…

And I bet you will find a twinkle too!

Katie at chocolatecoveredkatie:

Here is an awesome giveaway…

Tess at The Bold Life

The Naked Soul   Mark Brown

Sources of Insight  JD

positive letters  Hilary Melton-Butcher

Talon’ beautiful poem and pictures

Jannie and Lance are making folks chuckle and maybe eat donuts and drink beer?

Marelisa is getting in the spirit making a plan and giving us suggestions

and from my friend Barbara’s Christmas Letter , I wanted to share her thoughtful words:

I think Jesus would have liked Frankl! Change yourself and change your view of the world!! Perhaps even change the world! WOW! We know it; but it is still hard to fathom

As Americans, we assume some one is thinking and doing for the common good. After all, we live in a democracy and we elect our leaders to do just that. In religions, we become believers and rely on someone else to do the evaluating and decide our purpose, values and the way to goodness.  The problem is, we have found, is that Patriotism can be a hideout for tyrants and blind religious belief can breed evil institutions. Politicians are allied to parties and money, and Bishops vow obedience to blinded Popes to secure their positions, and, those who follow Parties or Religions “vow obedience” to the tenants of these.  Then, the result is, there is no need to think, decide, act, and be responsible. So easy and safe, except consolidation of power breeds evil and acts to protect itself, not the common good, not the poor, not women, not children, not the powerless.

Jesus and Frankl tell us the truth is within but it must also come out. It is not a wall or laws or institutions that decide a meaning for our life. We get to struggle to make us better; struggle with our conscience that Jiminy Cricket within that Jesus talked about.

So, this Christmas time, I guess my conclusion is, there is no safe home, and no one taking care of us, or looking out for what is right and good unless we are. And unless we collectively, are looking out for each other, no one is securing a better world or true freedom.  The voices of Frankl, Jesus and Jiminy are heard within.  But goodness is secured not just by listening to our own hearts, but also by evaluating our attitude and deciding on deeds that create love, oneness and a better place. And then doing it!

~Barbara Monda  December 2009

I am still working on drumming up readers for the Harvest Potluck to get donations for UNICEF.

I have been offered $1000 donation, by a local group, if I can get 1000 eBook readers by Saturday December 5th by midnight PST.

Hope you will pop over (pun intended) and take a look – ebook is free!

Enjoying the comments – thank you all

17 Responses to “Tripping and Reading the Light Fantastic”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. what a wonderful idea .. I bet your reading list is going to be enhanced by some more wonderful posts as December marches on. I’m going to pop over and look at the blogs you mention .. thank you for the suggestions.

    Barbara’s letter is so right – we need to act in our own way, be at peace with ourselves and others, do what is right, think happy thoughts, smile and say please and thank you .. we were created individual, that’s what we should be .. for the collective good.

    Thanks – and for including my blog on your list ..
    With love Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..What Christmas memory comes back to you at the beginning of December? =-.

  2. Lance Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Just want you to know how impressed I am with the e-book you created – it’s wonderful! And so well put together!!

    And I now have some new posts to check out, thanks to your sharing! Awesome!!

    Have a GREAT day today!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Cheetos, Llamas, and Wine…Oh My! =-.

  3. Mark Says:

    I love the sentiments of this letter that you shared, so very true and wise words.
    Thank-you for highlighting my writing!
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Empowerment =-.

  4. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for the link love. You are so kind and giving! Your project shows just how wonderful and caring you are. Oh and chocolate covered Katie sounds delicious…I’m on my way over.

    Oh almost forgot I love what your friend Barbara wrote…my inner Jiminy…I’ve never thought of it like that. Victor F. is one of my favorite examples of forgiveness. An incredible story about n incredible journey.
    .-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..7 Steps for Climbing the Staircase to Joy =-.

  5. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Doing our part to rack up more downloads and make sure that $1000 is in the bag for UNICEF.

    This was a beautiful post, and Victor Frankl’s inspiring words are a great way to kick off the holiday season. Thank you for your magnificent effort as well.
    .-= Betsy Wuebker´s last blog ..A Potluck Full of Do and Feel Good =-.

  6. Dot Says:

    Your e-book is beautifully designed! Thank you. I had no idea from your descriptions that there were so many recipes in there. I agree with the sentiments of the other commenters — that was a great message to receive, and I want to check out all your links.
    .-= Dot´s last blog ..Comment on Full Disclosure by Dot =-.

  7. Talon Says:

    Your friend Barbara sounds like an extremely enlightened person, Patricia.

    That’s wonderful news about the e-book – I’ll be sure to keep passing the link to family and friends.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, Patricia! And now I’ll have the pleasure of making the acquaintance of some new-to-me blogs.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..That magical time of year… =-.

  8. J.D. Meier Says:

    Good luck with your pot luck, and thanks for the link love!

    I’ve asked some friends to pay a visit.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..How To Think Like Bill Gates =-.

  9. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Thank you for the reading list! Off to retweet the $1000
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..Former Miss Argentina Dies After Cosmetic Surgery =-.

  10. Patricia Says:

    You are welcome for the link and I sure enjoyed reading your post and it raised my spirits. I am attempting to get Barbara to come over and reply to comments – I think she will – a very caring and intelligent friend, she writes so well and shares important ideas.

    Thank you and Jannie for the wonderful journey on your interview post – I love to laugh! and you have been sharing lots of laughter these days around the blogshere. I attempted to follow you great example with the Blog4cause Breast Cancer book….I think the beauty comes from all the “love food” bound inside. Your words are gracious and kind.

    Your writing is worth highlighting as it never fails to move me in a better direction.

    Katie is a delight and oh so chocolaty! You are welcome for the link…and I thought your post just said “it” so well….Thank you

    Thank you and thank you for spreading the word….I hope I can make this goal for UNICEF….and wow I owe you and Pete a big thank you too….all the good food love you shared…I just love Pete’s Fat Santa Stamps, but can not figure out YET….I can learn…how to order them from Zazzle!

    Thank you for your kind words – they mean so much to me. I think you and Barbara would get along very well you are both so intelligent and smart and you write with such knowledge and keenness of purpose.

    You just bring so much beauty to my world and such lovely words. I was so moved by the berry picture with the frost or snow on it….the purity and simplicity came to mind all day long. Thank you.

    Thank you, thank you….
    You always say the “right” things to me on your posts….now I need to learn about how to think like Bill Gates…I could certainly use some of that…

  11. Patricia Says:

    I just thought I would report in oh how the $1000 for a 1000 visits was doing on the Harvest Potluck eBook for UNICEF….

    We are at 392 reads this morning at 11:30am and we have 3 and a half full days to go….I think UNICEF is going to get the funds!

  12. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for the retweet….This is good….and I am sure you will not be disappointed by the reading list….I think your toes will twinkle :)

  13. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord Says:

    What a lovely blog you have here, and your efforts for UNICEF are tremendous. I’ll help spread the word.

    In reading your friend’s Christmas letter, it made me think that there are many ways to view mankind: individually as Divine love, collectively as Divine love; individually as non-awakened Divinity; collectively as non-awakened Divinity.
    (Boy – does that even make sense?)
    I like to believe that the heart of man will win this seeming battle between light and dark; that light will prevail on earth and we’ll all know peace, joy and everlasting love at some point. But the examples we’re faced with aren’t always leaning in that direction.
    It just makes me want to love even bigger, brighter and more boldly.

    Lots of goodness to you, Patricia, and thank you for spreading light.
    .-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s last blog ..7 Steps for Climbing the Staircase to Joy =-.

  14. patricia Says:

    Thank you for your kind words and for participating in the fundraiser

    I will pass your words on to Barbara. Her letter is longer including a letter to Santa about health care, world peaces…..and more!

    I so enjoyed your sharing Tess’s great stuff today too…7 steps for climbing the staircase to joy is amazing, but then your blog so often lights up my best self. Thank you for all your good words

  15. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.
    Enjoyed Barbara’s letter. Thanks for sharing it. The line “consolidation of power breeds evil and acts to protect itself” really jumped out at me. Then I had a flash of insight that when people stop thinking for themselves, the “focus or act” they’ve surrendered to, has to survive of it’s own accord. People seem to lose heart and their natural instincts — ego takes over.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Poem #2: Grandmother’s Spark =-.

  16. Patricia Says:

    Another powerful angle to approach her letter – thank your for sharing that insight…I am mulling it over…

  17. Jannie Funster Says:

    Looking at these comments now, perplexed as to why I did not leave one, then remembered after I read this I went straight-away and put up the Harvest Potluck button on my site, then musta forgot to return.

    Need to check to see if my Tweet posted too, ’cause it seemed my home computer froze up on me the very instant I pressed publish. So I’ll have to see on that. I saw Kim Woodbridge’s tweet on it, and of course she has, like, 3000 followers, so that hopefully made an impact.

    Hope you hit the 1000 by today’s end!

    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Getting To Know Him… Getting To Know All About A Wonderful Blogger. =-.