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Harvest Potluck UNICEF Fundraiser

Gold Maple

Gold Maple

Dear Friends

I enjoy giving gifts.  My parents have criticized my generosity out of general concern for my own well-being. However, my partner decided if I earned the funds to purchase these gifts, I should just enjoy the giving.

I cannot remember a year when I did not give a gift of time or money to UNICEF to support them in feeding and providing health services for the children of our Global Community. To me, this is about children helping children in the world.

Several years ago I stopped working to focus on caring for my mother. This year, because my finances are limited and I have no money to donate to UNICEF, I got creative.

I posted a harvest potluck announcement on my Blog to invite readers to share their favorite recipes.   I was blessed with a wonderful response, receiving dozens of yummy ways to prepare the food they love to eat.   My task has been to organize these “gifts” into an eBook that people can download for sharing food and friendship and to increase awareness of UNICEF’s relief efforts.

I recall a wonderful story about a traveler who arrives at an isolated village, feeling very hungry.  The villagers are not willing to share any food with this traveler.  As a matter of fact, they are preoccupied with hiding what little food they have from each other and thus, they are starved for connection and friendship.   The traveler, being a clever sort of fellow, mentioned that he has a magic recipe for STONE SOUP, which will feed everyone until their bounty is ready to harvest.

The villagers offered up a large kettle and the traveler built a fire in the town square.  He filled the kettle with water and when it started to boil he added his magic stone.   For the stone to work its magic other ingredients were needed. And so with the traveler’s encouragement, first one and then another villager offered up a carrot, an onion, and then a meat bone. Many of the residents offered up their last bits of food with the promise that the stone would produce soup until the harvest.

Low and behold, the aroma of the soup enticed the villagers from their homes and they gathered for a feast of warm soup and good company – each helping the other.  Music was offered up and the children danced while the villagers celebrated their bounty and the nourishment the traveler had brought to them with the magic stone.

I share this story with you now because, despite my limited budget, I still had a hunger to give a donation to UNICEF children’s fund this year.

So I’ve offered up my version of the magic stone and received a bountiful harvest of recipes from other bloggers, friends, neighbors and folks around the world; people like those villagers, who wanted to put something on the table.

I am deeply grateful and thankful for every contributions, and for all the kind words of encouragement, I’ve received. Together we’ve worked our own bit of magic here.  So much know-how and expertise has been shared with me and in turn, it is extended to the world for others to enjoy and share in helping UNICEF to feed children and provide medical supplies.

These recipes evoke love and hope, offered as a “gift” and to bring awareness to the cause of feeding hungry children. To download your free copy of the ebook, click here.

If you choose to, you may make a donation to the Children’s Fund at UNICEF by clicking here to  their safe  site.

I hope this will bring you as much comfort, satisfaction and joy as it has brought to me.  Thank you very much.

Patricia Hamilton

PS – Special thanks to Pete Wuebker (Extras) and Kim Tremblett (Golden Maple for Cover) for their fantastic photographs! Many thanks to Davina for her fantastic editing at the last minute -you folks are a blessing.

If you would like to place a copy of the Harvest Potluck icon on your Web page please copy and paste the following code:

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