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Brian Williams – I could use a little help here



Dear Mr. Williams,

Every year I give $100 to UNICEF – you know, the Children’s Project of the United Nations.  I was not that generous as a child, but I did carry my donation box from door to door as I “trick or treated” and I remember one year having nearly $20 in my box.

The truth be told, my Mother made me put in 5 cents every time I said what she considered to be a impolite word, and without ever saying any of the BIG four, I had contributed well.

Last year only 3 children came to my door with donation boxes, so I mailed off the check.

This year I do not have $100 for UNICEF.  Because I think it is an important program, I decided that I must be creative to get that money sent.   I think many, many other people will be having trouble making a donation this year too.

Children still need food and supplies no matter our circumstance.

I am writing an e-book Cookbook.   I have no big name contributors of recipes, just my book group, neighbors, and my on- line community.   I thought I would make this cookbook full of recipes of food love – you know those real food dishes that one just loves to make and eat.

I have just finished reading Michael Pollan’s  book In Defense of Food and he is very concerned that folks just eat efficiently and not very often with LOVE in mind.

I would love to add a recipe of FOOD LOVE from you to the book.  Would you consider sending me a recipe by November 1, 2009?   I will make the food and take a picture if you do not have time?

The e-book will be offered on my Blog – Patricia’s Wisdom – as soon as I get all the entries collated and edited for a $3-$5 donation.

At the very least, could this Children’s Fund raiser get some attention this coming season, because lots of folks need a reminder and to know that Children are funding this project and not the BIG GUYS, who get lots of good words and press.  Children Helping Children – this is a good thing.

Thank you for your considerations,


Dear Jeff Bezos,

Every year I give $100 to UNICEF – you know the Children’s Project of the United Nations.  I was not that generous as a child, but I did carry my donation box from door to door as I “trick or treated”  and I remember one year having nearly $20 in my box…


Dear Jon Stewart,


Dear Michael Pollan,


Dear Bill Moyer,


You get the idea…..which celebrity or wonderful cook do you know who could give a shout out and maybe a recipe to our e-book?

Time is running out – better do it right now!  Thank you!

Workshops  at  patriciaswisdom  dot com for submissions

14 Responses to “Brian Williams – I could use a little help here”

  1. Talon Says:

    Neat idea. Definitely try some celebrity chefs…Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, etc.

  2. Patricia Says:

    I really want to make a donation to UNICEF – so I really need to get creative. I am having trouble with learning how to e-book – I am using Marelisa’s ebook of how to write an ebook…I wish I were not so slow at this process! I will get there…yes I will! Thank you for your lovely photograph and good words

  3. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Good luck with this project Patricia!
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..Ten Stupid Fashion Trends =-.

  4. Patricia Says:

    Making an e-book is a bit more difficult than I anticipated – though your early support is and was encouraging to say the least….I don’t think my IT gal is going to help me out much with this one…

    …and I made the time shorter than my last project and some of the folks have forgotten, so I sent reminders – we’ll see.

    A local chef is going to make something to add….but I truly think it will be mostly the blogging community – and even if folks just think and make a donation to UNICEF it will be a good thing.
    Children helping Children…kind of got passed by with Children wanting bling?

  5. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I commend you on your efforts. And the ebook, hang in there. you’ll get it figured out. Then, just think, you can move onto another one.

    I’m planning on contributing a recipe. Maybe I’ll get it made tonight or tomorrow.

    You might also trying tweeting some of the big names. A lot of them have twitter accounts.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Would You Wait 17,520 Hours? =-.

  6. Mark Says:

    This is such a great idea! Send a letter to Oprah, she can make amazing things happen.

  7. patricia Says:

    Thank you Barbara – I am grateful and hopeful that I can actually do this – though some of life it making it hard…now one email is downloading hundreds of emails about menopause from Amazon tonight and the IT person at Amazon is off duty to get me off the list! The delete will not work on that email – of course and my IT is in class — sigh and have a cup a tea!

    I look forward to your recipe and picture…The Potluck will be links to blog posts about food and then the e-book will have posts and new recipes sent to the e-mail…

    I think I am learning a great deal – mostly having a great time – but also the lessons are coming a bit too fast tonight! :)
    thank you for coming by Barbara

  8. patricia Says:

    I appreciate your good words Yes! I think it is a good idea myself and it is helping me with the healing process – not only with my relationship with food and health, but also looking out for someone else.

    I have tried Oprah – this is something she does not do…They referred me to her Chef’s new cookbook and Art’s new restaurant in Washington DC for the Obama’s

    The shows are already prepared so a shout out to UNICEF is not possible either – but you never know once you put the good idea out there?

    I still have my finger’s crossed that maybe someone with the name of Gates might respond?

  9. patricia Says:

    Brian Williams is in Afghanistan right now reporting…FYI

  10. Sara Says:

    Patricia — You are always so daring and I admire your spunk! I hope these celebrities appreciate what you’re doing. Sending a recipe should be easy.

    Also, I loved the story you told in the post and how described the recipe book, “I would make this cookbook full of recipes of food love.” Food love is a wonderful term. It automatically makes me think of my comfort foods.

    Hey…an idea…since this is blog…what about contacting some of really big bloggers for recipes. I bet a lot of people would enjoy seeing what they consider as “food love.”
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..My Halloween Scare =-.

  11. Patricia Says:

    I sent out 100 emails…few responses…will keep trying…Thank you for stopping by – got a recipe to share and a picture?

    You live with a chef?…just asking!

  12. Jannie Funster Says:

    Wow, ambitious! I don’t think I’ll ever do an e-book, that’s got to be an amazing learning experience.

    Would you prefer the recipes be of some theme or certain level of nutritional value?
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..One Blogging Buddy Down, 758 To Go =-.

  13. Patricia Says:

    I am looking for foods that you LOVE and foods that would you would make for yourself from scratch…LOVE FOOD

    Yes the Ebook is a bit more difficult than I thought…and I learn step by step so it is taking a bit more time…

    it is so much fun to learn something new :)

  14. Tracy Says:

    Hi Patricia, you really are working hard on this! I agree with the suggestion to try some of the food bloggers, they might be more approachable and might pass the word on to their readers!