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I Spy…Beauty

I drove across my state from water to Eastern border, recently – 6 hours each way.

I saw the amazing rain fall of darkness and drove into the sunrise – the clouds stuck and held back by height and jagged wind drafts to the mountain peaks.

I saw the dried out stubble of feed corn and median grasses, the puzzle board of farm plots and orchards.  I traversed from Evergreen forest to tree breaks on windy nearly barren hillsides to rocky cropping where cows grazed.

Hundreds of windmills were turning and turning, river wide deep and blue grey, and a small solar farm by the side of the Interstate.

Hundreds of waterfalls in the Mountain Pass.

Miles and miles of irrigation to dry farms, farmers driving baling tractors, clouds moving slowly, until sky is clear and sun beats steadily down. Sweater on and sweater off.

Wind twists dirt devils towards the sky across the dirt top soil.

Gazing out from the bus window I see the green velvet perfection of rolling hill – thousands of windmills turning and turning.  Road signs with solar panels and small wind turbines attached; catching air and informing our passage.

Sheep and sheep and some black cattle graze.

stone wall

Dry stone walls that fascinated and row upon row of neat hedge – gorse, heather, Irish fuchsia.
Garbage/ recycling truck in the early morning city with 3 running to collect bags: “Please do your part by keeping your H and F tidy.”   (Guide thought H = house and F = Fence)

Windmills atop city buildings empowering life – energy.

How ancient are those walls which lead and organize my vision across the field – calm and peaceful.  Farmers must now learn how to rebuild and maintain, and they had to be removed during WAR.

mountain in the mist

Tree lines of Larch, Birch, Rowan, and some Douglas fir; about the same amount of liter as nearby in my life.

The clouds move quickly across the sky, I had forgotten this about Islands; weather changing often and rain now then gone to sunshine.

Sailboats on the Loch

Wind turbines turn and turn – Reactors of Nuclear here and there – Rivers of brown hue – red.

Cows Tail falls on hillside trickle down to naval base below and ocean’s bay.

No desert, dry and barren…

Ancient field and land, wood stream hides Manor house and castles – once filled with life.

Old Door

All the stories read and contemplated now envisioned with wondering of how those heavy skirts and tiny shoes could manage twisting stairwells and wind whistling while cold seeps and hearth fires burn.  Rugs now hundreds of years old, and frame to bed to hold the warmth in place; the children’s pictures grace the wall – not scowling like the Princes in the dining room, as we hear of lives lived and now gone.


How contemporary families are coping and keeping on.

St. Ives

Here and now
The deer startled did not bound in front of my car and waited for my passage.  It nearly leapt and such as it was I did not witness even its presence as it worried my passenger.  I was unafraid even as the sunset orange – vibrant was cut dark by the rain of cloud gossiping about night and I continued home.

All beauty as memory kept.

17 Responses to “I Spy…Beauty”

  1. Vered - Blogger for Hire Says:

    You spy beauty, and you write beautifully, and those photos are gorgeous!

  2. Patricia Says:

    The pictures are lovely and I did not know what my daughter would choose when I wrote – a good match up.
    I have been caught up in my meditations as of late with all the beauty I witnessed on my trip and in the month of August – how fortunate I have been in recent days.
    I want to keep beauty closer to my thoughts these days. Thank you for your comments and for coming by to share

  3. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    This was a wonderful read! Thank you so much. All beauty is memory kept is such a lovely sentence.

  4. Metropolitan Mum Says:

    Oh how beautiful! Especially the ones at the lake. So dramatic.

  5. BunnygotBlog Says:

    Such creative beauty in your words. love your article.

  6. Patricia Says:

    Thank you, I appreciate your comments and feel honored that you enjoyed the words.

    Metropolitan Mum,
    All the pictures are from UK….and my daughter did such a lovely job of sharing with this post her lovely pictures. I liked your post today too.

    Thank you am heading your direction after dinner…see what you are up to and your great words!

  7. Mark Says:

    Beautiful pics and words, thanks for sharing your journey!

  8. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for coming on by and your nice comments. It was a good journey

  9. Marc Says:

    I enjoyed reading this post Patricia. It was a perfect blending of words and pictures. Thank you.

  10. Dot Says:

    Great combination of words and photos! Between your photos and those of others, I think there is great beauty in every state in the Union. I always read your posts, even if I don’t have time at the moment to comment.

  11. J.D. Meier Says:

    It sounds like a fantastic journey and so close to home. The Manor house and castles intrigue me.

  12. Talon Says:

    Lovely writing, Patricia. Your daughter’s photo really add the perfect tough to your memorable and beautiful journey. I could see it all unfurling…

  13. patricia Says:

    Thank you for your kind words – you are welcome

    You are such a great friend and buddy – thank you

    the manor house and castles were not enough on the tour….I was amazed at how similar UK and Washington State are.

    Thank you and my daughter’s pictures are just so wonderful. They are being revealed to me as you see them with each post!

  14. Jannie Funster Says:

    You ARE beauty, every cell in your fibrous being.

    Did you go behind that little door? I’d travel over there just to see what it reveals.

  15. Patricia Says:

    behind the door = canal and canal boats and part of a large museum – the old back door. Travel over there to take a canal boat ride !

  16. Julie Says:

    You bring tears to my eyes with the beauty you share from within for us all to see. …and your daughter’s photographs are awesome in their loveliness. Thank you, both, for sharing so much!

  17. Patricia Says:

    Nice to see you here hope we can get reconnected on email and thank you very much for the kind words.

    It was so nice to be in the moment and then to look and the pictures and travel back within