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DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care

In my youth, skincare was a matter of my mother’s harsh washcloth and soap. I supplemented this regime with plenty of walking, swimming in salt water, drinking water, and stolen scoops of cold cream from my mother’s jar.

20 year old Patricia is the tallest

My skin was very translucent and the kids in gym class used to say my veins looked like a road map under my skin and were clearly visible. I do not tan – just burn and peel.

At age 16, my father moved us to Cleveland, Ohio (where the make BonnieBell). I went from a High School of 300 students to a graduating class of 1,000 students. I found refuge in a small church youth group and a stunning young woman (about 30 years old) asked me after church if I would like to be a fashion model as classes were starting at her agency. My father thought it would be a good idea and gave me a loan so I could attend.

I found that I could make more money reading the script at a fashion show and selling Candace Bergen’s line of skincare and make up then actually walking the runways. I learned essential lessons about skin care and health; it has served me very well even 40 years later.

I made my own skincare products when I was a new wife and mother, because there was not an extra penny for specialty items.

The number one compliment I receive is about the beauty of my skin. These compliments have come from, sales clerks, my daughter’s plastic surgeon and from the dermatologist who removed the growth on my upper lip and face.

I am not blemish free. I have small brown cysts on my legs, which I am getting resolution from with ELEMIS’ Cellutox lotion. Waxy seborrhea, moles and skin tags are thought to be just part of the aging process. Do not ignore these. They are revealing messages about what one is eating and genetic markers. These are a part of one’s early warning systems.

I am one of the 33% of the humans who are allergic to aloe vera. My skin truly dislikes manmade – created ingredients. My skin lets everyone know if I have consumed dairy products. Chlorine is not my ally.

So as I take on 100% of my Do It Yourself* (DIY) Healthcare, I am researching how to take care of my skin at 60. I start with the same initial lessons I learned at 16 which are:

  • Protection. I wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • Drink lots of water and take care with what you eat and drink.
  • Know and understand your skin. What nourishes it and what harms it. What cures it? I have learned that Rose Hips Vitamin C and red rose oil are the most healthful ingredients I can use topically. Vitamin C acid from Citrus fruit is the most powerful curative for my skin type.

I thought the Cellutox was very expensive, but I have only used ½ a bottle in a year and it is now one of the least expensive items I use and it is one of the most effective.

Although becoming more aware of the need for care, this information is crucial for health and men need to understand their skin and its needs to be healthy also.

I suspect in the next 10 years I will keep researching to find the best solutions for my skin care needs. It is vitally important to me to be the healthiest I can be and reflect that health in my actions and with a smile attached.

What are your secrets and how do you care for your skin? Do you know which the largest organ in the body is? Do you think skincare is just materialism and commercialism? Any other DIY healthcare ideas you wish to share?

Looking forward to your comments; they add so much to the conversation.

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32 Responses to “DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care”

  1. J.D. Meier Says:

    I think that’s cool you made your own skincare products and like your DIY approach to healthcare.

    Sometimes I wish it was easier to just shed our skin and grab a new one. On the flip side, it’s a reminder to focus on renewal from the inside out.

  2. Dot Says:

    I’ve always had skin issues. Probably because I’m addicted to carbs and fat. I’m wondernig if you want to share your homemade skin care recipes.

    You say that waxy seborrhea, moles and skin tags are messages from the body. What are the messages saying? Are age spots similar? I used to have skin tags and these small red spots — like a dot of bright red — but the skin tags have gone away. I have no idea what the red dots are.

    It sounds like you’re a tremendously organized person. Also from reaidng this I’d guess you’re the redhead in the photo you posted a while ago.

  3. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Patricia – I’d be interested to learn more about what you’re using and the why? Why Rose Hips vitamin C and red rose oil? In our family, we’ve all been plagued with skin problems. Now that I’m older, I’m interested in what you have to say about skin tags, etc., too. Thank you.

  4. sanjay mehra Says:

    Try using Almond oil at night after washing your face. I used to use it below my eyes, but now use it on my face. BUT ONLY AT NIGHT. It eases the wrinkles around the eyes and gives a glow which is wonderful. Plus it helps to get a good night’s relaxed sleep.

  5. Jannie Funster Says:

    I need to step up my skin care regimen again, got too lax over the summer with not wearing my face sunscreen faithfully every day. The sun is our Number One Skin Ager.

    Drinking water, walking while whistling a merry tune, washing gently. Dove soap is good I find. Maybe some of the AHAs if you’re not allergic. Those are what I suggest.

    And I knew you were the tallest one without even reading the photo properties!

  6. Talon Says:

    You’re so right, Patricia – you have to know your own skin and what works and doesn’t work.

    I’ve always used sunscreen. It’s automatic to put it on after a shower and moisturizing. I had to search long and hard to find one that doesn’t bug the skin on my face (which seems to have an entirely different way of being than the rest of my skin) and found one by Coppertone made for faces that is wonderful. And I like simple and gentle cleansers – neutrogena’s products have been good for my skin.

    Oh, Bonnie Bell! They came out with a line of tasty lipgloss roll-ons back when I was in Junior High. All the girls favored strawberry. I can still smell that stuff!

  7. Patricia Says:

    To everyone – I want to start with a question? Is anyone getting the picture caption or has that function given up on my blog site too?
    I am also not seeing the referral posts to the archives? How about you?

    This is a picture of me at 20…I am the tallest!

  8. Patricia Says:

    the skin is always shedding – faster than one’s finger and toe nails!
    The recommendation for men’s skin care is at least a facial 2 times a year if you live in the country and 1 time a quarter in the city. As we age, I highly recommend getting a body scan at the Dermatologists office about 1 time each 5 years after age 40.
    Skin needs some help on the outside with all the pollution we contend with too….and I hope you have a spider plant near your computer – 1 plant per computer = best air filter around!

  9. Patricia Says:

    Look to see too if any of the medications you are taking cause skin problems. I can not diagnosis or even suggest over the air waves what things might be.
    The skin tags in my arm pits were telling me to work on my endocrine system. I got help from the Naturopath on how to take care of those and Tea Tree Oil is extremely helpful – plus I turned out to be allergic to laundry detergents like TIDE (I don’t use things that harm the environment, but one still has to be careful that cleaning products don’t have things that are harmful to one’s body.

    The fungal growths I used to get have all gone since I gave up dairy products. I do take a very, very small dose of Vit. D which helps during the winter months.

    the red dots might be red moles – usually no problem

    I do not make my own products anymore, because I have a friend who makes fresh products in small quantities and she has a store downtown.

    The cleansing product line called Sensaria ( using local resources and is plant based reads like the combinations I used to use at home with only a more scientific based approach.
    The waxy seborrhea is genetic and with the Vit. C acid and the Elemis Cellutox I am keeping it from moving onto my face.

    I am working on getting an icon for the Elemis products from London on my blog – it is only sold through spa’s.

    I am sure your Dr. would give you a referral for a dermatologist, that is how I got started on my present regime. I used the prescriptions first and then added to my supplies when I found something that worked for me and I had money to purchase.

    I will just say it is expensive to get started but then with care one can balance out what they need.

  10. Vered - blogger for hire Says:

    You’re lucky to have good skin. My skin has always been problematic – acne in my youth and now at 38 I’m beginning to see sun spots.

  11. Patricia Says:

    The skin is the early warning system of the body – along with being the protective wrapping. There are very, very few products that I can use so I have been a huge label reader and I test on my inner arms and inner thighs because I am vain!

    There is an outside job with cleaning the skin and inside.

    I drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and avocado ( a good for me fat).

    I would suggest that figure out a problem that you insurance covers and get you referring Dr. to refer you to a Dermatologist. I had a growth on my lip which got me there – it was $150 for the full body scan. It was $3,000 for the growth removal…

    from the scan I was able to determine that the skin tags were just superficial and not pre-cursors to something dangerous and not fungal. The skin tags were coming up on both areas where I sweat (bend of arm) and arm pits on lymph node areas…we then started changing the diet – I also had to stop using deodorant/ antiperspirants and I now use a Sensaria product that uses Grapefruit oil and the skin tags just fall off

    Skin tags on the back of my knees were telling me that my kidney was in trouble…pulse points on the body from Japanese Jin Shin Jujitsu helped me relax and learn about those – I volunteer as a subject at the massage school.

    Red Rose Oil is a lovely cleaning agent form of Vit. C. It does not rip apart my skin – trial and error research to figure that one out.
    Tea Tree Oil is another form of Vit C oil, I can only use the kind from Australia that is edible because it helps the aboriginal peoples and the Florida oil is way to caustic.

    Nicole Miller cosmetics uses Tea Tree Oil and I actually sell that

    I put all my change in a little piggy back all year, and every year I spend all the money I have been gifted or ends up in my piggy bank on a SPA visit. In Hawaii the Dermatologist there who was treating my bed bug bites referred me to his favorite treating spa – it was about $400.00 including the full body wrap to draw the infection out and a massage. It was worth it – that is where I discovered Elemis Products.

    At Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland I had the pressure relieved from my knees and a full massage for about $75 – they also use the Elemis Products.

  12. Patricia Says:

    Sanjay Mehra,
    I love Almond Oil and use it around my eyes every night – and it is wonderful for my legs.
    One would think I have a huge regiment of products and routines! I spend about 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night and 1 hour once a week…just taking care of skin. I am worth it!

  13. Patricia Says:

    I have 2 friends who swear by Dove products. I use Biomedic Vit C based sunscreen on my face and a mineral product on my body. I wear a hat outside to save my face and eyes + sunglasses all the time.
    I would think you would need to be very careful about your skin in your climate.

    I think learning about stage make up was crucial to me too – and living in New York City….wow was my skin dirty and needed lots of cleaning there. My skin love the foggy, moist air where I am now.

    Yep I am the tall one in the picture.

  14. Patricia Says:

    I have used a mineral based sunscreen on my body for years – everyday. It is so hard to find a good one.

    I have used the Bio-medic Vit. C sunscreen on my face, because I have so many “spider” veins on my face and other things just made it worse or caused rosacae ( Have to go look that up).

    The last facial I got, the esthetician said she advises her clients to research new products at least every decade because one’s body makes so many changes.

    Yes, each person needs to figure out what works for them and keep trying until one gets the right fit!

  15. Patricia Says:

    I had terrible skin during adolescence, the model at my church took me to her modeling school because she said I was too lovely to be “all brains and pimples” and she taught me so much

    You are too young for sun spots…..please go and have them checked out at the dermatologists…asap….I am not kidding around here… insist…let me know…

  16. Patricia Says:

    I forgot to say… Bonnie Bell was just opening it’s doors when I moved to Cleveland. A father creating products to help his teen daughter cope with her skin problems…..I loved the Dr. Pepper flavored gloss…and they still make it, thought the company has been bought out years ago – though still marketed.

    And Neutrogena is a fabulous line of skin products, I have used them often over the years. I am just being a vain snob at 60 wanting these new things :)

    Sensaria is attempting to put people to work in our area who were in the timber business and mills. That industry is as hard hit as the car makers.

  17. patricia Says:

    Things ‘should’ be looking better now…

  18. Davina Says:

    Okay fess up… which one is you? The tallest… I’m guessing the one on the far left but height is similar to girl in middle. It is so difficult to find the right product for our skin. The same doesn’t work for every woman. Shea butter works best for me. And yes, drinking lots of water and watching the food you eat for sure. Certain foods have allergic tendencies and that will cause the dark circles under the eyes and acne. I stay away from citrus and keep coffee and sugar to a minimum. So glad dairy is okay for me.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Remembering a Friend =-.

  19. Patricia Says:

    far left – I am sometimes thought to be there politically too! but I am truly moderate and centrist :)

    My partner has such trouble with his skin if he does not eat just right ( Celiac Disease as does one child)

    I just heard a women say that women need to hang their head over the side of the bed about once a week for 15 minutes to help the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

    So many ideas – one just needs to persist until they figure out what is best for them and their skin…then it changes with age.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care =-.

  20. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    So you’re the beauty on the left. Yes, you were model material.

    Like Jannie, I also use Dove and it works well for me (for cleansing). I use an Aveeno moisturizer that has a SPF built in.

    Patricia, what do you know about the mineral make up. Is it better than other types of foundation, or are they just doing a great job of promoting a new product?
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Write Responsibly Right From The Start =-.

  21. Davina Says:

    You are cute in that photo. You remind me a little of Sally Field.

    Lol, if I hung my head over the side of my bed for 15 minutes I’d have to close my eyes to the dust bunnies :-) Either that, or put the vacuum cleaner to work.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Remembering a Friend =-.

  22. Dave Says:

    Totally, totally gorgeous! What a beautiful woman. Forgive me for being such man about this, but you’re a stunner! OK I’m going to run away before I get branded as a sexist pig.

    PS Totally gorgeous!

    *runs away*
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..The Snorkflingers Are Over Here Too =-.

  23. Jannie Funster Says:

    @ Talon: I LOVED those Bonnie Bell lip smackers!! Remember the big fat round tubes — maybe an inch in diameter. Cam smell the strawberry too now.

    @ Patricia. Hi! You are a very very nice person, tempered with a roaring good sense of humor, and more than a dash of stick-to-it-ive-ness.
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Jannie Funster Blog Hits The Big Oh-1! =-.

  24. Patricia Says:

    Thank you. Basically the homemade make up was mineral based – I think it is a great advertizing ploy today…and another way to say they have tested it on animals and it is based on an oil.
    The companies must keep coming up with new things or corrections to their human made chemicals. My skin type is better suited to plant based materials.
    Ask yourself are the minerals from true materials or synthetic?
    Does it allow the skin to breath and receive oxygen and Vit. D.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care =-.

  25. Patricia Says:

    Yes! I know about the under the bed life forms roaming around! I had a ear full of water and was hanging down over and and….I had to get up and clean it was too awful to describe! Oh what fun this life is!!!
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care =-.

  26. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for coming on by and for your great comments….this might help….I am now 60 and remember I met you on Blog to Fit…40 years later I am no longer 5′ 9″ tall and 143 pounds!
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care =-.

  27. Patricia Says:

    I am so intense I scare people away! I need to add a more public sense of humor to my DIY healthcare.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care =-.

  28. Patricia Says:

    Barbara asked a rather crucial question that got me researching today about ads, claims and what is in products.
    Here are some important sites to check out to see if your cleanser is carcinogenic or toxic…Most are from my current issues of YES magazine:

    Environmental Working Groups: Skin Deep offers safety info on 44,423 products and ingredients. skindeep.ewg.org

    Teens for Safe Cosmetics
    tween Beauty,
    Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
    Best in Beauty
    California Safe Cosmetics Act from the Dept. of Health makes sure that consumers know if a product causes birth defects or cancer

    Natural and fragrance free often means they have put a non-offensive fragrance in to draw one to the product…

    I do not use most make ups and cosmetics…I just clean and use moisturizer and protection.

    This is true of laundry products also…scent free does not mean I can use it
    Hope this helps in your search for what is right for you.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care =-.

  29. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Thank you Patricia for following up with all of that research. I’ll check it out and may make some changes to what I’m buying.

    I also agree, laundry detergents can be the culprit to skin problems, too. Years ago I used a big name brand and all I did was itch.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Write Responsibly Right From The Start =-.

  30. Robin Says:

    What a fascinating post Patricia! I was glued. I had terrible acne as a teenager, and it lasted into my 30s. The oily skin that came with it has left me with a fairly youthful skin, though. I use a local brand light skin cream daily, and that’s about it. You are beautiful in the photo!
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..When Someone Close To Us Is Struggling =-.

  31. Patricia Says:

    I thought since I used the trial and error method of finding what works for me – I should be a bit more responsible to the comments that were coming in – and I am a very curious person who loves to learn new things….
    Yes, several ecologically safe laundry products left me a giant itch as do most shampoos.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care =-.

  32. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for the compliment. I have combination skin on my face but I am troubled with dry skin elsewhere.

    As a teen I was troubled with what was called pebbly skin and cysts and boils more so than pimples…Getting rid of dairy products was such a boon….now corn and all it’s derivatives removal has been a new lease on life.

    I have never been able to do caffeine.

    I think at least at every decade we need to change our care routines.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..DIY* Healthcare Plan: Skin Care =-.