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Webster’s Dictionary: Comfort is to give strength and hope to; cheer;  a feeling of relief or encouragement; a satisfying or enjoyable experience.

My partner is just home from a 1,000 mile bike ride and camping adventure.  As he unloaded his packs, tent and stove from his bicycle he said 3 times that he had not had a shower in 4 days and he felt like his clothing was glued onto his body.  He was uncomfortable.

washington pass

washington pass

Shower over, clean jeans and T-shirt pulled on and he was ready for some hot food and lots of juice to drink.  The last leg of his journey had been 100 miles of rolling hills and beautiful views to home.  Climbing into his own bed with a sigh of relief, he savored the comfort of contentment of a challenging adventure completed, of truly being home and in his own spot for a grand night’s rest and refreshment.


Last night I ate cheese for the first time in 6 weeks.  I took the enzymes to attempt to make it okay, but this morning my nose is stuffed, my tongue is coated with pasty goo, and I am bloated and miserable – my fingers are swollen and painful.  I am uncomfortable.

My body has been making me uncomfortable for years to tell me I needed to make changes.  It takes a long time to make changes and it is important to do one change at a time to see if that makes the correction needed for relief and healing.  Sometimes it is complex.

Sometimes we are so seeking comfort that we need assistance.  I am finding that if I listen with greater and greater care I can discern what the discomfort is attempting to tell me and then sometimes I need an x-ray or blood test to inform me.

High blood pressure often whispers its presence.   One might need a monitor and a regular practice of using the monitor to hear it.  After one gets the BP normalized, when the discomfort returns one can learn to hear it quickly – nip it in the bud.

Our bodies are always striving for comfort.

Our mind can play the advocate of mischief and misinformation.

Humans can be trained to believe that the opposite is the truth.

Mythologies abound and they seem so much more fun.  Does one need to be distracted until the pain or discomfort can be ignored?   Does one need to keep up pretense until the discomfort is screaming out loudly?

Ground Zero is the comfort of being grounded in the truth.  Like a warm shower, clean clothing and sleeping in your own bed – “and when you know the truth; the truth will set you free.”

How do you discover your truth?  When are you most comfortable?  Do you enjoy change or do you resist?  Do you most often successfully change when you are in discomfort or when you accept the truth? How do you know it is the truth?

Looking forward to your greatly appreciated comments and the discussion; thank you for sharing.

21 Responses to “Comfort”

  1. Lance Says:

    I love the bike trek story! Wow – that’s awesome what your partner did!! And by the look of the picture, what wonderful views along the way!

    And the idea of comfort, and change – such a great point – comfort can feel good and all – but it usually means we’re not making changes in our life. And while there’s a time for each – it’s important to remember that we can choose to change – and if we don’t it will probably happen for us.

    I hope you’re feeling better, Patricia…
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day =-.

  2. Dot Says:

    I’m glad you and your partner each had the vacation trip you wanted. Hopefully he had a great time, despite the discomforts of such a trip. As for food, I’m sorry you can’t eat cheese without problems. It’s such a delicious food, but not if it makes you sick.

  3. Talon Says:

    What an accomplishment! When you put yourself through something that challenging, the rest has to feel magnificent.

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling magnificent right now, Patricia. But I’m glad you’re identifying the things that have to change for you.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..One of these is not like the other… =-.

  4. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for coming on by….Wow only 1/2 of the post is here…I sent it on to my IT person to see where the other picture is and the other 200 words…
    I am feeling great at the moment! except for the problem here!

    I am feeling great….and I have known this about dairy products for years and years…almond milk is fair heavenly and I love humus – and tofu – so I do not really feel that I am missing out – just every once and awhile I seem to need to make myself really uncomfortable.

    It was a great biking adventure and at 62 his insurance physical says he is 38 yrs. Well worth the effort – now they are planning next years trip…he is the only one of the biker boys not retired so he has to plan way ahead for these trips…

    THIS IS ONLY 1/2 of the post ….Hope you will come back when we re- post?

    Thank you for your good comments.

    Sometime computers make one uncomfortable!
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Comfort =-.

  5. Daphne Says:

    Patricia, this is a wonderful post, especially the part that says “Sometimes we are so seeking comfort that we cannot find it alone.” It takes courage to express discomfort. I hope that it helps in the process. Good luck!
    .-= Daphne´s last blog ..More Inspiration =-.

  6. patricia Says:

    Thank you for coming by to read my blog. I wrote this piece especially for the women soldiers I am working with who have come home from Afghanistan and Iraq with some kind of discomfort like PTSD. I find that it is important for people who have stress of any kind to talk about it to assist in the releasing of it – Most folks think they must go it a lone and tough it out….sharing works better.

    It looks like you got to read the whole thing! As only 1/2 of it originally posted – I think it makes more sense in its entirety.

  7. Mama Zen Says:

    Is it the truth, or is it just something that I’m telling myself to try to avoid discomfort? That is often my question.
    .-= Mama Zen´s last blog ..Iron Angel =-.

  8. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Your descriptions are so vivid. I agree that “our bodies are always striving for comfort” – it’s such a basic human need.

  9. patricia Says:

    Mama Zen,
    I often feel like my rationalizations are really just lying to myself and that hurts and I wonder why?

    Thank you I was aiming towards real….I think it is a human need and my body wants toast with jam for comfort, but I had an apple and raw almonds instead!

  10. BunnygotBlog Says:

    Oh, that is a pity you can eat cheese. It is one of my favorites.
    Bravo on your partner’ s successful trip. I think it is awesome he rode 1000 miles on a bike.

    Self inflected pain usually comes from stress many people eat because they feel better while eating then after feel worse.

    It is like people dwelling on something that is impossible to change but over think about it anyways.

    We all do it one time or another and we are aware just like you were about the possibility of discomfort. The good thing is you had the apple and the nuts instead of the jam and toast :)
    .-= BunnygotBlog´s last blog ..Astrology And Raincoats =-.

  11. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. so often we feed ourselves with things that will not agree and then take the next day to get over them .. I don’t suffer too much – but I do say to myself .. you really shouldn’t have done that.

    I’ve been sleeping at my uncle’s house – but gave up .. as it completely disoriented me .. I didn’t sleep well, ended up with back pain, had to drive out at night, and back very early – very unsettling to the routine .. I’m so much better now I’m back home and things have been arranged that I don’t need to sleep there. We just need tomake sure curtains and lights are on and off each morning and night .. it’s only half an hour away .. but it’s a chunk of the day x 4 .. and a bit to do a few things.

    Must dash! .. I have to get out there to meet someone!

    Interesting post and the picture and route sound just wonderful .. lovely part of the world .. If I want some cheese – don’t come to your house, I guess?!

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Garnets, Tolkein, Silver and Gold …. =-.

  12. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I’m guessing his own bed felt mighty good to your partner. That’s one thing I always look forward to when I come home from vacation.

    Ohhh. You can’t eat cheese. It’s one of my faves, but I do try to eat it in moderation as I know it’s high in fat and calories.

    I hope you’re feeling better now.

  13. Patricia Says:

    The self inflicted discomfort for me was truly a test of “Yes, I still can not eat this stuff” Because I can not get over the idea that I may never eat it again….I want to change. My mum made me have 3 glasses of dairy milk everyday I lived in her home – I will never forget how ill it made me and I have absolutely zero desire to test that discomfort maker again!
    Working on making the change. And yes a 1000 mile bike trip through mountain passes is impressive

    I think I was looking for aversion therapy. I am going to post some more of the biking pictures on Bikingarchitect.com this week and more about the trip.
    Glad you are figuring out a routine that works for you – care giving truly needs flexibility but we have to take care of our needs first.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Comfort =-.

  14. Patricia Says:

    I think I was working on aversion therapy, like I have with dairy milk already – but I needed a reminder of the discomfort. I am much improved now….thank you

    I do not want arthritis either in my life, and that I understand is extremely painful.

    Yep, we can not get enough food into the biking architect and he is loving his own bed! Feels like a treat! All that biking keeps his Rheumatoid Arthritis in check – though some of the tough riding made his knees swell –

  15. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – that is a looong bike ride. Dairy products do not agree with me at all. But like you, I reach for them for comfort, then quickly realise they’re not making me comfortable at all. Here’s to a healthy new you.
    .-= Cath Lawson´s last blog ..How To Build A Passionate Online Retirement Income =-.

  16. Jannie Funster Says:

    How do you discover your truth? My heart tells me.

    When are you most comfortable? Am very very comfortable here at this computer, communing with you. But I do like the feel of hot cocoa before a fire after a rainy winter walk, a nice bath and clean sweats are donned.

    Do you enjoy change or do you resist? I resist constantly.

    Do you most often successfully change when you are in discomfort or when you accept the truth? When I accept discomfort, such as expanding my comfort zone on any level.

    How do you know it is the truth? My heart knows.

    Do I get an A, teach? :)
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Like a bord on a wire, 11– Funny Typos =-.

  17. Patricia Says:

    I am hoping aversion therapy will work this time….I need to get it off my comfort rewards list….I have been calling dairy products “cow’s mucus” this week and it is working!

    Certainly you get an A and a hug….

    I think most humans need to feel the discomfort to make change – keeps the resistance movement strong in us :)
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..This Blog Has Been Hijacked… =-.

  18. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. When am I most comfortable? Right after a change has happened… right when I’m fully alive and engaged in navigating the “newness”. Your partner’s trip sounds wonderful!
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..5. Another Thyme, Another Artist =-.

  19. Patricia Says:

    I think my partner’s trip was very refreshing to him – like your island adventure. Maybe one is more comfortable right after the change because concerns/worries and fears are set aside?

  20. Sara Says:

    Patricia — What a long trek for your partner and I bet that bed did feel good:~) Hey, if you don’t try, you will not know what your body says YES to and what it says NO to…so good for you for trying:~) In answer to your questions:

    When are you most comfortable? When I’ve made a change or taken an action and it was the right one for me.

    Do you enjoy change or do you resist? I resist.

    Do you most often successfully change when you are in discomfort or when you accept the truth? I think I usually have to accept the truth. Discomfort just motivates me to get there faster.

    How do you know it is the truth? It feels right inside me.

    Thanks for these questions. I found them challenging and it was hard for me to be really specific…so much of it is a feeling.
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..When You Need a Hug =-.

  21. Patricia Says:

    Nice to find your comments here today and I appreciated your answers – they feel comfortable to me!
    Trial and error is often a good test of comfort and change.