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Some More Sand in the City Pictures – 2009

I do not wish to be a broken record here but I do wish to share some more of the simply wonderful efforts by the volunteer Sand Sculptors from this year’s Hands On Children’s Museum Fundraiser.



Ice Age

I did find out that the winners are judged on meeting the criteria and then some win prizes because lots of folks voted with their donations. I was not here to take my beach bucket around to all the folks I know and solicit donations this year and of course we had the big Whoosh event just 30 minutes before the judging.




I just think lots of effort and community support went into this event and grand efforts should not be overlooked.


Hope you enjoyed these other entrants and efforts. Maybe even felt like you were at the beach?

What does your community do to support its younger members? What do you wish your community did for its children? Are the schools back in session where you are? If not what will you do for an end of summer hurrah?

I’ll be back writing about my adventures on Friday and sharing some more of my daughter’s fabulous pictures.

The Sand In the City pictures were taken by The Biking Architect this year. Thank you sculptor/photographer Tom.

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14 Responses to “Some More Sand in the City Pictures – 2009”

  1. Robin Says:

    Hi Patricia – the sculptures are great! We have these here, in summer – they use a more yellow-coloured sand. We have a lot of holiday programs here in the school holidays – I think they are mainly for child-minding, really.

  2. Mike Says:

    These are great!

    We’ve only seen a couple of large sand sculptures over the years and they were SO fascinating.

  3. Evita Says:

    Wow Patricia these sand structure photographs are amazing! I marvel at what people can do with the sand, the sculptures are immaculate. I saw only a few professional ones once in my life last year in Spain and I had that same awe, like wow what us humans can produce….

  4. J.D. Meier Says:

    I like the pics. It’s a great tour of sand art in action.

  5. Patricia Says:

    Nice for you to come by during your Winter nearly Spring! I think many activities are just child care – this one is powerfully different – Hands On and fun for all ages. This is local sand – the Oregon coast has a different color to their sand also and lots of sand is white.

    I had only seen ice sculptures before this Sand experience – it is just fascinating and so fun to learn how!

    There is a huge Sand sculpture contest in Cape May, New Jersey each year and I was working in the area as a Intern one summer and was just amazed by the work and effort and beauty. Spain sound fun too!

    Thank you I missed the Pirates in Seattle this year – maybe Bumbershoot? or should I now refer to it as Brolly Shoot?

  6. BunnygotBlog Says:

    I love the photos. The sculptures are amazing.

  7. Talon Says:

    The Calvin one and the bear one – truly remarkable! I’ve seen ice sculptures, too, but never sand sculptures and thank you so much for sharing the photos.

  8. Jannie Funster Says:

    Yes, some schools started here this week. BoPeep starts Monday. Summer has just FLOWN, as it usually does.

    Our community has lots of great programs for kids, we are so lucky here in Austin, the land of enlightened and loving peeps.

  9. Patricia Says:

    #2 is headed to Michigan to start student teaching k-5 on Tuesday, She is getting her Master’s as a Librarian

    Wow where has this summer gone? and just now we are having some lovely weather!

    Good to hear about you kid’s programs in Austin…Hip Hurrah for kids

  10. Patricia Says:

    Bunny Got Blog,
    The biking architect did a good job sculpting and taking pictures – it was fun!

    Thank you for your comments, I am not sure why the came up after Jannie’s and they were not in moderation. This Sand project was new to me several years ago, it is very fun.

    I am having a virus problem on the computer today – I am not going to post until I can get this remedied this weekend.
    If it is not one thing – it is just something else!

  11. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    More amazing photos. More fun. We live in a community build in the housing boom. There are 70,000 people here and it’s an hour from everything.
    There’s not a bowling alley, movie theater, nothing.

    There is a run down golf course. I think it could be built up nice and make it all about the kids. Kids only…kids working, kids playing etc. It doesn’t have to be about money. If the owners donated it to the community it would give the kids skills, self esteem …I’ll quit now…

    Anyway love the photos.

  12. Patricia Says:

    The biking architect did a nice job on the photos and sculpting.

    What a neat idea about the golf course…Have you shared it?

    Kids need things to do.

    Love your ideas

  13. Jannie Funster Says:

    I once thought I’d like to lead a wild life of a librarian but the employers were not so keen on me bringing beer and donuts to work.

    So I went into study for a Veterinarian, then a Vegetarian, then a Barbarian all which went bust. Luckily I ended up happily as a Bloggatarian who dabbles in occasional songstertarian.

  14. Patricia Says:

    We are so fortunate that you did not become a Librarian – Bloggatarian -songstertarian is such an important choice – and should not be avoided.

    Have you talked to career planning classes about your vocation?