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Summer Reading: Breakfast with Buddha ~Roland Merullo

This book was just a delight and well worth following up on three folks recommendations.

Opening paragraph on the Amazon dot com overview:

The only thing certain about a journey is that it has a beginning and an end – for you never know what may happen along the way. And so it is with this journey into the minds and souls of two very different men – one of them in search of truth, the other a man who may already have found it.

I downloaded it to my Kindle on a whim and because I just needed to read something lighter while I was on my recent trip.

It was truly better than I expected and I was rather sad when I came to the end.

Merullo’s book was published September 7, 2007 to very warm reviews. Breakfast is based on an actual road trip that the author took and the places he stayed and ventured. The author points out in his notes that he has read and studied Buddhist Teachings and World Religions for an extended period of his life.

Otto Ringling leaves New York City using his vacation time from his position as an editor in a publishing firm – he edits cookbooks – to drive himself and his sister to their parent’s farm in North Dakota- settle the affairs of the estate. His sister, a palm reader living in New Jersey, persuades Otto to take her spiritual teacher instead of her, because she wishes to give her teacher the farm house for a meditation center in the USA.

Her teacher is a Skovordinian Monk from Russia in maroon robes who is pleasant and very quiet. Otto is worried and wants to protect his impoverished sister her future inheritance. He decides that he will take more time to drive to North Dakota and show this visitor the sights and sounds of America along the way.

The Monk declares Otto to be a GOOD MAN.

I can still conjure up the scene at the miniature golf resort and replay it in my mind. There were a number of laugh out loud scenes that truly caught my funny bone in an unprepared state. I never felt like asking, “Are we there yet?”

A good discovery and I am planning finishing my list for summer books and then reading this fun read again in the fall.

I know it is not summer quite yet, but are you getting together a reading list? Do you have a good reading weekend set aside already? I know many folks just read blogs any more, I am hoping your will still squeeze in a few summer book reads?

Due Date for Writing Contest THE DIVORCE coming up June 1, 2009. Check it out.

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12 Responses to “Summer Reading: Breakfast with Buddha ~Roland Merullo”

  1. Dot Says:

    I’ve never stopped reading — I don’t read especially more in summer, but rather in winter.

    Dots last blog post..You Want What?!?

  2. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    “are you getting together a reading list? ”

    I wish, Still can’t manage to find the time to read books in addition to all the online reading and writing I’m doing.

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..Bizarre Vintage Ads

  3. Mark Says:

    Sounds like a good and fun read! I will add this to my list. Yes, I have much to read over the summer. My problem is deciding what to read and what to leave on the shelf. There are so many great books that I want to read, alas there is not enough time. My stack keeps growing.

    Marks last blog post..How Narrow or Wide Is Your Lens?

  4. Patricia Says:

    You can feel free to add this to your winter reading list – I just visualize you surrounded by the wonder of books.

    I know how hard it is to find time, and there are just moments in life when it is not possible to do everything you want to do. Maybe start a book list in your documents folder. I am in the process of reading and giving away all the books I bought when my children were little and just could not squeeze in more than a book a month.

    I just bet you have a stack of books already on your list and in person! This one was lightly deep and I read it in one day – I am sure I will read it again.

    Thank you for your comments.

  5. Jannie Funster Says:

    Dear Patricia,

    I am so excited as I AM READING A BOOK, having denied myself such pleasure until May 11th.

    It’s name is “Four Letters Of Love.” Niall Williams wrote it. Are you familiar with it? I read it when it first came out, 10 years ago or so. I wasn’t even a mom yet then.

    Here is one line from it….” When I thought of it later, adding the fragments she told to the ones I imagined, I would see her childhood like some fine cloth spun of sealight and sand, frayed and ribboned with beauty and grief.”

    And it goes on and on and with poetic prose like that. Set in the west of Ireland. And such a beautiful story too, but I can’t exactly remember how it ends — so that’s a good thing, a surprise to look forward to.

    The one you recommend here does pique me very much. Sounds like the Jack Kerouac story but maybe much more enlightened. (And enlightening.) I do believe my summer reading list shall be whatever YOU recommend!

    And of course, I want to read two of my blogging buddies’ recently released books, Kimmi Rich’s “The Unbreakable Child,” and Thomma Lyn Grindstaff’s, “Mirror Blue. ”

    Hot dang, I think I’m heading to the bookstore NOW!!

    I do not have a Kindle. But I can chop kindling, as you may know. And chop it with great aplomb, (I say most humbly.)

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Hmnnn…?

  6. Patricia Says:

    Loved your comments and will add the two books you recommend – oops three to my list. Reading is so FUN – enjoy each page.

  7. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. I’ve been reading David Richo’s “The Five Things We Cannot Change”, but have stalled halfway through it. Work has distracted me. But I hope to get back to it in a few days. AND…. drumroll… I’ve just ordered Liara’s book Self-Disclosure from the Dreambuilders blog. Looking forward to diving into that one.

    Davinas last blog post..Positively Breathing — Affirmation 3

  8. Patricia Says:

    Yet reading does ebb and flow…I saw Liara’s book on her site too and thought that looked very good. I kind of go for novels during the summer after all the technical, work, non-fiction of the winter months. Happy Reading

  9. Caroline Says:

    That sounds like are really good book. I am just starting a new book and can’t get into it…maybe I will give this one a try 😉

    Carolines last blog post..Time to pause…

  10. Patricia Says:

    I truly enjoyed this book and could not put it down – read it straight through.

    Hope you enjoy it too…a bit different but I find that makes me think a bit too.

    I should forewarn you at one restaurant his food descriptions were so good I started salivating.

  11. Christopher Rubel Says:

    My son, the high school English teacher, told me if I wanted to understand him I had to read “Breakfast with Buddha,” which I just finished. I’m basking in the memory of this book. Retired psychotherapist and Episcopal priest and a long haul truck driver, with my license plate reading for years, I-Thou, this book was a banquet and I’m kneeling at the feet of Roland Merullo.
    Thank you, son, for urging me to read Breakfast…
    “American Savior” is next. Being 77, Otto Ringling could be my son, and I think I knew Rinpoche a number of times over the years. Wish I could hug Roland Merullo, but this comment comes as close I can get for now. I’ll keep working on my fiction stuff, which is memoir-motivated fiction. You’ve encouraged and discouraged me. How anyone writes with such wit, flow, and depth all at the same time is inspiring! A compliment might be: “Undeniably appealing…Seductive.” Wish I’d said that. Blessings to all of you who start this book and can’t put it down. Love, Chris Rubel

  12. Patricia Says:

    Oh Christopher Rubel I am so happy you came by and shared your experience with this book – I too am reading it again right now, in between some pressure points in life…

    Yes, I too wish I could write like this fellow or Barbara Kingslover – then I stop and think – good inspiration but the world already hears their voice and mine is just as wonderful and a good variation for the readers hearts and minds.

    I look forward to reading you work…