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I Love Flowers

I do have a new camera, but I am not able to Photoshop pictures, change them or even post them.


I wanted to share with you the fabulous flowers that greet me in my own yard.  And how much I enjoyed just walking around, in sunshine, to just see them and smell them and touch them.

marigolds and snapdragsorange basket

Flowers never fail me and I have great trust and respect for them.  I do not have a very green thumb and never have the time to take a class, or read a book, or figure things out.  Even without all the right qualifications, flowers just seem to like my appreciation and give me their best.  I like the smell and feel of flowers.  I like the wonderful colors of flowers.  The dandelion and puff of seeds do just what they do best and with such bright attire.


I did not take pictures of the 12 rhododendrons in full or beginning bloom.  I did not get down on my knees to salute the Woodruff under the hedge or attempt to show off the Japanese Strawberry, happy, white, profuse, faces that are the ground cover instead of bark or stone.  I could not capture the subtle drop of the blueberry bushes (15) blooms. The fourth apple tree is in massive bloom, the crabapple tree is a pink pompom of finery although when I took picture of the deep maroon geranium, I was too close and did not use the right setting so it is a blob.  The 100 year old Gravenstein tree lost all its petals in the last wind storm, the front yard tree seems to be taking a year off and the Liberty also suffered in the wind.  Rhubarb is bold and dynamic and we have already enjoyed its sauciness.


Oh I wish you could smell the lilacs and the evergreen clematis….Hardy Gardenias are just starting to bud…A Pileated Woodpecker is on my neighbor’s tree – red headed attraction to my eye and lets me see the gorgeous pink dogwood a few houses down…


My children left me planted pots and a few moments endeavor, which brought me to the garden to witness this morning.

pink basketpurple basket

I am just dazzled by flowers and flowers and as the rain moves back in to knock the petals …I just needed to design an attempt to share…all the delight and gift that surrounds me at this moment in time.


I do so love flowers and they do not disappoint me….

How are you enjoying the moments?  Do you love flowers?  I am sure you must love Chocolate, does it ever disappoint?

I would also like to share with you a post that looks at the WOW factor with a lovely story, I think you might enjoy Julie’s post.

25 Responses to “I Love Flowers”

  1. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Beautiful! Now that Pete is home from fishing, I want photos to share of mine. We seem to be about a month behind you: lilacs just beginning to bloom and tulips among the peony buds.

    Betsy Wuebkers last blog post..MORNING IN PHILADELPHIA

  2. Chania Girl Says:

    Thank you for sharing these flowers with us today. They bring such joy just by their simply being. This post brought a smile to my face.

    Chania Girls last blog post..Happiness 101

  3. Mark Says:

    Thanks for sharing all of your flowers! It was a great weekend to spend tending to the garden and the yard. I spent a good part of my weekend playing in the dirt and enjoy the bountiful nature that I am blessed to have in my own backyard. Have a great day!

    Marks last blog post..Be Thankful For The Challanges in Our Life

  4. Vered - MomGrind Says:


    My garden is filled with blooming roses right now. You just inspired me to write a post about it. :)

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day To The Moms Who Blog

  5. Stacey / Create a Balance Says:

    I love flowers and for now have to enjoy the flowers of others. I do not have a garden but if all goes well, I’ll be buying a home soon that includes beds of flowers. We live near the chicago botanic garden and we walk around there on a regular basis. The flowers there are stunning.

    Stacey / Create a Balances last blog post..Authentic Happiness Series – Part Four (Career)

  6. Julie Says:

    Patricia, you’re in heaven! What a GORGEOUS garden surrounding you have! :) Flowers are magic-makers, aren’t they? …lifting our spirits with all their smiles and artful grace. They are like butterflies who’ve come to rest awhile… Ah, lilacs. I miss those from northern Illinois, where I’m from. And the rhubarb, too. Oh, yes, indeed, you are SO fortunate… Thank you for sharing this with us. I feel like I’ve just taken the most restful walk… Thank you for the link, too. Now I understand what you meant. 😉

  7. Dot Says:

    Wow, those are gorgeous! I’ve never seen so many flowers in one yard. No wonder you wanted to write about them. To be surrounded by all that — they look almost good enough to eat!

    Blueberry flowers? Never seen that. Now that I’m in a northwest-facing condo, I don’t get enough sun for anything but impatiens, petunias and sometimes marigolds, once the trees get their leaves.

    Dots last blog post..April Showers and May Flowers

  8. patricia Says:

    I can hardly wait to see your garden and Pete’s photos…I just truly feel my little camera does not do it justice – I do not know why all the flowers of spring just came together for Mother’s Day…We usually are green but not this prolific.

    Thank you for coming by and sharing your good comments. I was hanging the sheets on the line and listening to the birds and was just drawn to the glorious color all around…I just wanted to share that WOW of joy…

    When I play in the dirt and a so in the moment and not wandering away into the future. Grounded. And then I remember when we planted the bush or discovered slugs all over a plant and how my kids would say ” OOOO yucky”when I would pick them up in hand and toss them in a bucket, and then again when they would wish and blow the seeds off a dandelion!
    Joy is in the garden.

    Oh how lovely, my roses are just starting out – waking up as it has been rather cold this spring (Novemberish) I will look forward to reading about your blooms. Hope they bring you joy.

    Oh I wish for you a garden of your own and I have walked in the Chicago Botanical Garden and it is lovely…Cleveland too has a lovely Garden. Lucky you. I have to confess when I was in Graduate School I had pots of lettuce and tomatoes and flowers in every window in my apartment. Almost as many plants as books – not quite, but close.

    I am so fortunate and blessed indeed. My IT and I did not get the names quite right on each plant…the Scottish Bluebells are prolific and have transplanted themselves from the neighbors yard…to nearly every available spot. We look out onto Capital Lake the Capital Building and on sunny days Mt. Rainier…I was inspired by your WOW post. Thank you – magic makers indeed

  9. patricia Says:

    Hello Dot,
    We have a very shady side to our house too and impatiens are lovely there when the orchard side gets it’s leaves. I think that one should just plant whatever is right for the spot or in containers so they don’t miss out on the blooms.

    We put the tags on all the pictures but they are not quite correct….so for your eyes I will list the names here…

    1 = a daffodil called cheerful
    2 = Hearty Gardenia, yellow snap dragons, and miniature zinnias
    3 = Orange and Yellow Rinachula (sp?)
    4 = Dandelion puff and bloom in daylilly fronds
    5 = Bleeding Heart
    6 = Dyanthus
    7 = Lilacs
    8 = Bacopa – pink
    9 = Pink Rinachula
    10 = Scottish Bluebells (missed the forget me nots)
    11 = Standard Marigolds (slug caviar!)

  10. Evelyn Lim Says:

    I don’t see why you would need photoshop when your pictures are already so lovely! I love flowers myself and for a while, took up a course to learn flower arrangement. Still, I like it best when flowers grow naturally in the garden rather than placed in a vase.

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..What Do You See if You Are Standing Next to God?

  11. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your nice comments – I think my IT person who does do Photoshop did some work on my pictures…there were 18 all together…not so many here!

    I used to love to have flowers in the house, but my family has so many allergies that I stopped bringing the bloomers inside…now I try to plant so that each window of the house has a special bouquet or view right outside.
    The flowers last longer in the garden too

    Patricias last blog post..I Love Flowers

  12. Tracy Says:

    Those are gorgeous! I know nothing much about flowers, not even the names of a lot of them, but I love looking at them and smelling them.

    We were fortunate enough to buy a house last summer that already had gorgeous plants and flowers. Out front, we have huge azalea bushes that were solid bright pink for a few weeks – beautiful! And I’m always finding new treasures popping up here and there.

    It’s wonderful because as I said I never would have been able to do this on my own! I am wanting to learn, but I’m afraid with the little ones still so little, this year I will learn to maintain what I have and gradually start to add plants of my own.

    My neighborhood is full of older ladies and men with gorgeous gardens that are eager to teach me, too. Isn’t that awesome?

    Tracys last blog post..Where do all the millions of dead birds go?

  13. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your nice comments. I am afraid I often do not remember the names of the flowers and I started my own gardening career when my father in law started giving me rose bushes.
    The Scottish bluebells were here in the orchard, as were the poppies and the forget me nots and I must not forget the foxglove. We didn’t plant them and some years they are profuse and some years sparse.
    But it has been fun to move into a house with so much here and the orchard and then discover the plants as they bloomed.

    Good neighbors are a boon and a wealth of knowledge – I just learned about breaking off the rhubarb rather than cutting to keep it from seeding and getting a larger crop.

    A garden is always teaching and keeping one grounded. My children learned to help and enjoyed the process too – until teens
    Good luck on your new endeavors and discoveries.
    My newest neighbor is an environment engineer with gardening in the blood…she has taught me so much in just a couple of years…

    Patricias last blog post..I Love Flowers

  14. Barb Hartsook Says:

    You don’t NEED Photoshop! Their fragrances even come through. Wow… you live in paradise. Our flowers are just poking through the grounds. We plant and mulch Memorial Day weekend — before that there is just too much chance of a last-minute freeze. Temps still in the 50’s at best. So I really appreciate this gift of your gardens for my senses. :)

    Barb Hartsooks last blog post..Why Does an Artist Paint? Or a Writer Write?

  15. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – Thanks for sharing your pics – your flowers are beautiful.

    I love flowers and chocolate. My grandma had a lovely garden and my mum likes gardening too but I just never seem to have to time for it.

  16. Liara Covert Says:

    Thanks for adding natural magic to the lives of all your reads and all those people who feel your positive vibrations in the garden and elsewhere. You are a blessing!

    Liara Coverts last blog post..Hold that thought!

  17. Patricia Says:

    Not freezing here but still only mustering the 50s and heavy rain they are calling November rain..Then last week we had 2 days in the 70s and everything just burst forth on Mother’s Day – a wow experience. I do think I live in a little piece of heaven – and a gift for the senses is what I was trying to accomplish…Thank you

    With my kiddos gone I now have time for gardening, but I have always gardened because we needed the veggies and fruit to get by and through the winter. When I got married, I thought I would not be a gardener, because I had to work in my parent’s huge garden, but I find it a positive distraction in my life and I can let it go and not worry.

    I just wanted to catch the WOW and share it. And I think I did! which is the blessing.
    Thank you for your kind words.

  18. Liara Covert Says:

    Images can capture thoughts and feelings of physical things. People sometimes forget that everything is energy and also has vibration. Some gardeners more attuned to specific, innate sensitivities are described as having ‘a green thumb.’ Another view is that these gardeners read plant energy. They connect to plants much like some people comunicate with animals. To show love and compassion to creatures and things elicits a level of loving communication back from the plant or focus of attention. You may be interested in reading:


    Liara Coverts last blog post..Hold that thought!

  19. Positively Present Says:

    Beautiful flowers!! I do love them…So lovely to look at!

    Positively Presents last blog post..break the chains of adversity in 7 (sort of) easy steps

  20. patricia Says:

    Thank you for the referral read, I will head over there next. I do feel grounded working in the garden and as I am doing something for myself and not just others. I like the tangible results.
    I personally have never owned a dog, though my children have and I have taken care of them. I do not comprehend why dogs are so attracted to me, but they make more friendly overtures than most of their people do…we often smile on our walks. Yes we are all just energy of the one.

    Positively Present,
    Thank you I will tell the flowers around me that you thought they were beautiful – I do love flowers.

  21. Caroline Says:

    Oh my gosh…how beautiful!! The bleeding hearts! And the 3rd photo…it looks like a sunset flower. I bet your garden is the pretties on the block 😉

    Carolines last blog post..Going back to our roots

  22. Patricia Says:

    Thank you that is quite a compliment from a fine photographer and I will take it…I think it has been so gray and rainy and cold that two days of sunshine and 70s and the blooms just sprang forth in the Wow factor…
    Actually our whole street is getting to be full of amazing gardeners! I will always think my is the prettiest!

    Patricias last blog post..I Love Flowers

  23. Jannie Funster Says:

    “Oh I wish you could smell the lilacs and the evergreen clematis”

    Me too!

    We don’t have lilacs here in Texas and I miss them so much. The smell of lilac under my teen window as I was escaping night after early summer night to smooch with my boyfriend is very near and dear to my heart.

    Love the Lindt chocolate, with almond bits. It NEVER disappoints, indeed.

  24. Patricia Says:

    The lilacs are a heady experience this morning, and such a good bush to cover one’s fall from grace – oops I mean window!

    I think chocolate rarely disappoints especially though it is good during the let down after a big performance?

    Patricias last blog post..Dawn and Release

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