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Blogger Dad – Blame Tara Meme

Blogger Dad – Blame Tara Meme

Wow, I got tagged by Blogger Dad to do a meme. Then I saw that Writer Dad had also done the meme and the two of them had made it so funny – I was intimidated.

Both said,” just go for it – lighten up” so I thought I would just give it a try, so here we go:

  1. Who is the hottest movie star? I do not really think much about movie stars “hotness” but I think I would have to go for George Clooney on this one. He also seems like a very good person when he is off screen and active in life enhancing adventures. I can readily name a number of “hot folks” who I think cannot act, but I do not wish to give them that kind of attention – Thank you!Jodi Foster might be considered HOT?And anyone who knows me knows I just have the greatest respect for Meryl Streep, she is powerful and different in every role and I just have to go to every movie. She is a good person and participates in so many causes that support the environment and children. I will confess that yes I did go and see “the Devil Wears Prada” – Streep was great and that Hathaway girl was so awful in it…oh oh now I said it!
  2. Apart from your house and your car, what’s the most expensive item you’ve ever bought?
    I have several amazing pieces of original art in my home. I have 6 originals (two of which won awards) by my oldest daughter, that people make a big deal over as they enter the front door. I have 6 original BikingArchitect paintings of buildings – my favorite is a hot yellow house with a very green tree in a courtyard in Denmark. I have 3 originals from daughter number 2 and 1 original stencil from daughter number 3. With my first career series of paychecks I bought a baby grand piano (sold to cover surgery expenses for the child who was just amazing at the keyboard.)I have two prints by Ann Miletuh – Wardut. She is an artist who lives in Port Townsend, Washington, and creates art with the Dump Children in Brazil in the winter and teaches art on the Ferries in Alaska in the summer. Her use of color is extraordinary.

    My favorite biggest expense was the professional Thermador Convection Oven with a cook top. It is irreplaceable and I have spent so many hours working with it. I persuaded my partner that I must have an antique looking RED $16,000 cook stove for this house remodel. He and the Contractor spent hours trying to persuade me to pick a different stove. So when I picked this $5,000 gem of a work horse, they were both so relieved, they put in the order about an hour later.

  3. What’s your most treasured memory?
    Sunrises: the arrival of two birth daughters was the same moment as sun rise. The hospital delivery room was above the trees; one daughter arriving and the sun rising at the same moment both framed by my knees! Daughter #3’s arrival was off an airplane (my husband’s pregnancy) she was back lit by sunrise and all we could see was her black hair sticking straight up off her head and Grandmother’s lovely pink blanket!When we were remodeling this house and the windows had just been installed on the Eastside; we were still all sleeping in the living room, one morning we woke up to the sun rising right out of Mount Rainier and right beside the Capital Dome…we just all curled up together and felt the beauty and the love of being there at the start of a new day.
  4. What was the best gift you ever received as a child?
    Self – discipline and the love of learning just seem like right at the top of the list, but I think most meme writers would think of a toy. In that category, I would say when I finally got my first wrist watch because I knew how to tell time.
  5. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made? Going to Seminary and becoming an Ordained Minister. I can write that with no hesitation. As a person who liked to be first at most things, this was not a good career choice for going first – I was not actually first, but still in the front running.
  6. 4 words to describe yourself. Kind. Writer. Compassionate. Awesomemom.
  7. What was your highlight or lowlight of 2008? High: starting Patriciaswisdom.
  8. Favourite film? I truly enjoy a good movie with good acting, but I have several movies I watch for motivation and I own ( I own very few movies) Under the Tuscan Sun and Momma Mia I watched many times when I have just experienced one too many rainy days! I watch Ground Hogs Day on Grounds Hogs Day to remember my Father ( his birthday day) and I watch Baby Boom to remember how radical we thought we were, and how if we ended up with a baby and working in our own kitchen, we still had enough brain power to succeeded.
  9. Tell me one thing I don’t know about you. I have never been offered the job after doing a job interview. Every job I have ever done has been because I was volunteering and someone offered me the position when someone resigned or quit.
  10. If you were a comic book/strip or cartoon character, who would you be? Brenda Starr!

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30 Responses to “Blogger Dad – Blame Tara Meme”

  1. Dot Says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the link. I’ll tackle that.

    Dots last blog post..Live and Learn

  2. MOM, PATRICIA TAGGED ME! | Passing Thru Says:

    […] actually, she tagged both of us.  I’m not generally a fan of memes, but this one has fabulous antecedents: Tara, Blogger Dad […]

  3. Stacey / Create a Balance Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed learning more about you though those questions.

    Stacey / Create a Balances last blog post..Authentic Happiness Series – Part Five (Design Your Life)

  4. Jannie Funster Says:

    So Mama Mia is that good,eh? I’m tempted. And Streep walks on water as an actress and always has. She is almost too good, and if here counterpart does not match up, he’s toast.

    I am surprised you found becoming an Ordained Minister your biggest mistake. Care to expound, if I’m not being too nosy?

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Bord on a wire, 9 & 10 1/2

  5. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    I loved Under the Tuscan Sun – and have met the real life Frances Mays! Her husband, Ed, is one of the most handsome men I’ve ever laid eyes on. No wonder she fell for him! I didn’t like Mamma Mia; I must be one of the two people on earth who can’t stand Abba music, and I’ve not met the other one.

    Thanks, Patricia, for adding to a fun week! 😀

    Betsy Wuebkers last blog post..MOM, PATRICIA TAGGED ME!

  6. Patricia Says:

    I can hardly wait you are welcome for the link – my pleasure

    Thank you for coming by and reading this meme. You could just do the meme and pass it on? It is a rather fun one!

    Mama Mia is not that good, except for Meryl belting the songs out, but when I was singing to make money in Grad school I had to know all the Abba songs for requests…and be happy, happy, It brings back some of the best memories of my life.
    Someday I will tell my seminary story….but being a token person in a male dominated program was extremely abusive.

    Oh how lucky you are to have met Frances Mays! I am not a great Abba fan, but the songs are so connected to one of the happiest periods of my life and the movie though not great is fun to dance to and sing along with on the 44th day of rain in a row!…lifts my spirits.

  7. Robin Says:

    Hi Patricia! I love your description of the birth of your 2 daughters – isn’t that amazing they were both born at sunrise! In astrology that says they would have great leadership qualities. Your husband was pregnant with no 3?

    Your stove sounds great – I’ve always (sort of) wanted a wood stove. I lived in a country house with one for 3 years, but it was broken and we couldn’t use it – I just like the idea of the fire being on all the time. – R

    Robins last blog post..Wanting To Look Young

  8. patricia Says:

    So nice to see you and read your comments – Thank you, I was working on not worrying about you.
    #3 daughter is adopted so my husband did all the paper work and forms and my body was in great shape at her arrival, which also was at sunrise at the airport….she was so back lit by the sunrise that all we could see of her was her black hair sticking straight up off her head and Gram’s knit pink blanket – so we knew it was her as she was carried off the plane!

    The stove is great but there is no way to repair it anymore…it is electric convection oven and gas range top….I loved the antique looking cook stove with warming oven and I did know it was out of my price range…my neighbor had a wood range and it was going all the time – the combination of cinnamon rolls rising and wood burning…oh the memories.

  9. Mark Says:

    This was a fun way to get to know you better, thanks for sharing. One of my most recent favorite movies with “Ambition to Meaning” staring Wayne Dyer. Check it out, I think you will love it and find that it is one that you will watch over and over again.

    Marks last blog post..Nothingness – Enjoying Nothing

  10. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for dropping by – I should have tagged you with this meme as we all need to get to know you better…not just from your great writing and thoughtful and provoking posts.
    Thank you for the movie suggestion, Mr. Dyer and I go way back! but with blogging so intently I have not kept pace .

    Patricias last blog post..Blogger Dad – Blame Tara Meme

  11. Dave Fowler Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I loved your answers to this meme and you certaining did have me lauhing. I loved the way you wrote about ‘hot’ movie stars. I also loved the oven saga.
    Very informative and entertaining. I feel I know you better.
    I don’t know what you were concerned about. Like I said elsewhere… I wouldn’t have bother mentioning those two bozos. 😛

  12. patricia Says:

    Thank you for dropping by and thinking I was funny – it was rather a fun meme to work on and the oven saga was very fun in real time!

    I was thinking that if I included the 2 instigators I might get them to comment on my blog/ or even drop by….? guess not so far

    but then you are so much more clever and always make me laugh!

  13. Dave Fowler Says:

    My pleasure. 😀

    The dynamic duo will be a long at some point, I’m sure they’re just playing catch up. They’ve always got their fingers in lots of pies and seem to actively seek new pies to put their fingers in.

    I just hope they wash them first. :)

    Dave Fowlers last blog post..Three To Five

  14. Patricia Says:

    I have never gotten a comment from Tara on my blog…that would be something…I would take the sticky fingers any time!

  15. Dave Fowler Says:

    Yeah, that Tara and her Sticky Fingers is another one with a crazy schedule owing to fingers in pies.

    Blogging (serious blogging, that is) is madness when I think about it. It’s why I quite like being on the periphery at the moment. I just dip in and out as my schedule allows.

    I must admit, finding a way to get around to all the people I like became so difficult I just couldn’t manage it in the end (even though I desperately wanted to), hence I became a Selfish Blogger.


    Dave Fowlers last blog post..Three To Five

  16. Patricia Says:

    I will not hold my breath, but thought I would like the posy/feather in my cap.
    I read about 200 blogs a week that I really like or as learning tools for http://www.bikingarchitect.com which I also write.

    I just do as many as I am able in 2 hours each night…MWFS are 2 hours for PW and T TH are 2 hours for BA. Unless a title really pops out at me..

    I am just terrible at finding ads and getting paid for my work and of course I have zero IT ability.

    It is such a great deal of work that no one ever suspects – just go A list on the first shot is the hope…I think that is why I keep going, I don’t think I wish to be A listed …I think I would rather just have devoted readers and some commenters that believe I have something worthwhile to say!

    Glad the Selfish blogger is back – you were missed by this fan for sure

  17. Sara Says:

    Patricia — I’ve never been a big fan of these “tag” things, but I really enjoyed learning more about you. You also surprised me about the ordained minister, but not about the awesome mom. I also loved Under the Tuscan Sun and my best jobs came from volunteer work, rather than a normal interview. This was nice and thank you for sharing so much about yourself:~)

    Saras last blog post..You Can Reach Beyond Your Fear

  18. Tara@Sticky Fingers Says:

    What’s this what’s this? The Blame Tara Meme!
    How did that happen? it wasn’t called that when it left me!
    You didn’t think you could do all this behind my back and me not find out did you! Darn that Blogger Dad. I have come here via a very twisty turny route, but I’ve found you!
    I found Dot’s answers, which led me back to you Patricia.
    And, like Dave said (oh lordy am I really agreeing with him), you had nothing to worry about. Great answers which reveal lots about you but are still fun. The best and only memes I’ll entertain!
    Sorry it took me so long to find you x

    And just one more thing – hands. Off. Mr. Clooney.

    Tara@Sticky Fingerss last blog post..The enduring appeal of Mr Potato Head

  19. patricia Says:

    I thought this meme was fun and worth a try – helped me lighten up a bit Oh I am so happy I am not the only one to not get jobs via the interview – you don’t know how wonderful that makes me feel.
    It turned out to very fun.

  20. patricia Says:

    Tara@Sticky Fingers,
    Welcome to this spot – you made my day. Thank you for dropping by.
    The title is from Blogger Dad so we can just keep on with the Blame game!
    Now, now do not worry about George and your hold on his attentions – I just say I think for today, in this time and culture, he would be who I would consider “hot”. But for the passion button pusher of my soul – well I would have to agree with Betsy at Passing Thru about Gregory Peck and I am listening to Josh Grobin right now – heart goes pitter patter

    I think it was a good meme to pass on…Thank you…
    Thanks to Dave for giving you fair warning…good to have fun


  21. Dave Fowler Says:

    I too think George Clooney is ‘Hot’ but only because I sometimes have to double check the mirror and make sure it’s me looking back at myself and not my lookalikey actor friend. LOL. 😀

    Of course I’m only kidding – I look much more like Daniel Craig.

    For the record, I had nothing to do with Tara’s appearance (if indeed, I am the ‘Dave’ you were referring to) I haven’t been near Mrs Sticky in over three days! :)

    Dave Fowlers last blog post..Three To Five

  22. Patricia Says:

    Dave I am sure you must look like George Clooney with a better sense of humour.

    3 folks in the past month have said I looked like Susan Boyle – I went and had my hair done yesterday…;) I wish I could still sing getting my voice back is not going so well!

    Mrs Sticky was here….you are the reference Dave…

  23. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.
    We have something in common, other than blogging and loving to write. I adore Meryl Streep. She is my favourite actress and The Devil Wears Prada… Well, I own the DVD and have probably watched it 8 or more times.

    Davinas last blog post..Mindful Melancholy

  24. Patricia Says:

    Streep is in the movie Julia and Julia coming out in October 2009, I can hardly wait….it is about Julia Child who was so funny – should be a great entertainment.

    Great people just are attracted to each other!

  25. Tara@Sticky Fingers Says:

    Errr did Dave Fowler try to tell us he looks like George Clooney? Bwahahahahaha hahahaha hahahah hahaha hahahah


    Tara@Sticky Fingerss last blog post..Love is . . .

  26. Patricia Says:

    but then who am I to talk…I went and got a haircut on Friday because 3 folks suggested I looked like Susan Boyle…

    he’s a funny dude! ha ha

    Patricias last blog post..And The Winner Is!

  27. Dave Fowler Says:

    Oh, sorry, I meant George Formby. 😀

    Dave Fowlers last blog post..A Limerick Tribute To Sean Platt: A Ghostwriter

  28. Patricia Says:

    Now I have to ask George Formby Jr or Sr?

    I could not find a photograph at Wikipedia for either one but you are safe with the reference.

    Did you write the song: My pants are rolled up? Quite a list of hits

    Patricias last blog post..And The Winner Is!

  29. Dave Fowler Says:

    Couldn’t find a photo? Phew! Thank goodness for that. :)

    Dave Fowlers last blog post..A Limerick Tribute To Sean Platt: A Ghostwriter

  30. Patricia Says:

    I’m laughing out loud!

    Patricias last blog post..A Modern Fairy Tale