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Opening Day

I am not talking about baseball season or fishing, I am excited about Opening Day of the Farmer’s Market.

farmers market

The place is full of bustle and hum and there is a good row of trucks lined up behind the booths. Several of the eateries were in full swing. A band was working its magic on the crowd and several boys were strumming away on guitars at the far end.

We could see pansy bowls, garden vegetable starts, wooden puzzles and toys, jewelry, smoked meats, organic chickens, fish market, wintered apples and D’anjou pears, homemade soaps, bee houses and bird houses, baby clothing, tied died everything, and of course the organic berry farmer with lots of jam and syrups on hand.

Every kind of artistry you can imagine in every third stall.

The Master Gardeners were not open yet so a lovely young woman was doing face painting at their spot and the palm reader was set up under her umbrella next to the banjo pickers.

Candy man and Salsa man had stacks and stacks of their treats laid out on tables and all three bakeries had long lines and bright, wholesome treats and breads. It was a feast to just feel and smell and enjoy.

Something new to add to our adventure; Veronica’s Living Wreaths is a new booth and we found just the right one to enhance our front door. They are made of moss and ferns and will do well in our shady north facing porch. If they get dry – stick it in a pan of water for about an hour.

This is also opening day of the Tulip Festival. I am afraid that the tulips are not open yet because of our seriously cold, wet spring. Well have a sigh and never fear the daffodils are hearty and in full swing.


Oh! and this maybe the best part of it all – Sunshine – All day Sunshine! Thermometer moving towards 60 degrees and 4 more days predicted of SUNSHINE!

Do you have a farmer’s market to enjoy? What is your favorite adventure on a Spring day?
How is the weather in your neck of the woods?
Let’s talk…

Please don’t forget about the writing contests!

14 Responses to “Opening Day”

  1. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. I enjoy going to farmer’s markets too. Fresh, locally-grown produce gets my mouth watering. There’s always a happy buzz in the air as people meander around — sort of like kids at an amusement park.

    A favourite adventure for me is to start out with no real plan and see where my path leads. Usually this involves window shopping, an outside cafe, a good friend and a scrumptous cup of coffee.

    Davinas last blog post..When Surgery is a Laughing Matter

  2. Mike Goad Says:

    We have small farmers’ market that is open a couple days a week. However, it’s not much, certainly nothing like what we saw in Davina’s area or in Madison, Wisconsin, when we visited there last September.

    On a Spring day, nothings better that taking a hike in the woods.

    The weather here is blustery and cold! 48 degrees (F) and feels like 38. Tonight, we’re supposed to have a hard freeze and freeze warning extend across most of Arkansas!

    Our daffodils are long past blooming and — wonder of wonders — our tulips from last year bloomed again this year. That never happens! Our winters are generally not cold enough for tulips and we treat them as annuals instead of perennials.

    Mike Goads last blog post..The Sun Has Lost Its Spots — Part 2

  3. Dot Says:

    Sounds great! I like Davina’s approach. Our farmer’s market never has the crafts added, which would definitely improve it for me. In fact, I don’t even know where they moved it when they renovated the area. Worth looking for.

    Our temperatures have been in the 50’s during the day, near freezing at night, with a few days near 70. It’s been sunny and so dry that we really need rain. I had 15 crocuses instead of the usual 5 — don’t know why. They’re gone now, the daffodils are up, and I see a tulip bud. The pear trees are blooming, but not the cherry trees yet (ours are never as early as downtown).

    Dots last blog post..Silva CDs 7 and 8

  4. patricia Says:

    Oh yes there is lots of fair trade coffee and home made juices too. Behind the long market is a parking lot and a view of the port, but if you look up yesterday and today – there are the Olympic Mountains which are freshly snow covered and just look like they are floating on the water. I know you can see them from Downtown in your city too….a feast of movement and food, and people,and energy – good fuel

    Our market started slowly, but then some folks just got bursting with excitement and added lots of local artists to the mix. It really is a community gathering place – I think the tulip festival is going to be a lost year/even though it got plenty cold enough – all the ones in our yard are coming up with no blooms…and the camellias are truly in sad shape. We have so much ice and snow damage in our yard it is sad really. Thanks for coming by.
    Your crocus sound wonderful and very prolific – yeah! and a bloom coming on the tulip – well not here! Our plum is just about out, apple trees just peeking open but the cherry trees around the Capital building and around the bay are spectacular.
    Every year seems to be a different show!

  5. Mark Says:

    Sounds like a great day! Love the farmers markets, love the smells, the food, the people watching …

    Marks last blog post..Relationship Question – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  6. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    I LOVE the Farmer’s Market. We used to go every week when the kids were little – it was our Sunday morning outing. Now we only go occasionally.

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..First Rose of the Season

  7. Patricia Says:

    It is just a lovely place to get weekly food and enjoy and not be efficient!

    I love the Farmer’s Market too….

  8. Barb Hartsook Says:

    Ahhh you are ahead of us in temps. Still way to cold. But the Market is coming. Davina had me walking with her in her comment… no particular path. Just see, smell, enjoy the coffee and enjoy the goodies.

    I clicked on your link and saw the jars of jams and my mouth watered. Yumm…..

  9. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for the cool drink of water at your site…I love the jams..they are so good…and the syrups…oh now I got started!
    Thanks for dropping by

  10. J.D. Meier Says:

    I always like how Spring feels … it feels like *renewal*.

    I like to soak it up by taking a ride and wandering around.

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Know and Share Yourself Enough

  11. Robin Says:

    Those daffodils are so beautiful, Patricia! I really enjoyed you description of the market – we have a few of those around here, but I haven’t been to one lately.

    It’s autumn here and the weather is up and down – cool and a bit rainy today – but low 20s predicted for the next week or so (which is warmish).

    Robins last blog post..Calling All Gods And Goddesses!

  12. Patricia Says:

    J.D. Meier
    Spring is just great and energizing too. My husband went on a 65 mile bike ride it was so great a day and then started the lettuce and the beans in the garden..outside after so much rain.

    It must feel great to be a bit cooler these days. It is so hard for me to wrap my thinking around autumn when I am just enjoying a warm up after such a cold winter.
    Thank you for coming by – a seasonal visit!

  13. Jannie Funster Says:

    Patricia! We actually have 3 Farmers’ Markets here, 2 of them on Saturday mornings. We may even have a 4th, as I recall. Where we did that show a couple weeks ago, the video on my site? We were playing at a Farmers Market, the Wednesday afternoon one. How cool is that?

    (btw, I think Ill post another song video from that show next week on my blog.)

    My maternal grandmother, right up until her final years sold her veggies and pies at one too. I have such great memories of helping her sell stuff on Saturday mornings.

    Farmers’ Markets and tulips rule!!

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Potential Regalements

  14. Patricia Says:

    Farmers’ Markets and tulips rule!!- you are absolutely right Jannie!