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Kindle 2 and 5 Things I Love About It!

I have been the happy owner of a Kindle Reader since August 2008. I had purchased one early on for my daughter who is studying to be an Information Science person (Librarian), because I just thought it was an invaluable tool for someone who likes to read and research.

I wrote about my first thoughts about Kindle I here.

My first Kindle has moved on to another daughter who is in graduate school and the text books are so much less – I think kiddos who are going to college should all have one.

Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny brought me a Kindle II – Lucky ME!

Here are my 5 tops reasons for liking the Kindle II

  • The page turning control button is not so large or sensitive. I am not accidentally turning 5 pages any more. The Note taking and Highlighting features are much easier to navigate, cleaner and more decisive in its information recovery.
  • This Kindle is lighter weight and I can carry over 1400 books tucked inside my purse and it weighs about a pound. Lighter than my Nintendo DS player.
  • I can read in the sunshine and I can change the print size and not have to change glasses when my eyes are tired. ( I don’t have distance vision in my reading glasses – I run into things)
  • I can still read twice as fast as a bound book, and I can get several blogs, newspapers, magazines and save on paper (TIME magazine is $1.49 a month and almost all books are under $10.)
  • The Kindle II reads aloud to me…when I am cooking, driving, and just before dropping off to sleep…..no wasted moments. (Well, I do listen to a lot of books and lectures on tape anyway, but this reads the technical books too!)
  • I like change and I like how Kindle is changing the way books are published and read. This change is one that makes my life easier and better. I like how this format saves on paper. I still read lots of blogs every day, do research on the computer and I enjoy the magazine format of StumbleUpon.

    What other tools have you discovered that you like and make your life easier?
    Do you think you would like or not like a Kindle – why?
    Did you know that lots of folks read blogs on their phones now? Way fun? Or Too Much?

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    39 Responses to “Kindle 2 and 5 Things I Love About It!”

    1. Natural Says:

      hi patricia. okay i’m jealous. you have a kindle, not one but you’re on your second one.

      i’m just too cheap to spend that much money. it’s nice to have all those books without the weight. i have a pocket pc that allows me to carry so many books or even download books. it’s not bad at all. not as nice as the kindle, but i’m still never w/o a book.

      enjoy it.

      Naturals last blog post..My Two Left Feet

    2. J.D. Meier Says:

      I like to turn the page, but I also like the idea of the Kindle.

      I probably will get a Kindle some day, at least for trips.

      J.D. Meiers last blog post..Innovation Life Cycle

    3. Dot Says:

      The Kindle sounds like the new best way to read. And a pound is getting down near the weight I’d want it to be. I really like the fact that it reads to you. Only my PC will do that, not my Palm Tungsten, though I can read books on it if I want my eyes to water and hurt. But I have unusual vision issues.

      I won’t be getting one, though, for a variety of reasons. Cost is a factor, both of the hardware and the books. I get most of my books discounted, either on half.com or from Bookmooch, where books are swapped and the only cost is postage. I suppose eventually they’ll have Kindle books, too, and then it will become more worthwhile.

      My favorite new help is a 16 gig USB hard drive half the size of a pack of gum. For $6. Amazing for someone who was around when the first personal computer had 64k of memory.

      PS – Writing contest – Since I haven’t met him yet, I can’t write about how we met. 😉

      Dots last blog post..All About Chocolate

    4. Vered - MomGrind Says:

      I haven’t tried Kindle. I’m intrigued!

      Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..Skiing In Lake Tahoe, California

    5. Patricia Says:

      I am amazed at how much I enjoy reading this way and to kindlize a text is often cheaper than the text, so my kids in grad. school have found them to be great also.
      I thought I was a classic book reader but this is easier reading.

      As another big reader, you will love turning the pages on the Kindle it is easy and smooth…but I love the note and highlighting features very much too. I am just waiting for them to add more blogs.

      All of my workbooks and texts for my Ethics renewal class next week were on the Kindle…I spent $30 not $ 266 dollars and the authors were paid for their efforts. I have all the books read and highlighted for prep for the Exam….and will have the Kindle read to me on my six hour drive to the exam site….the 2 was a surprise but am glad of it…..The instructor did not pick a single used book….because we are upgrading our certifications…
      This is saving me money and time. I visit several seniors who like that the Kindle reads to them
      Interested in your new drive unit too…sounds good.
      I wished I had my Dragon dictate working during this torn muscle event…typing involves on my lap (lots of spelling errors or typos) or leaning forward (painful) – You are so good at figuring out these new technologies. I am just proud of myself for figuring out the Kindle.

      I thought I would hate not having a the book, but it is so much easier….and now that they are adding blog reading…I think it will change the way we read in new and good ways. My neighbor gets her New York Times on it everyday – first thing in the morning. I am a convert and so enjoy it.

    6. Patricia Says:

      The fifth contest is about the future of marriage and how you envision it for our society? I am sure you have a wonderful opinion on that subject…and you are a great researcher and writing….I am hoping you will write?

    7. Miles McClagan Says:

      If you get one and don’t expect it it’s a Kindle Surprise…

      I won’t stop until that joke is everywhere…

      Miles McClagans last blog post..Post 248 – The unfinished fragments of other peoples lives

    8. patricia Says:

      Good joke to get around! Very funny thank you

    9. Davina Says:

      Hi Patricia. Well you learn something new every day. I’d never heard of a Kindle until now. I’m intrigued by this as I too like the idea of it reading to me. I don’t have plans to buy one at the moment, but thanks for educating me. I guess I don’t have to say, “Enjoy your Kindle,” do I? :-)

      Davinas last blog post..The Morning Muse — Photo Story

    10. Barbara Swafford Says:

      Hi Patricia – This is the second review I’ve read on Kindle in the last week. At first I thought, I would miss holding a real book, but now after reading your review, too, I’m thinking it might be a good thing.


      Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Gain Readers By Selling Yourself

    11. Mark Says:

      Interesting, I did not think I would like a Kindle because I do like the feel of a book, I love the idea of going and pulling an old favorite off the shelve. I will have to reconsider and check out the Kindle.

      I am intrigued about its use for text books and that th

      Marks last blog post..Be Open to Wisdom It Comes In Many Ways

    12. Patricia Says:

      I have just read a 900 page novel in 2 days as my Easter treat…and I bought the leather Kindle book cover and it makes it feel like an elegant book. This is truly a joy.

      30 books and it pays for itself. I will always own all those books but they will be on the Kindle Archive’s Shelf waiting for me or I can down load to my computer or a flash stick (?) I bought the replacement insurance also because I heard of a fellow dropping his overboard and they just sent him a new one with all his books on it. I thought I would not “Love” this but I do.. No dusting, and I am excited that I will be able to get some blog subscriptions to my favorite blogs on it too…it’s coming…

      With the leather cover it feels like some of my favorite childhood reads….I do not miss the book form at all, and authors are paid appropriately without all the paper…the other night the pain was so awful, I just needed to read my favorite poet….10 seconds it was downloaded and I was reading and being comforted by the favorite poems.
      All of my text books were on the Kindle format except one, It cost me $40 to have it Kindlized and that was cheaper than buying the whole text book.
      It is making my research much easier.

    13. Tracy Says:

      I’d really love to try a Kindle. A lot of times when I’m out with the kids, I’ll have a few minutes where I could possibly be reading but who wants to lug a library with them? Also, we love books in this family but only have so much room to store them and who has time to dust them? I’m sure it’s also more environmentally friendly to transmit books electronically.

      I suppose a downside would be not being able to easily pass on books to friends or donate them when they are no longer useful to you.

      Thanks for the review!

      Tracys last blog post..My First Life Coaching Session

    14. patricia Says:

      I had a great many worries about the Kindle, and one was that I could not share books with other friends. I have donated 119 books to different charities this year already and still had to buy several books that were not on Kindle.
      My house is still too full of books. Also not sharing books gives the Library more of a workout!….
      I really dislike dusting, but think our resources are put to better use than so many books and newspapers….I love reading blogs, much better than magazines.
      Thank you for your comments and for coming on by

    15. Tracy Says:

      Hey Patricia, that was my didn’t even want a stupid Kindle no way no how anyway argument! You can’t poke holes in that! 😉

      You know what’s cute, they have some picture books available for the iPhone. I’ve downloaded some of those and if we’re stuck waiting someplace, my little ones crawl on my lap and we read through one of those together. It’s just as cozy as a cardboard book!

      I don’t think paper books will ever be totally obsolete, but I do agree that this is a good use of resources.

      Tracys last blog post..My First Life Coaching Session

    16. Liara Covert Says:

      Patricia, your words are always music to the ears of your readers. You offer substance for reflection. To feel elf-directed is a very meaningful thing.

      Liara Coverts last blog post..Why learn to split consciousness?

    17. Patricia Says:

      Kindle books are available on Iphone if you are in the middle of reading them…they have an iphone app. but I don’t have an iphone so I did not investigate.
      Sorry for working on your cover argument, but you sound like me just a short time ago…!

    18. Patricia Says:

      Thank you for your lovely words…I am still working on being able to sing again too!
      I am not sure how I am elf-directed?

    19. Caroline Says:

      My friend has one and loves it! I can only imagine how awesome that would be in college! I hope when my kids are there they can have that instead of lugging around all those text books! I love technology!!!

    20. patricia Says:

      I am not sure I love technology, but I surely do enjoy this gadget and I have spinal/ hip damage from lugging all those text books around in a skirt and stockings….

      Thank you for coming on by…loved your sparkling Vegas blossoms

    21. Stacey / Create a Balance Says:

      I didn’t realize Kindle can read to you. Now I may need to think twice about getting one. Thanks for the review.

      Stacey / Create a Balances last blog post..Authentic Happiness Series – Part Three (Community)

    22. Patricia Says:

      You are welcome for the review and yes the Kindle II reads to you, male or female computer voice. There is some controversy over this feature, but I have had no problem with it so far.

    23. UrbanPanther Says:

      Oh, I think I will be the last to get one of these. I LOVE books. I love the smell of them. I love the feel of them. I love going into book stores, and browsing. I love leaving books all over the house to pick up to read a paragraph or two. Yup, I will definitely be the last to get one a Kindle.

      UrbanPanthers last blog post..Feeling a bit sluggish

    24. Patricia Says:

      That is good too…you know what you like and go for it!

    25. Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome Says:

      I want one! It’s not quite enough to make me want to move to the USA, but close! 😉

      Alex Fayle | Someday Syndromes last blog post..Addicted to Downloading: Procrastinating with eBooks

    26. Patricia Says:

      The drive to have one of these was nearly overwhelming…I can relate! I know they are available in the UK, Australia, and Canada – all forms of English…When I was registering mine, I saw that there were at least 3 other language options, but I did not take time to thoroughly check it out – I was too excited.

      I do know that a friend of mine can download books in France and Spain/ Italy and India – even on an airplane in about 15 seconds..
      She is a mediator and always traveling. Plus she gets her newspapers daily! There is hope?

      They are making changes so rapidly maybe by July 27th!

    27. Barb Hartsook Says:

      Some day….. especially if I start traveling again. In the meantime, I love reading a real book with real pages. Love the smell of new books. Won’t ever NOT do that, I think.

      Your post does sell me on the possibilities, though. Wasn’t interested in the first one for the very things that have been improved in the second version.

      Barb Hartsooks last blog post..Do We Really Get What We See?

    28. Dot Says:

      You’ve almost got me convinced. The books-all-over-the-house and dusting certainly helped convince me. Can you donate Kindle books? Or did you already say that? I’m so glad you got the gift of a new one and reviewed it for us.

      Dots last blog post..All About Chocolate

    29. Patricia Says:

      I think with traveling the Kindle is awesome, but also as I let go of some of the stuff in my life…I was inspired to bundle up Easter decorations and set aside those that belong to the children and give the rest away to others – I still have too many “real” books, but this is a good way too.

      All the Kindle books you purchase are archived on your Kindle account – even if the Kindle falls into the ocean! Or you can put them on one of those little flash drives which I got to store my financial records….Other’s can load your books from the flash drives so I suppose one can share and give away books.
      I believe the technology is getting there…just as so many movies are on line now?
      We shall see, but I surely like this new one for right now

    30. Jannie Funster Says:

      Boo-hoo hoo.

      Has my comment been eaten?

      Oh well.


      Jannie Funsters last blog post..Twitterpated (not!) (yet)

    31. Jannie Funster Says:

      Oooo, what tools have I found that I like? I may wax eloquent here, so please forgive me.

      Can opener.
      Potato peeler.
      Air mattress blower-upper.
      Bailer twine.
      Guitar tuner.
      Fingernail clipper.
      Nail file.
      Eyebrow plucker.
      Horseless carriage.

      Wait… Did Liara really mean to write elf-directed?! That’s a hoot!

      Patricia, are you? Elf-directed, that is? All this genius here directed from a previously unsuspected source?

      Oh , how can I finish this comment now? I’m laughing too hard.

      Kindle, yes I remember well your mountainous trek and champagne debauchery of the maiden Kindle voyage. It is a memory dear to my heart indeed. You were reborn on that trip, as you should’ve been. And deserved. And now you are on the second generation Kindle, whilst I have not even received my long-pined for i-Phone yet.

      Luckily, all shall be revealed in time.

      And dew-fangled electronic gadgets will still be there for the taking.

      Jannie Funsters last blog post..Twitterpated (not!) (yet)

    32. Robin Says:

      Hi Patricia – this is very interesting! I have never known anyone personally who had a kindle – I would never have even thought of reading books this way. Hmmm

      Robins last blog post..Tomato Seeds And Delicious Fruit

    33. Patricia Says:

      I am having an interesting time with comments this week, my IT person is taking exams and has a beeeeg presentation due…so I am attempting not to interrupt her… but your comments are greatly appreciated and I adore your list of favorite tools and gadgets…a boost.
      I am not sure if Liara meant elf-directed but I have enjoyed that concept all week long and told my massage therapist and she called to leave a question for my elf on my voice mail!
      I have heard of angel directed….and I took a course from a professor who was the worlds leading expert on how many angels could stand on the head of a pin….???
      Kindle II has an app. for the iphone too….alas I have not an iphone or a blackberry.
      I am sure these gadgets are here to stay…

    34. Patricia Says:

      My only concern about the Kindle is that it and other readers as they get this “good” will put bookstores out of business that do not use an e-reader system….just as blogs are putting newspapers and magazines out of print business…
      I think it is good for the environment and it is surly easier on my eyes – and I do enjoy the systems very much….but I do have that worry.

      Patricias last blog post..Under Wear

    35. Hilary Says:

      Hi Patricia .. I was really interested on your summary of the Kindle II .. – so that was interesting.

      The question I wonder if you can answer .. is how many books and what sort of books are available on the Kindle?

      Thanks for the informative post ..
      Hilary Melton-Butcher
      Positive Letters

      Hilarys last blog post..Heraldry .. "a shorthand of history" – part 3/4

    36. patricia Says:

      I am not sure I can directly answer your questions, but I will give it my best here: I now have about 60 books on my KindleII. I had to pay to have a text book put on the program but that was $40 versus the text which was $166. I have had two books not appear on the Kindle list when I tried to purchase…one was the novel The Highest Tide ( reviewed here) which I purchased paperback for about $10. and Thin is the New Happy which I purchase used for $3. so I did not try to Kindle.
      I also have Time magazine and the New York Times on Kindle.
      Yes magazine is coming soon.
      I have heard of 2 editors who edit on Kindles and one researcher who took 130 books to a conference in Europe on Kindle….I think the A team players put anything they want on Kindle. I can not afford that.
      Every week I get an email from Kindle on Amazon about the new books in the store, new blogs and newspapers available, and magazines.
      There is a whole group of authors who just write Kindle books.

      I have also found that if you go to the Kindle page at Amazon and find the connect to us page or contact us page the folks there are amazing….and the always reply so I can understand.
      Hope that is helpful?
      Thank you for asking and dropping by.

    37. Bord On A Wire, 7 & 8 | Jannie Funster Says:

      […] To feel elf-directed is a very meaningful thing [lifted from Patricia’s Wisdom comments […]

    38. Mary Jane (Logan) Bradley Says:

      Hi, Trish! I did it! I bought a Kindle! Your praise of it spurred me on to more investigation, and thanks to good timing, I even purchased the Kindle II just as they were drastically reduced by $100! Hurray! This time: “a day late and $100 ahead!”

      I’m still getting used to it, but am excited to take it on our trip to Greece in November.

      Thanks for the recommendation. mj

    39. Patricia Says:

      Mary Jane,
      Glad you got a Kindle and saved money…I took 31 books with me to UK and for only 1 pound. I found I could read on the bus and the airplane with it by making the print a wee bit bigger – no motion sickness at all. I read 5 books while away and did not miss out on Time Magazine or NY Times – There every morning (well afternoon for me!)

      I heard some one say that is was not something they would ever use as a Palm Reader had not worked out and they hated pushing the bar to change the pages…I am still raving a year later.

      I am reading a book with a eating plan for not getting Diabetes, hope that I can figure out how to flip to the recipes easily and skip the other information in the front of the book…but I think it is just a matter of bookmarking carefully?

      Oh and Greece…lucky you…

      I now have the travel bug but no funds ….my blog is only making me $10 a month but I am working on some other product ads now…so I can get more income.

      Did you purchase the Kindle off my site….? I get paid for that …
      Am I hustling here?