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Book Review: The Highest Tide ~Jim Lynch

Yep! I read a lot of books. I even read books for FUN and this particularly book is right up there in the lot of fun category.

The book is a first novel by a local journalist, it is a national bestseller, it is a quirky coming of age tale, it is the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Annual Book Award Winner, it gives us an emotional ride that is pleasurable, and it is about my home turf.

It is not without lots of sex!

The Seattle Times says:

Unforgettable…In this classic coming-of-age story, told with wry wit and quirky mating-marine-life facts, nonfiction writer and first-time novelist Lynch has proved he can straddle the two forms…Finely paced and richly textured.

I love to laugh and this book just offered up good laughter and joy. Although this story covers the span of only one summer, many of the events happened within my lifetime of living very near this very spot. And to think, I almost lived right across the bay from this story and next door to the nude beach!

I started reading the story in the morning and finished it about 13 hours later, with a few meals and a massage in between. I can imagine all of my children reading this book and my mother would have enjoyed it too. There is an ocean’s depth in the character development – and it may be said that one of the main characters, Rachel Carson is deceased, and the other is Puget Sound.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel says:

Lynch has written a coming-of-age tale that has all the marks of a classic…A perfect book for young adults who sometimes feel like strangers in a strange land. Lynch reminds us that when we listen carefully – to nature and to each other – we hear wonderful things.

I give this charming book suggestion to you as a gift this Easter Weekend. I am hoping you will put it on your summer book list for the perfect read and enjoy it.

Bookslut says:

In many ways it is the perfect gift book as it knows no bounds – it offers a story in a very specific setting about a boy who sees things, who notices things, and brings about a great difference in the lives of others because of this. Mostly though, it is just a story, a perfectly wonderful and complete story, which should be only and entirely what every reader is looking for.

Next week I will be enjoying my book group gathering again and this is the selection we will be discussing.

What books are on your summer reading list? Do you have a favorite beach book?
What is your book group reading?

Please let me know if you are writing for the Writing Contests at workshops AT patriciaswisdom DOT com. At this point in time, I have not heard from enough people to complete the grant paperwork for the book. The publisher is changing the rules. I might still write the workbook, but now need to decide if I will do that just on my own. Thank you.

Here’s where to find out about the writing contests.

12 Responses to “Book Review: The Highest Tide ~Jim Lynch”

  1. Dot Says:

    I’ve never joined a book group. I did obtain the reading list for one I wanted to join, but I knew I wouldn’t read the books I didn’t like. I don’t have anything lined up in advance. I just keep my eyes open when I’m reading the paper or browsing, and go from there. Also, with Borders right downstairs from work, it’s easy to make a quick list.

    Dots last blog post..All About Chocolate

  2. Patricia Says:

    I need people in my life right now…so a book club was the easiest way for me to connect – and I will recommend this again it is such an interesting and fun book…Hope you can find it at Borders.
    Half of our group can not come – they are all preparing for marathons and triathlons etc….so just the readers will meet this month!

  3. J.D. Meier Says:

    I always like coming-of-age stuff, and this sounds like a great book.

    I like to read stuff by Tim Dorsey, such as Hammerhead Ranch Motel. It’s absolutely zany and all over the boar and it’s a fast ride.

    For intensity, I like to read stuff by James Lee Burke, such as Black Cherry Blues. I don’t know if there’s ever been a more evocative or intense writer. You feel his books and live the experience.

    For summer stuff, I tend to like Jimmy Buffet, such as, Where is Joe Merchant.

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Knowledge Workers Must Focus on the Results

  4. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. Joining a book club is a great way to meet people. Good for you.

    Alas, I’m not doing a lot of book reading lately. I read about 20 pages in The Heartmath Solution last week and haven’t picked it up since. I can’t even read when I go to the beach anymore. I end up napping or people watching, or staring off into space in dreamland. I don’t recognize this side of me as I used to read a lot of books.

    I still plan to submit an entry to the #4 category.

    Davinas last blog post..What Have You Done for Your Blog Lately?

  5. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for the great review. This sounds like a fabulous book.

    Myself. What I’ve been reading mostly are blog posts. Although I used to read more in the past, since I started blogging, I get my enjoyment out of reading the words of my fellow bloggers.

    Seems like when I do start a book, I get sidetracked and never do finish it. Needless to say, I have quite a few books collecting dust. Someday…. *sigh*

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Give Your Readers What They Want

  6. Jannie Funster Says:

    Bookslut – what a name!

    And sex!!! In a book – the horror :) All the more reason to read it ASAP.

    This will actually be the 3rd book on my list to read after a certain not-too-distant date in the future.

    I have certainly been thinking about writing for your contests, at least the first 2, but I’ll probably not even start until after a certain not-too-distant-future-date… But I bet I can bust them out pretty fast, on the high I’ll no doubt be riding on.


    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Trio

  7. Patricia Says:

    J.D. Meier,
    Wow some good names to add to my summer reading list. Thank you. I still read about 5 books a week and I attempt to make one of them a novel , but with writing the blog and stumbleupon I am getting distracted. At least they come on Kindles which makes the reading so much faster. And now the Kindle can read to you!

    I did book clubs for each of my girls while they were growing…Mother and Daughter groups…then when those “sex” and relationship questions came up for discussion there was a really great dialogue and my kids learned about divorce and adult thinking too…and when you read a good book…it is so nice to talk about it.

    I know exactly what you mean, it gets harder and harder to read books, because there is such good information on the blogs and stumbleupon. The last two speeches I gave, I gave full credit to JD, Tom Volkar, Mark and you for my research statements..and quotes….I thought how much my life has changed. But all those theology books, history books, and psychology books are very slow to break into even Kindle…now Kindle reads aloud to you so I can do cooking and driving to a book!

  8. Patricia Says:

    I know how that after the big event list can keep growing and growing…but at least you will not fall into the nothing to do let down!…just don’t get it too big because then big event will probably produce some good “high” follow up activities..

    Glad you are thinking about writing to the contests…it has been very fun so far…just I think I am giving up on the grant – too limiting for not enough money….am thinking ebook now or Kindle book?

  9. Liara Covert Says:

    Reading books inspires the human imagination and opens doorways for to explore the unknown.

    Liara Coverts last blog post..How to build unshakable confidence

  10. Patricia Says:

    Books are wonderful energy and so giving…

  11. Liara Covert Says:

    Patricia, human beings sometimes forget that everything has a soul. That is, everything, including books, is an example of energy with a degree of its own consciousness. To interact with a book as a reader and participant in an apparent story actually only begins to touch the surface of what is going on. You are like tentacles of energy interacting with the energy permeating from a book. This occurs in ways that are spiraling in more directions than you consciously register or count. Its most astrounding to begin to detect energy exchanges and frequency on different levels.

    Liara Coverts last blog post..How to build unshakable confidence

  12. Patricia Says:

    I am rather a student of physics in this regard. I believe we are all just collected masses of energy – which can connect to any energy we wish to…and when we are done with this body energy we leave it and join the bigger energy world to become something new.

    Now I must look up the Thoreau reading about the bug emerging from his wooden table top…. I am inspired

    Thank you