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Morning Light is Revealing

Spring and summer the morning light enters my kitchen windows at just the right angle to reveal every drip, smear and dust particle on all the cabinets and appliances. The splashes above the sink look like sparkling tear drops on the window.

window with flowers

The morning light is so revealing and it inspires me to get into the corners and drawers to clean all the nooks and crannies. Until last year, I also used swabs all throughout the kitchen to have my apple products, cooking and processing area certified as clean enough to sell. Now I just need to use myself motivation.

Twice a year at our house, the sun rise comes right out of the top of the snow capped mountain peak directly east of us. It the clouds are not solidly overcast we get the sun’s rays as a wakeup call. It is so delightful to just sit in bed and feel the shine move across your body.

The dogs and cats we have shared life with could always be found in morning pools of sun on the floors- contentment napping.

The yoga studio I went to when pregnant was bathed in sunlight in the morning hours, and the salute to the sun pattern always felt entirely appropriate and understandable movement in that moment.

Morning walks are always towards the sun, sun at my back, sun to my side as I complete the circle of the Lake. It just feels right.

Journal writing, prayers, and meditations are done in the east window in the morning and I notice my note pad with mind wanders is quite full in the morning as compared to the evening light. Problems from the night before seem to find resolution in the light of morning.

Yes, I spent years of my life getting up, going to work, getting children off to school, volunteering, and being hyper busy in the morning hours. It did not diminish my moments of revelations in the morning.
My neighbor is a retired Physician and he did his hospital rounds early in the morning, because he was fresher and more things revealed themselves to him in the morning.

For me I think it is the end of the darkness, the feeling my way around, that helps me see the light and let it shine. There is a clarity and a celebration that the dawn has proceeded.

What are your best moments of revelation? When do you know if you have seen the light?
Do you have a favorite story surrounding the light? Please Share, I look forward to your comments.

Please do not forget about the writing contest and remember it does not need to be your story, you can write about someone else’s story so you do not need to be married to write for this event.

17 Responses to “Morning Light is Revealing”

  1. Stacey / Create a Balance Says:

    I see the light when I am out in nature. I walked around the botanic gardens this weekend watching the new growth spring out from the Earth. Watching the buds unfold and the new green reveal itself filled me with light.

    Stacey / Create a Balances last blog post..Carnival of Personal Development – March 23, 2009

  2. Cricket-Tammy Says:

    Hey Patricia. I would agree with you 100%. Morning is my time. Morning is when I go from room to room just glancing out the window to see the world come alive. I have mountains on one side, woods behind, and gardens all around. I am getting ready to head out for a morning walk along the lake. Just as you have described. The morning sun beating me on all parts of the body. I just love that feeling.

    I am glad all is well with you. It was a great please to come and see such strong and powerful words. I need them today.

    Cricket-Tammys last blog post..Double-Talk

  3. Patricia Says:

    How lovely to have a walk in a garden this weekend. I envy you that. Thank you for sharing your light source.

    It did not rain today on my morning walk, but the wind was chill. I hope your walk was soothing and clarifying – I think I will get out in the garden today and gather some strength there.

    I rather dislike sleeping in – because I miss the power the morning light has over me.
    Thank you for coming on by

  4. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    I love mornings too! We have light window coverings in our bedrooms which allow the sun to enter the room in the morning. I love waking up to a sunlit room.

  5. Avani-Mehta Says:

    Ah! mornings are beautiful. Waking up every morning and seeing sky lit up with first rays of sunshine makes my day. Everything is so quiet and peaceful and fresh,

    Avani-Mehtas last blog post..Beat Jet Lag With Sleep

  6. Patricia Says:

    Vered – today sunny morning; pouring rain afternoon…I love to wake to the light. You say the nicest things! Thank you

    Ah yes the freshness of the morning. The dewy grass…lovely thoughts to remind us each day is new.

  7. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. I adore a bright sunny morning. But you know, on the mornings when I can linger… I don’t mind listening to rain either. I used to be a real morning person, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve become a night owl.

    Lol, I tend to sweep my hardwood living room floor more on sunny days. That’s when it’s easiest to see those sneaky dust bunnies.

    Davinas last blog post..A Vision of Fulfillment

  8. Patricia Says:

    As I get older I seem to be getting more and more the morning person! And oh those dust bunnies….they do like the sunshine!

  9. Liara Covert Says:

    Morning light awakens the soul to new levels unforeseen. Revelations unfold when you least expect them.

    Liara Coverts last blog post..What does the medicine man say?

  10. Patricia Says:

    I wish I could say that the dust was knew levels of unforeseen, but I truly did know it was there – now revealed!

    I do feel I am much more awakened by the morning light – so true, and revelations are where one least expects them.

    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words

  11. Kay Says:


    Light is so important physically to many; to escape lack of light and resultant depression, Les and Kay moved to Arizona!

  12. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I love the morning light as well. I worked on a farm as a kid and work began early so we could beat the hot sun.

    To work while dew is on the grass, spiders are busy in their webs in the early dawn was a gift that made the difficult bearable.

    By the way I chose you as the winner for last Mondays Magic. Can you send me an email so I can set you up with the sponser. I put that in Friday’s post but you must have missed it!

    Tess The Bold Lifes last blog post..Magic Monday: Jonathan Mead, Reclaim Your Dreams

  13. patricia Says:

    So nice to find your here and to get your email/letter to editor – you have good light all around you my dear!

    I love the morning light and miss it on the dark days – oh to busy about and dig into the energy of the day – so many things are possible in the morning.

    I shall send you an email…and I was away Friday…Thank you I will send one on the way…

  14. Dot Says:

    I’m more of a night owl, myself. I love the sunshine, but don’t usually see it in the morning as I have to keep the room super-dark to protect my sleep. Somehow I always wind up in apartments (and now a condo) that face away from the sun, so it’s dark. Maybe someday…-

    Dots last blog post..The Painfulness of Hope

  15. Patricia Says:

    I too have been a night owl but right now I am seeming to need the morning light and the revelations. It is hard to sleep in a brightly lit room…

    Life keeps changing.

  16. Jannie Funster Says:

    This was just beautiful Patricia.

    I know exactly what you mean by those changing morning lights, found only once a year. My dining room walls take on a new soft birth.

    And there is another glorious light change at autumn equinox, I remember it as my dad’s back field set afire with a golden hue that appears like that only a few magical days a year. I can just cry thinking of it!

    And don’t you absolutely love Liara’s comments?? She is a special light herself, that lady. As are you!

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Technical woes

  17. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your kind words – you are always a wonderful beacon of light in my world.