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Announcing a Writing Contest – With a Financial Incentive!

Tell me how you met

I am writing a book about marriage and have proposed a grant to a publishing firm. I have been given the go ahead. I thought I would like to include some great writers I have met on the Internet in the opportunity and so I am proposing a Writing Contest – Actually, 5 contests in all!

By 1990, I had officiated 200 weddings and 76 Civil Unions and done all the pre-ceremony counseling and a lot of after ceremony follow ups. I stopped counting. What I did not collect was permission to publish stories that the couples shared with me and would make interesting reading and point- making in my book.

The first contest will be about how one met their partners; I always feel folks do not get enough time to share this story in their lives, and so here is an opportunity. I will publish on the blog some of the stories that are submitted also.


  • Entries must be 500 words or less.
  • All entries for Contest #1 must be submitted by May 15th 2009.
  • All entries should be submitted to workshops@patriciaswisdom.com.
  • Submission of a story to the above address means that you consent to publication on this blog.
  • All final entries must include signed permission to use the story, and authors will be given credit for the submission. Valid entries must therefore contain an email address where you can be contacted directly.
  • Entries must be true stories, but as a writer one may write someone else’s story as an entry.
  • Only 1 submission for each contest will be allowed for each writer.

The Prize:
There will be a $50.00 (US dollars) for the winning entry for each of the contests.
The top submissions and as many honorable mentions as possible will be posted on Patricia’s Wisdom.

The Judges:
I am working on criteria for the judges at this time and will post the system when I have it completed. We are looking at writing style, beauty, creativity, humor, and the communication expressed with clarity and insight. There will be 3 judges for the contest to pick the winner. For Contest #1, they include a retired minister, a retired English Teacher – counselor and Poet, and a very humorous friend who volunteered. Many of the entries will be used in the book.

All of the writing contests will be completed by September 1, 2009, and I know some of you will want to know what the other contests are so I thought I would give you a hint:
#2 The Ceremony
#3 The Divorce Story
#4 Our Secret for Staying Together. (This is for folks who have been together for more than 25 years.)
#5 Are Marriages and Civil Unions Relevant Institutions in Modern Society?

I am not looking for stories about how emotionally disturbed the bride was or how the ceremony turned into a food fight with the cake, rather I am looking at loving, respectful relationships and how they express themselves.

I am looking forward to reading all the entries and am thinking that this will be a fun experience and reveal some very fine writing.

So here goes…

27 Responses to “Announcing a Writing Contest – With a Financial Incentive!”

  1. Avani-Mehta Says:

    What a wonderful project! I am looking forward to reading stories as well.

    Avani-Mehtas last blog post..How To Organize 300 Pounds Of ‘Stuff’ Easily

  2. Patricia Says:

    Nice to see your smiling face…yes! I do think this will be a fun project and great to read stories.

  3. Maya Says:

    This is an awesome project. Congrats on the go ahead from the publishing firm. How exciting for you!

    Mayas last blog post..Creating powerful micro-experiences

  4. Patricia Says:

    I am very excited and it is still in process but I think it will be a good fit….will you add a story to the contest?

    Both you and Avani- Mehta,I hope so?

  5. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    What a great idea.

    I wish I could contribute, but I am so swamped, I can barely keep up with MomGrind. I wish you good luck!

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..Lipo Dissolve Nightmare: A Cosmetic Procedure Gone Wrong

  6. UrbanPanther Says:

    I have to be married, huh? Because how the Lion and I met is really cool. Sigh. Okay. I hate rules *grin*

    UrbanPanthers last blog post..It’s all about the stats

  7. Patricia Says:

    Urban Panther,
    No no no…you do not have to be married…just a true story about how you met….your partner…it’s how you met your partner…

    There are 5 contests here and you are a wonderful writer…write away..

  8. Blogger Dad Says:

    My story is not exciting. However, Sean (Writer Dad) Platt’s story is, so I will pass this on to him to check out. I’ll also mention this on my blog in case any of my readers want to share their story. Great contest idea!

  9. Patricia Says:

    Blogger Dad,
    Story does not need to be exciting…just true – you can embellish or make it funny…Thank you for passing it on…Thank you for coming by, but you write so well….”pretty please with not diet candy on top?

    …and I will need about 20 stories in each catagory to use in the book to assist other people.

  10. Jannie Funster Says:

    Hmmn, enticing indeed. Very very enticing!

    I must think on this.

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..After May 10th

  11. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.

    This is a fabulous idea! Congrats on getting the approval on this. I just finished editing a book for a local author who wrote about how he keeps the spice in his marriage. He and his wife have been married for over 30 years. I wonder if he has a good story to share about how they met? I will check with him.

    Davinas last blog post..Step Away From The Blog — Gone Frogging

  12. Patricia Says:

    I do think you have some stories to tell! I will look forward to your entry.

    I have approval – no contract yet, but if I am going to meet deadlines I will just have to have faith….thanks for asking your author friend…. I will say this is fun!

  13. Sara Says:


    This is such a cool idea and I echo others in telling you congratulations…I will think good thoughts about you getting the contract!!!

    It will fun to read what people have to say. I love reading how people met :~)

    Saras last blog post..The power of make-believe

  14. Patricia Says:

    This is already fun and thank you for the good words…people’s stories are so good to read and enjoy….getting acquainted stories are usually very magical and fun in my experience….don’t you have a story?

  15. Robin Says:

    Hi Patricia – what a good idea!

    Frank and I are not married and are not intending to be – so I guess that rules me out.

    All the best with it!

    Robins last blog post..Happy Birthday, Let’s Live Forever!

  16. Patricia Says:

    Nope I am talking about partners here – how you met…not whether or not you are married in this contest…so please tell your story…

    Also the #5 contest would be a great one for you to write to also, that will be run later in the summer – well summer here –

  17. Stacey / Create a Balance Says:

    I guess I picked the right post to drop into your blog. I’m excited and I’m in. I have a Oprah worthy story of how I met my husband that I would love to share with you. As a sneak peek…I met my husband on the day I was born, approximately an hour and 39 minutes after I took my first breath or air.

    Stacey / Create a Balances last blog post..Authentic Happiness Series – Part One

  18. patricia Says:

    Very good day for dropping by…I am so happy you are IN and that you are the start up of a good return….I am so happy to know you have what sounds like an amazing story to share…thank you

  19. Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome Says:

    I’m in! I’ll add it to my list. And what a great challenge to do it all in under $50 words.

    BTW congrats on the publisher go-ahead – that’s awesome news!

    Alex Fayle | Someday Syndromes last blog post..The daily Someday battle: Lisa Baldwin interview

  20. Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome Says:

    Oops, why did I do $50 instead of 500? I must be super excited about the prize! hahahaha 😉

  21. Patricia Says:

    I knew just what you were trying to say! Thank you for the good words and for joining in – I think it will make a much better book!
    Thank you

  22. introspection Says:

    Fantastic Idea. You must be a genius to hit on this thought. I am sure the inputs would be as great.
    Mine is boring…we met at my sister’s..!
    but stuck on for 30 (almost) years. till going.
    Will be waiting to read all the super stories…!!!

    introspections last blog post..The Songbird’s Nest – Nature’s Miracle ..!

  23. patricia Says:

    I think the plain stories are important examples too….I would love to hear yours. A plain story may be beautifully written?

    If you have been together 30 years then maybe you wish to write your story for contest #5?

    There are two parts to the contest – writing a great story – yours or someone else

    and getting some examples to use for the book…

    I hope you will write. Thank you for the compliment on the idea

  24. UrbanPanther Says:

    @Alex – ooooo … a little sibling competition! *grin*

    UrbanPanthers last blog post..The tirade

  25. Patricia Says:

    Urban Panther,
    Now I am expecting great things….and with 5 contests….hmmm

    writing from such great writers – how lucky an I !

  26. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – This sounds like a great project. I’m not sure I can get involved though. My husband worked for me before we were in a relationship together, so it probably wouldn’t make a very exciting story.

  27. Patricia Says:

    I think you have several contests you could write to….and as a story teller you could make it more exciting….for the book I believe some of the plainer stories will be better examples of how people find each other? So far this is really fun….I do hope I get some stories for the other 5 contests…

    Thank you