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Messy, Messy, Messy

My work space is very messy right now.  There are 6 – 3 ring binders covering the dining table, because my work just had to spill out to another room, as the floor is full of piles of paper, the chairs and of course my desk top and computer.

desk top

This is very disconcerting to me, because I work best in order, quiet and scheduled zones of time management.   Particularly when I am dealing with numbers and money, which is my primary occupation these days as I prepare for taxes.

I have Dyscalculia.

Because so few people understand this particular malady, there is not much sympathy generated around it and in my youth when I had no name for it, I was just labeled lazy.

I have worked my entire life to develop systems that work for me and numbers, and I was so blessed with a child who could just answer questions for me like:  “If the broccoli is $1.49 a pound and I need 1 cup per serving for dinner, how much should I purchase and how much will that take of my planned amount of money for the 6 of us for dinner?”

At 5, this child was my numerical life line in the grocery store.  Her genius and my questions helped me learn how to overcome and take care of my needs.

My parents remedy for this laziness, was to have me work more and more with numbers.  I filled out numerous ledger books and until August 9th of 2008, I could tell you how my family has spent every penny of its funds over the years.

I loved the computer and the software called Quicken.  It was so much easier for me and it kept all the records for me in detail.  I could even make charts and get everything ready for the tax accountant in just about ½ a day.   I could match up expenses to exactly where I had the receipts filed.  There was no guess work involved, just hours of writing everything down and filing it in the proper place.
Ah then we come to August 9th, 2008, my personal bank changed their banking system, I then had to change my Quicken password that connected to the new banking system because my old password was not safe.


I could not fix it.

Now, the Quicken program was corrupting my calendar and day planner in Outlook.  The next week the DVD-RW would not work.  I could no longer transfer money to my investments or pay my credit card bill. I could not make up my quarterly health expenses or print them, and I could no longer enter information and expect straight answers back.

I became afraid to open the program and will be putting it onto a disk and removing it.  Since I have stopped using it and have purchased a new server relationship, I notice that my email is now working and my online systems are much improved?   Was all this the fault of Quicken?  Did it damage my router?

Then my business bank was suddenly bought out by the big East Coast guys in October and I was unable to use my money or my credit cards….oh no!   I am in Hawaii at the time and have no way to buy food or services, have to figure out a backup system on my feet, which has angered a number of folks since then.

So I am surrounded by mess – hand writing down in a ledger all the things that the accountant has made a list of that we will need, plus locating the receipts, for our taxes.

I am a microcosm of what is happening in our country and the work that each and every one of us will need to do this year and in the coming years.

I am not complaining here or whining and I am not being lazy.  I am just saying the Congress needs to create a list of homework that the banks and financial institutions need to complete before any more money comes their way. It is a great deal of work.   And we as citizens need to make sure the banks do their homework and do an A+ job.   It is our money and our future.

Here is the funny part.  I am just astounded by how many ways people are yelling and screaming about our financial situation; all the distracting name-calling and blaming!  When they get done, each one will have to do the work and get it completed the same as everyone else.

Oh, and I think some need to get out their history books and re-learn the lessons of Oligarchy.  Several countries have had to deal with this before us and I believe Sweden did an astute job of remedy when their banks got too controlling – Then there was Teddy Roosevelt and his Oligarchy dilemma….and we have known for over 30 years that the Chicago School of Economics did not work – anywhere – and it is an Oligarchy….

This is not something new, it is history repeating itself and teaching new angles to an old lesson.

I became dependant on a software program that failed me and my needs, I am so thankful I have my old skills to fall back on and my perseverance and knowledge to guide me forward.

We all have the freedom to ignore what is happening and not see what is going on, so how do we as individuals recover?

How do we as communities recover? How do we help each other?  What do we teach our children?

9 Responses to “Messy, Messy, Messy”

  1. Mark Says:

    There is much wisdom in understanding where we have been and how it has affected us. We also, like you must understand our co-dependence on external systems and ensure that we have back-up systems and systems which ensure that we are dealing in reality and not in a false something, in this case a false economy.

  2. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your comments. I thought your writing about illusions fit nicely into my thinking these days – yep a false economy

    As Betsy says on her post – folks just don’t want to dig down to the bedrock and take a look…

    Guess I just have to keep suggesting it.

    Thank you for you good works…

  3. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia – You have me smiling. For so many years I did all of our paperwork manually (before we were computerized), and even though the accounting program I now use is so much easier, I relish the thought that I can do it all manually if I have to. There are benefits to being mature (I didn’t say old :) ) aren’t there?

  4. jgj Says:

    You are incorrect in your statement that the Chi school did not work. China, Singapore, India, et. al.; through deregulation, trade, & opening private markets; coached by economic advisers from that school created the largest human movement from poverty to middle class in world history… Are you sure you’re not just throwing around buzz words you kinda-sorta know the meaning of?

  5. Jannie Funster Says:

    Yes, the more things change the more they stay the same. And we do keep repeating the same mistakes in government.

    Sorry about your program crash, I now from experience how aggravating that is!

    Luckily you still have your brain to count on.

    It’s funny, when I see Kelly getting involved in artwork or another creative pursuit, journaling, etc. she has all her stuff spread out around her in a circle on the floor, the same way I did (do.) Out of such “chaos” comes great beauty methinks.

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Like a bord on a wire, 4

  6. Patricia Says:

    It is very comforting to know that I know how to do all this work and that I can accomplish it in time, but it is still causing flustered feelings!

    I am sure there is great creativity in chaos and often profound beauty.

    I just wish it was not so time consuming right now.

    Thank you for your responses – I so appreciate them

  7. patricia Says:

    I am not an economist by any means and I am not an historian, but I have been working at understanding the Chicago School of Economics as an outsider for about 30 years in relationship to the mass destruction it has been a part of and in how many instances it has been a central part of human agony and distress.

    I am a student of the human – in humane cost of programs and systems, because all of my lenses of living are through the eyes of the homeless, the uneducated, unhealthy, and woman.

    It is a very poor system of birth control and human management and the greedy, unhappy and immoral seem to always benefit the most….

    I am just working on explaining here that I became too dependent on a system that worked for me and when it no longer worked for me and I could not correct it’s problems the system became corrupt.

    That’s what folks who teach ethics do…they attempt to share ways of thinking about things that create new solutions and answers that open possibilities and teach regulation/correction.

    Folks are yelling and screaming because they are frustrated and afraid….and I heard over 50 times this weekend that “this is something that has never been experienced before-unprecedented,” that phrase helps to make people feel even more afraid and worried.

    I wanted to say this is not new…this is resolvable- we can correct this situation and it will take work and not be “instant pudding”.

    I probably know nothing about what you know about this school of economics. My eyes and heart are cast in another direction…

    I surely do appreciate your comments and I will follow through in my research. Thank you for intriguing new ideas for me to understand and learn.

  8. Dot Says:

    That’s awful what happened with your software/bank. I had a similar problem when I was using Microsoft Money, my bank changed, and I couldn’t get into my own money. Very frustrating.

    My bank has been bought out repeatedly, as have many of the others. It has just been bought again. I went back to paper records, because it was so tedious to enter them into the computer. I’d rather spend a few hours once a year than all that time once a week.

    I keep all tax-related receipts, and write everything else into my checkbook manager (whatever that little book is called), which has plenty of space because I rarely use checks any more. The rest is autopaid from my bank, and I just save the statements (or print them out).

    Lately I’ve started scanning receipts into my computer because they’re so much easier to find, but I also keep the paper version of tax items or returnable items. Paper and pencil are the most stable of all!

    Dots last blog post..OpenOffice Extensions

  9. Patricia Says:

    Wow good new shortcuts that work within the old system…Thank you…I am going to put several of these to work right away.

    I also heard about a thumb drive that you put once a year into a port slot on your CPU and down load everything from your computer as a back up…it will take about 4000 pictures too…then put the thumb drive and disk in your safety deposit box for safe keeping – doesn’t matter if you do your birth certificate or marriage lic. every year along with you taxes…you have the records in a very small and very safe storage unit? Haven’t followed up on that one yet.