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Just Three Little Things

Monday night was our book group gathering and it was just a great evening and I wanted to say thank you in a public way.

After a full month of extremely small amounts of adult time and good conversation, I was hungry to be in the company of such great women and to share an evening of good conversation and find out what’s happening.

Not everyone could attend, and I am sorry for that for the evening became a “feast” for me and the missing members were very much missed and all three were stuck at work, because we had changed nights for our gathering.  Our hostess MF had prepared a literal feast of yummy foods for a rainy night’s event.

Homemade chicken noodle soup, tossed green salad, homemade crescent rolls, humus, veggies and dip, and to top it off homemade pie with her own garden apples – it was so nurturing to experience – I ate too much of such a good thing – my “fat Tuesday” a day early.  I was so appreciative of the care MF had endeavored on our behalf.

Then to add good updates and conversation – and a cute and happy teenage daughter, who could add to the conversation – what a delightful, warm, cozy experience; something worth writing home about!

Book Review
Our book for the evening was Liza Mundy’s Michelle, A Biography – Michelle Obama that is.

It is a journalist writing about Michelle’s background and her life experiences from reference material, newspaper articles and interviews with friends, other students and co-workers.  There was only one interview with Ms. Obama for the book and that was a bit disappointing to our group of readers.

Ms. Mundy’s frame for the book was how affirmative action enabled Michelle to experience a different learning path than what would have been available without this plan.  Without affirmative action her premise assumes that the Obama’s would not have been able to accomplish all that they did and not been able to attend all the enabling schools where they excelled.

Our group did not appreciate all the highlighted references to Michelle Obama’s explanations of the black experience and thought those could apply to any woman’s experience or any human’s experience and did not see the need for so much emphasis to be placed on her “blackness” as though it was an entitlement.

Our group also really enjoyed the discussions about how this couple became a team and worked well together to enhance their relationship and their endeavors.  Everyone had experienced those times of being a single parent and could identify with the demands and pressures that that entails.

I am not sure that I would have chosen to read this book but we were all glad that we had read it and discovered more about the person and the life she was manifesting.   We all agreed it was good to learn something new.   One person in the group did not like the book but was glad to read MF’s choice and experience something new.

The book is an easy read and is not extremely long.  It is definitely written by a journalist and not full of side stories or amusing anecdotes.   I would still recommend it to someone who would like to know more about Michelle Obama.

I ordered a Berry antioxidant formula and a cleansing formula off of a FACEBOOK advertisement.

It is supposed to be promoted by Oprah and Rachel Ray and a number of Bloggers.  I received the trial offer, which had to be cancelled within 10 days of the shipping date (I was in the hospital that particular day) and I cancelled the next day when I discovered the capsules could be purchased at my local store for about $1 a month.   Because I was a day late I am required to pay a $78.84 re-shelving fee…which they took off of my account right away.   When I went to my credit card representative, I now must get a new credit card number to stop the mysterious $23.35 charges that appear nearly daily.   When I spoke to my credit union they advised me there is a class action suit in process against this company, as my statewide credit union has nearly 1,000 complaints against this company pending.

On my walk yesterday, I met two other folks who are being charged erratically, and also have received only the free sample and both were going to be changing their card numbers and joining the class action suit.

I then noticed that this ad was on one of my posts last week.
You must be very careful about your internet orders.

Are you reading something fun you would like to share with others right now?
How was your Fat Tuesday? Or shrove Tuesday? Do You celebrate?
Any Warnings or Shout Outs of gratitude you would like to extend?

22 Responses to “Just Three Little Things”

  1. Robin Says:

    HI there Patricia – what a lovely evening you had!

    Frank has just had to get a new credit card because someone had been using his number for online gambling. It’s no fun! I told him I was writing this and he got a bit more descriptive, but I will spare you.

    Robins last blog post..The Fountain Of Youth Gets An Update!

  2. deb Says:

    I also sent away for the free offer, was sent $70.00+ worth of products I did not order because I did not check some little box that said “If you do not want us to send you complimentary products check here”. The second I received the package I emailed the company and immediately notified my credit card company in writing that I would be requesting a full refund. I have received the credit, no reocurring charges. Lesson learned is an old one but “If it seems to good to be true it probably is – and nothing in life is free!
    As far as the book Michelle, I would look for a book where the author had more than one interview with Michelle herself. If you are looking for a history book this is a good read, but if you want to learn more about Michelle Obama you might look a little further.

  3. Jannie Funster Says:

    Grateful for just about everything today.

    Woldn’t mind having a maid, tho.

    I’m giving up cigarettes for Lent, good thing I don’t smoke – that may have been hard.

    I’m reading Absolutely Nothing, just blogs. And loving it.

    Bummer about the Internet scam.

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Trout-fishing hip waders!

  4. Patricia Says:

    Isn’t it an awful feeling when someone invades your credit or life. It is so time consuming to get everything back in order. I look forward to your post. How are the fires doing now…Monday’s post I said I was not watching the news for the next 40 days…and nothing has popped up on my reader lately. Hope you are ok.

    Wow I am glad that you got your funds back and were able to mail the package back too. I just never got anything except charges tho they claimed I had to pay this re-shelving fee for canceling. My CC is working on getting my money back.
    I think I would have enjoyed the book with more stories and more information from Michelle, but it was a good place to start.
    It was a lovely evening :)

    Reading blogs is my 2 hour a day activity and they are full of such fun stuff….Great reads.
    I put myself through college cleaning houses..l’ll just pop over and give you a hand – maybe for free tickets to your concert in May?

    Will you be using the patch to give up cigarettes or just stopping purchasing them? Isn’t it dangerous to smoke in fringed pants?

    I need to figure out from Vered how to block the internet scam ad off my blog ?

  5. Robin Says:

    Hi Patricia – the fires have settled down now. There is still some hot, windy weather to come, but we have that every year. All the best!

    Robins last blog post..The Fountain Of Youth Gets An Update!

  6. Patricia Says:

    Thanks for the update Robin, I get worried about you all, is there ever a time it is cool at your house? or cold?

  7. Tony Single Says:

    What a great idea! After reading of your wonderful experience with it, I too would like to start a book club! Imagine all the new things I could read that I might otherwise skip… and all the discussions that could provoke. This is the kind of thing I like, so I should do it! :)

    I’m reading Timeline by Michael Crichton at the moment. Someone lent it to me, and I have to say that it’s not really my cup of tea. No disrespect meant towards this late, great prolific writer, but I’m not a fan of his writing style. I much prefer someone like Tove Jansson, who wrote about the everyday mundaneness that everyone goes through with such whimsy that she makes it seem downright attractive! :p

  8. Carol Ann Says:

    Thank you, Patricia, for your excellent review of our book club and the selected book “Michelle.” I agree “our” Michelle did a fantastic job of hostessing our book club…she should enter her pie in a pie baking contest!

    The book “Michelle” was difficult for me to get excited about it. Once I told myself that it was a biography and wasn’t meant to be a “thriller”, it went much easier!

  9. Mark Says:

    Thanks for sharing your review of the book. Sounds like the company of the ladies was much better than the book. I suspect there won’t be a good book written about Michelle for at least 5 years.
    Sorry to hear that you got caught up in a scam! Amazing how easy it is for some bogus company to take advantage of people.

    I am currently ready Messages From the Masters by Brian Weiss, M.D. So far it is good, still going through it. It is very intriguing.

    Marks last blog post..Secret Sauces and Magic Bullets

  10. Patricia Says:

    I love book club and I actually did a book club for each of my three children – a mom and me – and the kids brought our attention to such amazing books and global reading experiences complete with foods. I have not discovered Tove Jansson…will add to my list…one of the nice things about book club is that we read other’s suggestions and that opens up more possibilities. Thanks for coming on by.

    Carol Ann,
    I was a great gathering and MF was a great hostess…Maybe we should suggest the pie contest to her.
    Got my copy of The Highest Tide – Jim Lynch – your house in April.

    I have added your current read to my every growing list. I am working on Margaret Atwoods – Negotiating with the Dead ( a writer on writing) David Korten’s Agenda for a New Economy and an Historic Fiction about Scotland…plus all the blogs.

    I hated that the scam was on my blog and is causing so many folks so much problem. I will now learn how to block ads

    Thank you all for coming on by and commenting

  11. Jocelyn of I TAKE OFF THE MASK Says:

    Wow, such a nice way to spend your evening. I wish I were not a million miles away, too far to be able to join your interesting book club! :-) In my book club here, we don’t get to taste such delicious meals, only a cup of good coffee for those who can come.

    Jocelyn of I TAKE OFF THE MASKs last blog post..Money Tips 02.26.09

  12. Patricia Says:

    Well we do get some very nice meals each month, because most are coming straight from work and we all gather at 4:30am for weightlifting and exercise – we could not do our group without feeding each other so we can get home and get to bed.

    A wonderful evening.
    And so lovely of you to drop by and let us know about your book club – what book are you reading next?

    Patricias last blog post..Just Three Little Things

  13. BloggerDad Says:

    That sucks about the berry thing. In my experience, ALL of these berry-type drinks are overpriced snake oil. When my wife’s dad had cancer, someone hit her up trying to sell the crap saying it cured cancer!

    The lengths these people will go to in order to exploit.

    Every day I see these people on the road with the name of a popular drink advertised on their window and their number to call. They are like a cult of ripoff artists.

  14. star Says:

    Hi Friend.. It’s a nice feeling to visit your blog.. Interesting posts.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

  15. UrbanPanther Says:

    I got kicked out of the book club I was in. *grin*

  16. Jannie Funster Says:

    Patricia, if you pop over here for my show I’ll come over there and clean YOUR house!


    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Missing things

  17. patricia Says:

    Blogger Dad,
    My IT person warned me, now I feel stupid – if I had gotten the product I would have been able to get my money back…for a lot of running around…hmmm….I think the folks with the car ads are just trying to make a living and they believe they will with this stuff – they are not really concerned that it does anything.

    I actually am working on it…If I can get 30 pounds off by May I thought I would treat myself to a little excursion!
    No need for you to clean my house….other than tax mess it is in very good shape right now…we had guests last weekend…we hussled – bet were good to go until Easter!

  18. patricia Says:

    Thank you for the kind words and welcome…I will come on over and check your blog out just as soon as the phone guy gets my working phone up and running…I don’t wish to be in his way…

    thank you for dropping by

  19. patricia Says:

    Urban Panther,
    Welcome and book clubs are a grin — I agree.
    I don’t know why your comment got stuck in moderation…sorry it took me awhile to find it..
    I think they finally fixed my phone today – now the Internet is being a bit strange…???

  20. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia – It sounds like you had a lovely evening with your friends. Aren’t those times the best? Just girl talking and enjoying each others company. Good food even makes it better. :)

    I’ve always been leary (sp) about those offers I see on TV or online. Fortunately I haven’t been scammed yet, but one never knows.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Like Bees on Honey – Learn to Attract Comments to Your Blog

  21. BloggerDad Says:

    Patricia – No need to feel stupid. Hell, you’ve been through a lot lately. We’ve all made mistakes in trusting the wrong people. People that sell these scamberry concoctions prey on people who are desperate for help. The fault lies with them, not you.

    Interesting thing about products like these, they sell SO MUCH stuff and make so much money, even if they get sued and fined by the government – which they figure is only a matter of time – they still walk out of the mess with a whole lot of money. Then they reinvent themselves a year later selling a whole new product.

  22. Patricia Says:

    It was just the best evening – an elixir for the mind and the soul and then to top it off with good food.

    I don’t know why I thought the berry thing would be good – I knew better, I thought it would give me a jump start…and I only canceled a day late….It is rather reassuring that so many folks fell for the ad too.

    Blogger Dad,
    I think you are absolutely right…I am not gettting those Hallmark postcard spam things at about 20 a day on Tom’s blog email – that is a dead giveaway…

    I guess I needed to just pay attention! and get focused