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The Interstate is Closed

The State Troopers closed the Interstate yesterday because water was flooding over the roadway and it was too dangerous to go through the rushing river. The Interstate was closed in two places and at one point there was no way to navigate northbound on any of the side roads either.

detour sign

Many families were evacuated from their homes. Another major disruption due to weather conditions in an area that usually does not have such rigorous conditions.

I enjoy zipping down the Interstate, it’s the getting on and off and navigating the city streets and path finding that often frustrates me or leaves me confused.

I went to Jungle of Life – And the word is the other day and Lance was proposing that each person pick a word rather than a resolution to work on this coming year. The response has been tremendous and encouraging; even rather exciting. I boldly wrote down Healthiest for my word of the year.

I also stated that my year was from August to August so I was in progress with using my Healthiest theme word for the first quarter of my year. The image I gave was that I was zipping down the Interstate of my goal – honking Healthiest.

Actually I am in a traffic jam attempting to not hit the median strip or a traffic barrier and am surrounded by others whizzing by, my original design for the year is not working; it is failing.

I need to come to a complete stop and assess what I am doing.

Here is what is not working:

  • My 17 hours of exercise per week has been dramatically reduced because of the weather problems and too much company.
  • My first vacation in a long time, what a mess of too hot, too expensive, bedbug bites, cockroaches, exhausting, and I came home with pneumonia and a super daycare virus.
  • I am working too much on producing posts and not taking the time to do my best editing and this is disappointing to my expectations.
  • I have a pulled muscle in my back or two vertebrae out of whack and the pain keeps me from sleeping.
  • My internet server keeps going down and now my phone service. It is unpredictable.
  • My second vacation was wonderful, relaxing and produced a lot of creative ideas that I have no time to follow up.
  • My technical abilities are certainly increasing but not at the speed with which I need to be successful.
  • I seem to have no time to learn how.
  • We have totally run out of money to assist our youngest to finish her last semester of college and she does not understand her responsibilities. I will have to work the words “No” and “you will figure this out” like a Master Drill Sergeant in full dress uniform.
  • I am not losing weight for all my workouts, sweat, and menus.
  • Now I have those regular tasks to do, like sort out income tax information for the accountants and I am just sick and tired of doing it.

Here is what is working:

  • The regular exercise routine helps me readjust my attitude, gives me pain relief, and assists me in letting go of my concerns or negative thinking.
  • My heart is strong and healthy.
  • My food choices truly nourish me as does my eating routine.
  • I am lowering my blood sugar levels with foods and I am off blood pressure medications – I can achieve this with meditation and exercise.
  • I am getting enough time to write. I am receiving some long hoped for appreciation and recognition.
  • I have all the money I need for my trip to Scotland and England except spending money.
  • I am able to change directions and am quite flexible.
  • I am not afraid when problems arise and I can recognize when my path is not working – quickly.

So I am working now on the detour to find the next group of activities which will assist me in reaching my goals. I have 3 more quarters of the year to work on my Healthiest actualizations. I will add in a relaxing meditation to lower stress and back pain. I will rearrange my schedule, recalibrate my priorities, and add more crying and laughing releases to the daily program.

If I continue to do the same activities I have been doing will I just end up with the same results?
So I am in a Neutral Zone (reference post: Transitions) and the bridge I have chosen to cross is not the right path to lead to my beginning – my success. I need to look again at the map and re-adjust. It is worth it.

How do you assess your goals? Manage your feelings about those goals? Where do you look for new roads, detours, and decisions? New Maps for you are located where?

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Come on over for a visit –

Hey! Barbara at Blogging without a Blog has given me the opportunity to be a substitute teacher today. Drop on by and join in the discussion about finding solutions to being stuck when writing. Wow! Is this ever fun. Thank you Barbara for this fun lesson! It is a privilege I do not take lightly.

19 Responses to “The Interstate is Closed”

  1. Kathy @ Virtual Impax Says:


    I’m here as a result of your lesson today over at Blogging without a Blog.

    Love your “detour” analogy!

    It looks to me like what you can control is working – and what you can’t control – well, you can’t control. (I so feel you on the phone issue!!!)

    Kathy @ Virtual Impaxs last blog post..Shameless Self Promotion in a Graceless Age

  2. Dot Says:

    You sound so in charge of your life!

    I’ve been mostly feeling that life happens, not that I can make a set of plans. I learned a long time ago that I can’t plan anything more than a day in advance because I never know how well or sick I’ll feel. Maybe you need a copy of The 4-Hour Work Week to get more time in your life? 😉 (I just picked up a copy on half.com for $8.50 US plus postage.)

    17 hours of exercise a week??? I’d have to say about 25 minutes a week for me. I hate exercising.

    Dots last blog post..Men With Guns

  3. Lance Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I think you really have a great plan in place – and what I especially like is how you’re looking at is and isn’t working. Evaluation is important – and probably too often, overlooked. Sometimes we just continue doing the same thing – even when it’s not working. Detours are part of the journey! And sometimes, detours can provide exciting new opportunities! The maps, where are they? I think that they are within us…and sometimes we’re just not looking hard enough, or deep enough to find them…

    Lances last blog post..And The Word Is…

  4. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia – It’s a pleasure having you guest post on my blog. You’ve done a fabulous job with the post as well as replying to the comments.

    This is a great reminder when things aren’t working to remember there’s always a detour we can take. We just have to open our eyes and look for it.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Attract Readers – Make Your Blog A Safe Haven

  5. patricia Says:

    Thank you for coming by after stopping in at BWOB today. I appreciate your comments. Now today I am also having Internet issues when I need to be on line at several places taking care of business – Just have to laugh out loud and enjoy a day of sunshine otherwise I’ll just be grumbling under my breath! Love those detours.

    Thank you for the book reference, yes! I think that would be a good book for me and am wondering if it is on my Kindle…I have a $35 credit at the used bookstore too – I pick it up this weekend.
    I need to do so much exercise to keep me going and holding on, I have found that works for me…I just missed lots of exercise with the snow, flooding and cold and I am paying the price now. I can hardly wait until the river gets off the roads and I can ease on into the swimming pool – takes all the pains away.

    I think evaluation is a crucial step for me or else I might just give up and I am too much on the path to want to do that. I think though I need to slow down a bit to hear the map inside…thank you for reminding me to listen.

    What a fun day! Thank you for this gift. It truly is a great gift. But the students are so divine and happy to learn and share! My kiddos talk about whole semesters of classes where none of the students share anything or say a word – how awful…
    Again Thank you.

  6. Cricket/Tammy Says:

    Hey there Patricia. I also read the post by Lance. My first word that entered my mind was “me.” I have finally decided that my true happiness lies within making myself happy that trying to make everyone else happy. That means being selfish with myself. Putting myself first at times. Being appreciative for what I have. My list could go on and on.

    I think it is great that you have been able to make this list. I did this last year and failed myself. This year I am going to just take life one day at a time and do the best I can in certain areas without making a “exact” list. Example: Me, travel, excercise, eating habits, etc. If I don’t get too specific with myself maybe I won’t feel as though I have failed myself. If this works maybe I will be able to do a more detailed list for 2010.

    I enjoyed your post over at Barbara’s blog.

    Cricket/Tammys last blog post..I Do Have an Imagination

  7. Georgie B Says:


    Was looking for another blog to add to my reading list and I found yours through Jannie Funster’s.

    Looks fascinating enough for me to bookmark in my faves and peruse at my leisure.

    Like your detour analogy as well. Sometimes we need to take a samll detoure in order to refocus on what we really want out of life.

    Georgie Bs last blog post..Select Adjective Hypersensitivity

  8. patricia Says:

    I think we all have to take our steps one day at a time, and ME must come first and foremost – particularly when we are a parent – how good you are to start there.

    After the kiddos left for college and other adventures, I had no let down but rather excitement that they are stretching and making their own ways. When they all come home for events and holidays, I find it hard they want me to stay the same. They have never not helped with the dishes but this time there was a lot of those little things left undone. I was happy to see that the bedding was in the washer as they left.

    I think preparing for detours and flexibility is just part of living a great life..

    Thank you for your kind words about my sub post today.
    Always a pleasure when you come on by. Thank you

  9. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. You are remaining true to your word Healthiest. Your attitude is just that — Healthy! It’s significant that you ended your lists with what IS working.

    Davinas last blog post..Romancing Your Resolutions

  10. patricia Says:

    George B,
    Welcome, welcome and I am glad you enjoyed the post for today and maybe wandering around. A fave – that sounds good to me.

    I enjoy writing and I will come over to your site and see your work as soon as my Internet connection settles down. I keep coming and going today!…

    Thank you for making a comment – greatly appreciated.

  11. Davina Says:

    Patricia, I forgot to mention… I was looking at your Google Ads in the sidebar and noticed Vancouver Chiropractor. I know that guy, Michael Horowitz. I saw him once for an adjustment and I also used to work in the same building. Funny.

    Davinas last blog post..Romancing Your Resolutions

  12. Jannie Says:

    Patricia, when exactly are you going to the U.K.?

    Your daughter will get it figured out. Supposing she has to take a semester or two off, work and resume.

    My goals… of course my big goal is the solo Debut Show for my CD release, so that’s all I’m focused on music-wise now, (that and of course always watching the Broadjam Opportunities in case they have a movie or a film a song of mine might be good for.) So I fully anticipate breathing deeply and sweetly after that show until I decide what I’ll do next.

    Jannies last blog post..Notes to self

  13. Tess Marshall Says:

    As a minister you probably pray and hold others in light and love all of the time.

    One thing you can do if you aren’t all ready doing is call Silent Unity about your health, trip etc.

    I personally call the first of every month because they pray for 30 days and then I know I’m always covered.

    I know it’s bold of me to tell you this but hey that’s why my blog is The Bold Life!

    Tess Marshalls last blog post..Embrace Boldness, Take Action & Live

  14. patricia Says:

    That is interesting about the ads and I am taking about putting up one for a Chiropractor that sells vitamins he has developed. Small world sometimes.

    I attempt to keep my evaluations in balance, because I think I might get stuck in the failure part. So every time I think something awful, I must balance it with thinking something positive in equal measure. A small exercise that works for me

    When is your Debut show? and your CD release. Those both take big time focus and practice. It just feel exciting.

    I am going to the UK in the middle of Summer just before my 60th birthday!

    I think my kiddo will make it but life and money are sure going to be bumpy parts of the road for her.
    Thank you for coming by

  15. patricia Says:

    Thank you for your good suggestions.

    The only active ministry I am doing right now is that I facilitate healing prayer groups for my larger church affiliation and for folks who are dealing with health issues locally. My group meets once a week and we gather in all the prayer requests that we know of or receive and we pray together for one hour. Then we individually pray during the following days of the week.

    Prayer never ceases for me – we all need to be bold.

  16. Natural Says:

    shucks i’m no one to talk or give advice about goals. i guess the same way you eat an elephant. one bit at a time. list what you want to accomplish on a sheet a paper and take baby steps.

  17. patricia Says:

    Welcome Natural – this looks like good advice to me and quite like my style. Thank you

  18. Liara Covert Says:

    To recognize what is not working in your life is helpful as long as you choose not to dwell on it. To highlight those things you believe are working is a sign to channel your energy differently.

  19. patricia Says:

    Liara Covert
    Thank you for commenting and coming on by this neighborhood.
    The not working part mentions that I pulled a muscle in my back – this has become my dominant obsession with debilitating pain, until Yesterday when I got a LIFT! ( see 1/21/09 post by that title)
    Now I have a big new focus – get on with what is working and opening up new doors and avenues.

    You are oh so right…dwelling on the pain has not assisted me in channeling the energy differently at all.