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Pooh Patrol

I was just beginning my first round of my walk when I came to the realization that this was Sunday Morning.  That feeling of dread just crept right up my whole body and I had arrived nearly 2 hours past the time I consider okay.

But Sunday Mornings are just the worst!

I usually take Sunday off from exercise.  I had just better get going and get the walk done, for the rest of my day is just too full.

Dreaded Sundays are because so many folks are out walking their dogs.  Sometimes whole families are out together to spend some time and enjoy the ducks and birds!

dog sign

I love the lake and that so many people, at so many times of the day, can enjoy its beauty.

Sunday’s are different.  Although there are plenty of bags on the lamp posts, and a barrel every bus stop, the folks on Sunday rarely clean up after their dogs.   And the State’s Pooh Patrol in not on duty on Sundays.

I came down off the bluff and proceeded towards the dam and there in the middle of the sidewalk was a very large deposit that a bike had gone through and a pair of shoes.  OOOOOOW! I had to hopscotch around to get over the narrow dam walkway.

30 minutes later between lamp post #44 and the dam walkway there were 8 deposits in the way of walkers, runners, strollers, and children.  YUCK!  I don’t want pooh on my shoe!

I had some cleaning gloves in my pocket and I pulled them out, got 5 pooh bags out of the holder and proceeded to clean up the deposits.

The ME vs. THEM attitude is rising up within me; actually it is becoming an automatic response to Sundays at the lake.  On Mondays, I bring a garbage bag and gloves, and pick up garbage left by the Sunday walkers; I now have 5 or 6 of the regular walkers doing pick up.

After the flooding and the State lowered the water levels in the lake, I counted over 1000 bottles, cans, and plastic things that were piled up from the Dam a quarter turn around the lake.  There were heavy logs, trees, and tires; all the stuff that washed down from the mountains.  What must the bottom of the Bay, the Sound be like?

I helped the State workers for an hour last week as one mucked around tossing the cans and bottles up to the worker with the bag.

Today the feelings of anger are welling up in me.  I see a woman with three dogs coming towards me and the feelings are about to burst out in noisy blurt and I grab three more bags from the container and thrust them towards her.  She says: “Oh thanks what these are for?” I reply, “Dog pooh so it does not end up on my shoe or worse yet in the Lake.”

Devious punishments rumble in my head, wish there was a law – there is – I wonder why others do not feel the need to keep the Lake beautiful or just expect it to be taken care of for them.

How do you handle the “little” things that stick to your shoe and create a pooh?

Do you ever wonder why others don’t see it your way?

What if state funds dissolve for the Pooh Patrol’s patrol?

I do not wish to take up this task any more than I do?  Will this just end up ME vs. THEM?

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17 Responses to “Pooh Patrol”

  1. meggin Says:

    Afraid so!
    I feel the same way and not only about dog pooh but the cans and the litter and the cigarette butts! Does everyone else HAVE a Mother who will pick up after them? It is something we need to work through and figure out. I even have the problem at work with people eating their lunch and just leaving dirty dishes and /or not wiping the table where they sat.
    What to do, what to do!!??

  2. Jannie Funster Says:

    Although you are very brave and decent to pick up the pooh, I am outraged at this. Where do some people get off letting their pets soil the area.

    I would definitely take it up with some one in authority. There should be a fine.

    Here on our hike ‘n bike trails there are poop bag stations, they are called “Mutt Mitt” bags, clearly marked. Maybe you could get some of those.

    But there definitely needs to be something done about it.

    Make a stink about it, no pun intended.

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Sunday May 10th 7:30 p.m.

  3. Ruth Says:

    I think far too few people realize that pets aren’t toys.

    A pet is fun to have, to play with, to love you unconditionally (a dog is anyway). But so many people neglect their pets when they don’t feel interested in them or hurt their pets when the pets do something that causes the owner extra work or annoyance. I read today that most animals who hurt people have a history of being neglected (not to the point of starvation, just looked at as a “guard dog” or not seen as part of the family) or abused.

    Just like kids, pets are a responsibility during the fun and the bad times. That why, while I want a dog, I’m going to wait until I’m in a better place and have more to offer the dog. Since my apartment doesn’t allow them, I don’t want to break the rules and risk having to give my dog away. Very bad for the dog.

    Sorry these people spoil your morning walks.

    Ruths last blog post..Could I Get More Obsessed With My Own Life?

  4. Cricket Says:

    Hey there. I am a dog walker and I pick up my pooh. I am outraged by the behavior of others. There needs to be more control out there.

    My dog has learned that I will just pick up his pooh anyway. He seems to NOT want to leave his mark anymore. He just walks along side of me just taking life in. There are certain things that owners can do to prevent the pooh. Don’t feed them before the walk, etc.

    I would be very outraged too.

    Crickets last blog post..Validation

  5. Mama Zen Says:

    I’m so impressed that you gave that lady some bags! Way to go!

    Mama Zens last blog post..Review: Green Works Wipes

  6. patricia Says:

    I think you are correct too many mother’s just did it for them – and I think that pertains to cleaning up and being a good citizen – what’s with this entitlement?

    There are fines and pooh stations and lots of trash barrels – I just do not understand and it seems to be getting worse. I picked up a whole bag full of garbage this morning – Monday morning too? I am having trouble understanding.

    Though I am sad that my dogs are gone – they were so much work and responsibility I am feeling a bit free from the responsibility. I think you are correct dogs are often neglected and not cared for well as they should be. Very thoughtful with your pet decisions. I salute you and your patience.

    I too was hyper vigilant about my dogs and their care – I just feel overwhelmed by all that I feel responsible for….our business taxes go to pay for Wal Mart employees health care, even though we don’t shop there…I am so happy that children and seniors are getting health care, and I work at shopping locally, but this overwhelming sense of responsibility and now for the Sunday dog walkers too…I want to say “Grow UP” folks this is not how we treat anyone let alone our environment and our pets….disgusting

    Mama Zen,
    I was revved up enough for a tongue lashing – I think the bags were better!

  7. Dot Says:

    I hate it when other people think the rules don’t apply to them. I usually do a slow burn but say nothing, until one day I’m in a bad mood and I say something rude. I don’t recommend handling it this way, I just don’t have the courage to confront them until I’m really MAD.

    Poo has been a big issue in my condo community, which is full of dogs, cats and children. One of my neighbors solved the problem of huge deposits left by a neighbor’s chow by taking photographs and submitting them to the condo board. The owner was fined. Once the poo is already there, though, there’s no way to photograph the culprits, as in your case.

    I had people reprimand me, when I always carried poo bags (and eventually, they were also supplied on posts). Only once did I fail to clean up, and that was because I was talking to a neighbor and didn’t notice. On the other hand, I have rarely cleaned up after others. Cleaning up after my own was icky enough.

    As for not feeding them before a walk, then where do they poo when they do eat? (I suppose that person has a yard.)

    Dots last blog post..Question for Subscribers

  8. Kay Says:

    Is this the way to reply? Or should I go to the website?

    Good ol’ Mr. Goldie is this very day working on a barrier to keep the sight
    of neighbor’s dogs’ droppings from the walking path. These dogs are never
    walked….use their fenced yard for bathroom. He has in the past called the
    City Animal folks about amount of pooh that collects before it is removed…so
    far, the City says it has not been sufficient to warrant a fine.

    Wisdom to know the difference between what I can change and what I must
    accept because I cannot change it. Jews and Arabs, Serbs and Croatians, Hindu
    and Muslim, dog lovers, dog cleaners and dog haters…..like the poor, we have
    them with us always.

    The thing that has always stuck to my shoe has been “why have people had and
    continue to have children to the extent that the planet is crowded beyond

    How have I coped? Set an example, do the proper thing, and keep my mouthshut.

    Maybe a Letter to the Editor now and then. Buy another copy of “Maybe One” by Bill McKibben.

  9. patricia Says:

    So true, I think folks that had their dogs pooh in their yards have a different problem of clean up and keeping it out of the water supply and the public domain. Isn’t it interesting that folks have such a problem with dog pooh nearly everywhere.
    Cleaning up pooh is icky business – agreed.

  10. Akiba Howard Says:

    OH MY! So it’s not just me! Thank you Patricia! Seriously. I live, literally, ACROSS the street from a very private park, and I can’t tell you how IRRITATING it becomes, watching people, with me, trying not to be overtly angry, walking their dogs, and letting them just POOH all over the place. (and forgive me Winnie….I DO love you still). But honestly…I have a dog. He and I go on walks. I pick up after him.

    NO, it’s not pleasant, I sometimes wish I could put him in a diaper when we go out to play (they make them now….LOL). But NO. that is not natural. So, I walk with him, and my bags and gloves in hand.

    But you raise an interseting larger point, in the disregard of the environment as a whole. The Bottles, and other junk found when the lkae level was lowered.

    IN my park, it amazes me how many people are willing to just toss stuff out of the car window, as they pass, with NO regard to the people that live on this block.

    (deep breathing) You’re getting me a little worked up here…! LOL

    But I find that my peace is located in the place where I make it OK, by picking it up myself, or better, as you did, letting the offenders KNOW.

    And, when I am done……when the moment has passed, I meditate, and send as much good energy as I can.

    PS, living here in California, the IOU’s about to go out, wont make the POOH patrol’s job ANY easier….LOL

    Until next time…
    thank you.

    Akiba Howards last blog post..I hate those self help gurus!

  11. patricia Says:

    So nice to find your comments here -Welcome, Welcome…Thank you to Goldie for being responsible too…and doing what he is able to do. You two are so loving to your pets and your people and your community – I am glad you are warm but wish you were closer!

    It does raise so many questions of how the world is working and if folks can not treat their dogs/community well how are they teaching their children….

    Thanks to Obama I was thinking about how to serve my community in the first place and his speech. Thank you for the Bill McKibben suggested reading – he is so astute and helpful to my thinking.
    hugs to you!

  12. patricia Says:

    Thank you and I welcome your comments. Yes! I get worked up and then I have to find my own peace and make peace within myself or I am on my high horse and parade myself around and fling my anger about! Not good or instructional at all.

    I was thinking about Gandhi on my walk this morning – he spun the thread and cleaned the bathrooms at his residence and he did it with a loving heart. He is still teaching the world as is Martin Luther King.

    The question I ask myself is “How best can I serve life?”
    I appreciate your words.

  13. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia – I hear you. Even in our neighborhood we have people who walk their dogs and think nothing of having their dog poop on someone’s yard and not pick it up. It’s pretty bad when you’re walking in your own yard and step in it. Now I’ve gotten where I must do “poop patrol before I do yard work. Aughhhhhhh!

    I feel your pain.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..How To Lose Blog Visitors

  14. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    Wow. This IS infuriating.

    I’m not sure how I would have handled it but like Mama Zen, I think it’s awesome you gave her bags.

  15. patricia Says:

    For a year there was an owner who let there dogs go by my office door….everyday! I had to start the work day picking up another dogs pooh at home…not to mention the fast food wrappers in the hedge….But I am amazed at how many folks out there are having the same problem – this has provoked a great many comments and emails today.

    I now carry a pocket full of gloves and tissues and hand out bags right and left….it is infuriating….

  16. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. I would be ticked off too, and it’s a shame that this has to spoil your walk. This would be enough to make me either find another route, or join a gym (and I’m not fond of gyms either). I wonder if you are one of the last of those who care. Maybe the rest have given up trying to fix this.

    I walked a dog for a friend last summer and scooping the poop was not my favourite thing to do… but it is expected, and most people here comply.

    I’m surprised that woman didn’t know what the bags were for, unless she was kidding you. Dogs need to come with an instruction manual now??? No wait… that would just cause more litter…

    Don’t get me started on the trash! The city is obviously not enforcing the fines??? Maybe time for a petition or something? I don’t know a lot about this kind of thing. But something has to be done. It shouldn’t rest on your shoulders.

    Davinas last blog post..This Is Me, Then and Now

  17. patricia Says:

    “It shouldn’t rest on your shoulders.”
    I think this is the point of what Obama is saying to our country – the dog pooh and the litter problems are on our shoulders and he is shouldering the big issues, but if all of us do not work for each other then we all lose to the greedy and the deceptive those who feel entitled…

    We have forgotten to teach respect and responsibility to our citizens and got lazy and let the king be in charge…hoping that the money would just roll in…..before enlightenment chop wood and carry water – after enlightenment chop wood and carry water.
    This post is my parable