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I have just looked at the clock and see that I am now celebrating 4.5 hours of pain freedom on one side of my body! My chiropractor looked at all the paperwork, lab tests, and x-rays and said, “I have a solution for the right side of your body. “

Adjustment completed.

He showed me an 11mm lift for the heel of my right shoe, asked me to wear it around his office after my adjustment and then report in tomorrow, noting whether or not it relieved my pain and discomfort.  Behold, by the time I reached home, I had no pain on my right side.

I still have no pain on my right side and now none in my left arm pit.  Pinched nerves.

I felt very hopeful about recovery from this month long odyssey of pain and no sleep, possible heart attack and stroke scares, and most importantly I felt listened to.


After  3 phones calls my phone and Internet services started working again tonight after being down all day.

I wandered around the Internet and found some other folks who gave me lots of lifts and some good words to think about and even some laughter.

I thought I would share my discoveries and the good news.

Urban Panther
This writer is working on getting chemical free and sharing lots of her secrets.  This was exciting to discover someone else’s good ideas and solutions.

Working on a list of stay at home father’s who blog and celebrating their spirit, fun and writing. Lifting them up for other’s to discover.

Dave is asking for support as he works at being one of those stay at home fathers, changes careers and goals on a time line that feels  is pushing his limits; building his hopes and expectations. An Inspirational Lift.

Here is some very good thinking about how we support our children and encourage them to have a strong sense of self and be positive.  The comments are as excellent as the points of the writer. A lift up of timely ideas.

Davina gives us a look at self-help books and explorations and talks about the joys of taking a mini vacation or just a good walk to ease on into our transitions – quite a lift indeed

I missed all the Inaugural Celebrations and speeches today, and Dot writes about the excitement felt in the whole of the city, the changes, and what it is like to live in the area.   Good pictures too… I felt a part of the experience. A lifting of energy.

I just laughed out loud with Jannie’s typos post and her commenter’s comments and to think she has a ukulele songwriting post coming out tomorrow – I can hardly wait to read that and her  CD debut in the Spring.  One can click around and hear samples of her songs.  Another LIFT with music!

Barbara is reminding writers and bloggers to be thoughtful and careful about what they say about others in their writing.  I think that is a good way to be and to work at lifting others up in a positive light without harm.  Lifts my thinking!

Blogger Dad
Just made me laugh and laugh and I had to go back and read his post about Grocery Shopping 2 times. The lift of laughing out loud and recognizing the experience.

So these are things that lifted my spirits to amazing levels.  Link around and see if they lift yours.

What lifts you? I’m listening!

20 Responses to “Lifts”

  1. Dot Says:

    What a lovely, generous post. I appreciate the mention! I already read many of the blogs you mention and do get a lift from them. Also, among many others, Chris and Evelyn and YOU give me a lift.

    Dots last blog post..Welcome to Washington, Mr. President

  2. Urban Panther Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for the link love and glad to hear you are finally getting some relief from the pain! Living with chronic pain must be absolutely draining.

    What lifts me? Smiles, hugs, and laughter of family and friends.

    As for you previous post, I am finding more and more that you have to direct your own healthcare. This means doing a lot of research, asking a lot of questions, and generally being a squeaky wheel.

    When you are the one that is sick, this is darn near impossible to achieve! So you have to rely on a family member or friend to pick up the torch.

    It’s all very sad.

  3. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    I’m so happy for you, Patricia. I have a family member who suffers from chronic pain. I know how wonderful it feels to be pain-free after suffering chronic pain for a long time.

  4. Jannie Funster Says:

    Well, ain’t you just the nicest thing, Patricia! Thanks for the link.

    Sorry I’ve been away, but certainly have been thinking about you. I took about 5 days off from blogging. Boy! There is a lot to catch up on when you come back from a break like that.

    Do you know the Lenoard Cohen lyric…
    “it goes like this, the 4th the 5th, the minor fall, the major lift…”


    Glad your pain’s gone. I haven’t had a migraine in over a month and I like that very much.

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..And the ukulele song winner is…

  5. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. Your lift gives me a lift too! I’m so happy that you are feeling better. And a good night’s sleep plus a renewed Internet connection — yayyy. Thanks for the link share too. Have an awesome day.

    Davinas last blog post..How Curious Moments Add Value

  6. patricia Says:

    Before I reply to your great comments – I will add another word this morning I got a diagnosis and can now make a plan which could make for a pain free future!…. This current problem stems back to the incompetent surgeon I had who did the ovarian cancer hysterectomy ….he also damaged the connective tissue for the stomach – the hernia was caused by this, which is now back in place with the chiropractor’s skill and persistence…now we have to heal the connective tissues – something new, but with exercise, good food, and food order, and new stress relief practices is entirely possible. Skeletal muscular pain is on the top 10 of pain list. The pain is not gone but is now down to my stomach feeling like a mushy marshmallow stuck with a knife…not strangulating my entire rib cage with pain localized.

  7. Blogger Dad Says:

    Thanks for the mention.
    It’s friendly people such as yourself that I’ve met on the web that give me a lift. Thank you!

    I hope your Dr. can heal your pain soon.


  8. patricia Says:

    Thank you for the links to your lifts! Always a pleasure to find your comments.

    UP (if I might call you that?),
    You are welcome for the link, I was so excited to read your “poo” progress. And I get a lift from your writing. I am working now on a post about advocating for someone in pain or the ER from my life of advocating for my daughter, mum, and several of her friends who were alone in the end of their lives. My Canadian relatives have had to wait, but they get wonderful care when they get in….ER rooms in the US are used for general care and are in horrible shape with so many without insurance.

    The part I hate the most about long term pain is that it so holds on to your mind, my brain is hard pressed to think clearly.

    Hope your time away was terrific and restful or music full…I do know that song – now I have to hear it again – thank you for the reminder.
    Folks who suffer with migraines must be wonderfully creative – a month free HOW LOVELY! REJOICE!
    No migraines has been the up side of the hysterectomy, but the 11 years of severe menopause symptoms was rather more public….and embarrassing.

    The most healing thing on earth for humans is sleep – got 9 hours in a row last night….wow
    You all are lifting me right now…:)

  9. patricia Says:

    Blogger Dad,
    You are a gem and your piece truly gave me a lift – and your awesome spirit!

    I would not recommend this diet to anyone, but not being able to put anything solid into my stomach for the last 10 days has had some benefits – the pain keeps the hunger away!

    See you got some big time recognition for your post! It is a funny one
    Thank you

  10. Cricket Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about all the pain you have been going through. I am experiencing some neck problems as a result of the car wreck I had a couple of weeks ago. We need to hang in there. It will pass.

    I love this post. I have been so busy this week that I haven’t been able to get around the blog world that much. I plan on clicking on all the links above.

    Take care of yourself. I hope the internet stays up and operating for you.

  11. Lance Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Lifts…in your shoe – have done wonders for your body (very cool!).

    Lifts…from friends around the blogosphere – have done wonders for your soul (even cooler!).

    Being physically or emotionally “lifted up” is so good for us. My day is brightened just reading this!

    Lances last blog post..As Real As It Gets

  12. Ruth Says:

    How wonderful to hear that! My mother’s right leg was hurting her so badly that she couldn’t walk on it. Turned out “just” to be that her foot was rolling to the side. A brace has got her leg virtually pain-free.

    I hope they can find a solution for the rest of your pain as well and that this lift stays with you even as the novelty of being less-in-pain wears off! *hugs*

    Ruths last blog post..Could I Get More Obsessed With My Own Life?

  13. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia – I pray you have a speedy recovery.

    I remember as a little girl, my dad wore a lift on one of his shoes. Apparently one leg was long than the other. He also went to the chiropractor.

    As I was reading this post, I thought, THIS is the kind of person Patricia is. She’s in pain, and instead of whining and saying “why me”, she’s traveling through blogosphere and sharing links to other sites with her readers. That says so much about your character. You are awesome, Patricia.

    Thank you for the link to my post. I’m happy to hear I lifted your thinking.

    Get well real fast, my friend. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Not So New Blogs – From Spain to Singapore

  14. patricia Says:

    I hope you are getting some relief for your pain from the accident/wow doesn’t it take up your life – wish it would pass sooner!

    Thanks for the re-lift and for coming on by

    Thank you for your mum’s story and her lift of pain, and for the well wishes Oh I am feeling that hug – Thank you

  15. patricia Says:

    Thank you for the prayers, I certainly need those and you certainly do lift my thinking…
    I am waiting for the new Internet server to attempt tweetdeck again, and assume I will call on your lift my ability in that department again too…

    I hope next week with be a whole new chapter!

  16. Davina Says:

    I just read your update. It is wonderful when you KNOW what the cause is and what to do about it. That is great news Patricia.

    Davinas last blog post..How Curious Moments Add Value

  17. patricia Says:

    Having a smaller path to take is so helpful in solving a problem…
    Great News indeed

  18. Dave Says:

    Hi Patricia, and Thank you! :)

    I saw the update and that’s fantastic news. The liquid diet is a bit sucky – if you’ll pardon the very bad attempt at a pun. I’m trying to make you laugh.

    Your chiropractor is a genius to be able to improve the condition the surgeon created.

    A lovely post. It made me smile… and that’s a great way to end my day.

    😀 Dave

  19. patricia Says:

    Nice to have you drop by Dave, and I hope all is going well for you and yours.
    I got lifted by the lift and I do use a straw so the pun was a good funny!.
    Chiropractor is very good…
    Glad I could make you smile…return the favor

    Happy too, to have my Internet connection back again tonight…Wednesday a whole new server…hope that will end the siege?

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