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After Math

I really love this word, as it speaks volumes to me. I have written it as two words because that is the first way I perceived it as something great. I had a very hard time learning mathematics so it’s first meaning was about being done with my classroom due diligence and moving on to something much more interesting. It was literal in its agenda.

Currently the word is about the holiday being over. The sheets are changed on the beds and the special dishes are put away and at our house the Menorah is in its box and the Crèche too. I have made a note that we will need new candles for next year and one of the shepherds has lost his arm – glue please.


I enjoy the moments of putting away and washing the dishes, for it is during this time I assess the situation and remember conversations; recalling some of the magic and some of the worrisome moments of all the coming and going.

My neighbor saved several of her vacation days to just be by herself and enjoy the post company time and regroup. I think she was very wise in her decision.

I have paid the bills, zeroed the credit card, and now am getting out all the paperwork for income taxes and closing the books for the year. I am back to math class and the due diligence part of After Math.

Four bags of clothing and extras are set aside to go to the donation station. We did a project now to help a local mason meet payroll. With all this snow this past year, I found in the storage box several kids winter jackets and warm pants to take to the local school for distribution along with 4 pair of small sized boots – they were not keeping feet warm and dry in the storage box. After Math.

Already 4 stores have closed their doors and several restaurants are just holding on until the Legislators arrive in hopes of staying in business. After Math.

The cable company has raised the bill beyond the acceptable limit, so now I must negotiate or turn off the TV.

We voluntarily took a pay cut to keep everyone employed at our office, we still must let one person go altogether and 3 others are cutting back hours. There are no design projects to apply for right now; everyone is waiting and holding on. We are the lucky ones we have experienced famine before, we know the rules of the game.

Words we would like to hear in this current After Math: understanding, stimulus, relief, health care, education, and HOPE.

I am sorry the deer ate our beans this year and I am studying the seed catalogs with keener interest.

I do not know what to do with our candy houses –do the squirrels and birds need this much sugar?Any suggestions?

How do you spell relief in an After Math? What are the responsibilities in an After Math?

17 Responses to “After Math”

  1. Jannie Says:

    I never quite recovered from not being able to grasp the signs in Grade One, thus was forever behind in math.

    But I’m kinda okay now and seem to do some productive things once in a while.

    Candy houses? Burn pile maybe. Send up a prayerful smudge for all good things in life. And maybe roast some wienies by the flames under the cool clear stars?

    Jannies last blog post..A happier ending

  2. Jannie Says:

    (that was suppossed to read greater and lesser signs, I never could grasp.)

    Jannies last blog post..A happier ending

  3. patricia Says:

    Beautiful poem today – Thank you.
    I like your idea about the candy houses maybe as ashes the sugar would do less damage.

    It has taken me a long time to deal with math, but I do think learning about greater and lesser signs is important. I am now improving – maybe my brain was just ready for it?

  4. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    I’m hopeful. We have new leadership, one that is obviously intent on making things better.

  5. patricia Says:

    I am very hopeful too – still think we will need to experience more After Math for a time to come. I am also thinking about Betsy’s, at Passing Thru,” post about As IF thinking – thinking as if it has already happened…better than worry

  6. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. They say the darkest hour is before dawn. I too am hopeful. I think we’ll still be challenged a bit more, but our eyes are open wider now, and I trust that we’ll be able to see a positive trail to walk on.

    Davinas last blog post..The Quote Effect: Naughty, Nice & Niche Bloggers

  7. patricia Says:

    Yes, I see hope, but there are all sorts of folks who are still running around playing Chicken Little because they still have to deal with the After Math – some thought they were immune or they got to play the game and they still want the game because accountability was not a part of the game for the last long time.

    Hope you are staying dry? We seem to be right in the center of this next blast of winter…

  8. Blogger Dad Says:

    Hope things get better for you all.

    I’m hopeful that things will get better this year.

    As for cable, I cut that out a few months ago. I am now on the basic bare bones version which is just local channels for about $14 a month or so. I thought I would miss it, because I LOVE TV, but I’ve done pretty well with just the local stuff (and a decent internet connection).

    Good luck.

  9. patricia Says:

    Good Morning Blogger Dad – or afternoon for you, thank you for your comments.

    I started with cable at about $15.00 a month for 12 channels – last year, but now they have raised the price to $25.00. We watch the news sometimes (More on the computer than tv) and Bill Moyer’s journal, so I feel like we don’t need the TV except as a Wii player and DVD player. It could be a good place to cut something out of the budget.

    Our goal is to cut our energy bill and usage by 25% in 2009. That will bring us to about a 50% less energy usage which is our ultimate goal.

    I just know that things will get better in the new year…I think folks are on hold/Neutral Zone until we see what the new Administration is truly going to take action on .

  10. Cricket/Tammy Says:

    Hey there Patricia! We will all be fine. We have each other right?

    I have my own business, well part owner, and we have just recently had to cut back some of our employees. This was so hard for me to do. The looks of their faces of disappointment. I am really keeping my hopes up that this will all turn around…but the problem is not soon enough.

    I think most of us is having to cut back. This was really something that I felt my oldest child needed to see. He is 14 and never in his lifetime as he witnessed hardship. The problem with him having to witness this is that he has many friends that their families are being impacted.

    As far as Christmas and the “after math” I just love when the things are all put away for the next year. I have one more box left to go.

    Cricket/Tammys last blog post..Who would I rather be?

  11. patricia Says:

    It is so wonderful to have the Christmas things all packed up and put away – I can salute you on that experience.

    I think this recession will be very good experience for my youngest child (age 22) She is trying to eat healthier for her money and make the food more dense. She is attempting to organize herself to get ready to meet the work force and succeed at finding a position. But then she calls and says I have no food money left, or gas money. I did ask for her to learn about money from Santa – and I am thinking this might be the giant sized lesson she needs to finally “get it”

    We are in a feast or famine business so we have been here many times before and have many skills at surviving and now thriving, but it is still producing much stress for me and great sadness. I am worried about the youngest children. I have hope

  12. Ruth Says:

    Speaking of TV, I’d highly encourage you to get a digital converter box. We get a lot more channels now than before and better quality than we had with cable. If you’re rural, it might not work as well. We got our converter box while we still had cable and then compared. Better than our basic package.

    So as long as you’re not hooked on the exclusive channels and just watch shows on Fox, CW, ABC, NBC, CBS, or your local news, you should be fine.

    Ruths last blog post..Baby Steps and New Year’s Resolutions

  13. patricia Says:

    Good suggestions and I will look into it. We have not had TV for years and years. My mum had Dish Network when she moved in with us and we just let her contract run out.

    We thought we would try basic cable after she died and it started out so much less. Now they have upped the price $10 for the same number of channels and we are still not watching it at all – maybe an hour a week – then there are too many ads…

    It would be an easy drop for us from the budget.

    I will follow through about the box…we have water problems here too…the signal does not come in from an antenna most days even for radio… our DSL computer line works better and better.

  14. Robin Says:

    Hi Patricia – what a beautifully written piece! Things must be a bit depressing there – we haven’t really noticed anything over here – such as shops closing and so on. As Vered said – you have new leadership – perhaps this will bring a new outlook which could lead to things improving. Good luck with it all!

    Robins last blog post..5-Year Plan For This Blog

  15. patricia Says:

    Hello, thank you for your kind words. We are feeling things by inches but so many are feeling it big time.
    Our biggest problem right now is our weather which is most unusual this time of the year…feet upon feet of snow, and now wind and rain and warm…so flooding from the mountains. It rained a 1″ per hour yesterday…all day. My phone and Internet keep going down…

    I think the new administration will make a difference. But some days it is very sad.
    thanks for dropping by

  16. kara Says:

    My first seed catalog arrived the other day. Spring can not be far away…
    Thanks for your empowering words over at the Jungle.
    : )

    karas last blog post..Serious Suds

  17. patricia Says:

    Welcome and nice to find you here today. I hope on “jungle” I did not come across as a bully, but it is a life lesson I have to work very hard on – I just keep on trying and not getting anywhere. It’s like the lesson of Patience – it just gets you more patience – I am patient to a flaw with most things.

    Are not seed catalogs a ray of hope and beauty? I am just so addicted to flowers and beans and their beauty.
    Thank you for coming by.