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The Queen of Preparation and an Awesome Mom

The course of your life is determined by…
The Relationships you form
The Decisions you make
The Actions you take.
~ Journey from Success to Significance

Two years ago I switched from doing my weight lifting class in the evenings to working out at 5:30 am with quite a wonderful, dedicated group of people and this revealed itself as a life changing choice.  I met Deb, or maybe I should say Deb swooped me up into her embrace of friendship.


Deb is the most organized woman I have ever met.  The day after Halloween she was on the move to get the best deals for her Halloween party next year – so you had best be advised to get your costume ideas in order with the same spirit and effort!  The warm food and special treats are prepared with as much forethought and pizzazz as the house is decorated and the haunted front deck is replete with sound effects and actors with scary greetings.

deb the murmaid

The woman is ready with unbounded amounts of energy and enthusiasm and she is outgoing, social and just musters the perfect quip to keep everyone from being too serious; rendering up a smile and a chuckle.

When I first met Deb I mentioned to her I was attempting to get my counseling license renewed and get back into the work force.   I needed to run a group workshop to complete my requirements.  A month later 7 women were reading a book and I was working on a workshop about how to make change happen in your life.  It was such a good experience we rounded up some more women for a group about being the best you can be, which includes book studies, cooking classes and even a bit of knitting on the side.  Everyone has a turn to lead.  Deb chose for her book Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time

The book group was an evening with dinner and discussion, and Deb had done her homework, including magazine reports and pictures from Mortenson’s work.  Deb asked us a series of questions which took us from discussing the book to understanding our feelings about education, our children’s roles in the future, and how we could realistically serve others – our feelings and hopes.  What an evening it was and we were all reluctant to leave.

I feel very certain that Deb has been responsible and accountable to herself for quite few years. She is the person in charge and she has grabbed onto her values and is living them out with flare, perseverance and lots of careful planning. Those values are played out in her rearing of two fine, handsome and very smart sons who are off to college with a strong sense of self worth and Mother Support systems the envy of nearly every other kid on the basketball team.

And then there are the legs!  Deb has the two of the strongest, longest, and shapeliest legs I have ever seen.  She cares for herself with great nurturance and attention.

The Queen of Organization and Awesome Mom then put together a stunning night out for this holiday season. Instead of us giving gifts to each other, she invited 26 of the woman from the exercise club to take themselves out to dinner and spend an evening together.  There was one “clause”  which must be adhered too without exception – we were to celebrate how beautiful and healthy we all are by dressing up in our finest clothing and getting to know each other at this event.

Some were hard pressed to figure out how to be glamorous and some apologized or made jokes – but you know what….most of us felt beautiful, really beautiful and we celebrated our early morning workouts and congratulated marathon runners, tri-athletes, and fitness folks on their best efforts.  We toasted our instructors and shared a dessert or two.  It was an awesome achievement.

Everyone participated in having their pictures taken – we were beautiful and our energy filled the whole room – the restaurant into the night.

Thank you Deb – we needed your organization and awesome energies.

Success is when I add value to myself.
Significance is when I add value to others.
~ Journey from Success to Significance

Who is the most organized person you know?
Who makes you laugh out loud?
When do you feel most beautiful?
Who is your most awesome friend?

8 Responses to “The Queen of Preparation and an Awesome Mom”

  1. Dot Says:

    I was exhausted just reading about this woman. As someone with limited energy, I couldn’t imagine trying to do all that.

    Who is the most organized person you know? A man I work with
    Who makes you laugh out loud? My friend Gregory
    When do you feel most beautiful? When I’ve lost weight
    Who is your most awesome friend? My friend Martha

    Dots last blog post..In Paxil I Trust

  2. Patricia Says:

    Deb just packs a whale of a lot of life into living and it is nice to be caught up in her energy, but I too am a bit slower paced and a life observer so I can not sustain or even match her energy.

    Three cheers for Gregory, Martha and those glorious moments of weight loss…..

  3. Jannie Says:

    The most organized person I know is my pal, Suzie Dodge. Her daughter and my Kelly were about 6 months old when we met at Gymboree. That woman has never known a pair of mismatched socks on her life, I swear. But she’s not OCD, it’s just her happy way.

    My darling daughter makes me laugh out loud each day. And on my blog an avid commenter, Glenn invariably makes me laugh.

    I feel my most beautiful when my hair is freshly washed, blown dry with just a hint of curling iron on the ends to tame it down. Pop mascara on me and there is nothing I cannot do.

    My most awesome friend is my hubby! Followed by Kalyani.

    Fun topic, thanks.

    Jannies last blog post..Austin Rain of Terror

  4. Jannie Says:

    BTW, I forgot to mention I’m really impressed with your amazing inspirational group. And with Deb, a queen for sure. You’re both so lucky to have each other.

    Jannies last blog post..Austin Rain of Terror

  5. Carol Ann Says:

    Yes, Deb is awesome! And, Patricia, you did an awesome job of conveying this to us! The Halloween party and the book club meeting at Deb’s, and the “Girls Night Out” were evenings to remember. Thanks to Deb’s enthusiasm and organizational expertise. I feel very lucky to be a part of this group! Thank you!

  6. Patricia Says:

    Welcome words and good sharing…I think you have a great group of friends and commenters too….Thank you for sharing your friends, and comedians and beauty tips…with no “bra flinging!”
    I see if Deb will send you an invitation for our next group gathering.

    Carol Ann, We are an amazing and fun group of folks. Thank you for the compliment on the the writing…but Deb really is a star!

  7. Jeanne Says:


    I saw your comment on Jannie’s blog & that led me here. It sounds like you are lucky to have such a wonderful friend as Deb **AND** she is lucky to have you! This post is evidence of how much you value her! It sounds like a 2-way street to me!!

    With my numerous illnesses, my energy level is very poor. I used to have much more energy but my body has changed. It is wonderful that Deb has such energy and she sounds very happy and fulfilled. :)

    Who is the most organized person you know?
    My friend Alicia and my sister Joan is a close second…

    Who makes you laugh out loud?
    My friend Roberta… who has many chronic illnesses like me but keeps her sense of humor & positive attitude!

    When do you feel most beautiful?
    When my hair is clean and I’ve had a really good haircut. (My fine hair is hard to cut and “shows the lines”. So a good cut really makes me happy. I don’t ever wear makeup so my hair is the thing I’m picky about appearance-wise. Then, of course there is inner beauty but that could be lengthy so I’ll stick to my hair comment… :)

    Who is your most awesome friend?
    My husband of 10 years… even though we’ve certainly had our ups and downs (not helped by catastrophic medical bills that have crippled my family’s finances)!!!! He is a great man.



    Jeannes last blog post..Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: How You Can Help Patients With This Often Debilitating Condition!! (UPDATED With USA Today article)!

  8. Patricia Says:

    Welcome to my site, and thank you to Jannie for the referral.
    I have several friends who suffer long term with illnesses and know the personal struggles and family dynamics that those struggles entail…lots of emotional ups and downs.

    We are in such need of good friends and truly care for us and hold us up and give us a kick in the pants when we need it…I am finding blogging to be a wonderful place to increase a community of friends.

    I will just say that Deb’s sons are also getting a fresh look at mom and appreciating what I wrote too – that has been a fun response too.

    Thank you for your comments and sharing your good friends and laughter guides with me